Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bakeware Online - A peep!

How many times have you come across a bakeware,liked it,wanted to bake in it but got disappointed because the product couldn't be shipped to India?In my case,many a times.I've ogled at Bundt pans and Ramekins for a long long time before someone offered to get it for me from the US and Singapore respectively.These days though,it is not so difficult to find stuff with stores stocking up many baking goods,thanks to the viral baking bug:).

I came across a few websites which ship bakeware to anywhere in India and found it quite interesting.

Love this Purple Baking dish - FabFurnish
Perfect for baking Pasta,Lasagna or Crumbles.

My Dear Bundt pan,where were you when I needed you the most?
Wonderfchef Cake Mould - FabFurnish
Lovely gift-shaped pan,for cake decorating challenged people like me:)
Wonderchef Cake Mould - FabFurnish
Such a pretty pan!
Springform pan - Urban Dazzle
Set of 6 Ramekins - Urban Dazzle
Square Muffin Molds - Urban Dazzle
Brioche Tin - Urban Dazzle

Disclaimer - This is NOT a paid post.I have not purchased any items from the aforementioned sites nor have I been asked by the sellers to write about them.I found the information useful and hence sharing it with you.I am not affiliated to any of the sites mentioned either.


  1. Hey Divya,

    Great information...Thanks for sharing..

    I tried the garlic bread recipe of yours and it came out great...


  2. This is sooooo useful divya. I have been looking for decent baking dishes online...and also a cake stand that doesn't cost the earth. Thank you!

  3. Divya, Have u checked out Currimbouy's in Adyar? They have a good collection of baking pans. Ofcouse, wat i was looking for was basic stuff, u may already have all those and may be looking for something better :) But anyway, just a suggestion...

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing with us so many equipment for baking.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Nice post divya! i went to staines and co. when we went for vaccation to cochin. bought few stuffs there. Thanks a lot for sharing the shop details here! wish the shop have its branch in chennai!!

  6. I'm looking for a Household Vacuume Sealer, pl keep me updated if know where to find it. Thanx.

  7. Thanks for sharing Divya, I have in the recent past picked up baking dish from Zansaar and have been very happy with it. Like the product of fab furnish as well, just doont have enough space in my house lol...

  8. Thanks for sharing this information. I am a big fan of bakeware too.

  9. Nice post.And they also have CoD option.But can we use silicon pan in convection mode.

  10. this is a very very useful post...

  11. Nice post, now waiting for rose milk :)

  12. Hi Divya ,

    A good collection of bakeware available on

    warm regards,

  13. Hi..gr88 info.iam also tryingto buy baking pans n muffin tray..but unable saw it online but was confused whther these wonderchef items work..coz it seems to be rubbery do they work in oven..??Ive juz bought bajaj oven..n were lukin for these items..thanx or sharing will be waiting 4ur reply..

  14. Thanx for such a wonderful post..was wondering does these wonderchef products they seems to be rubbery to me .Ive juz bought an bajaj oven n was searching for all these items..came across ur it ok to bake in them in oven..??/vil be waiting for ur reply n then buy from it..thanx

  15. Hi
    does these wonderchef products they seems to be rubbery to it ok to bake in them in oven??

  16. Hi Divya,
    Great information... Thanks for sharing... Keep it with ur Hard Work...

  17. Excellent Post. Shall share it with the wife who bakes. She recently ordered some stuff from this website called I am thoroughly impressed with the way baking is being taken so seriously in India and companies are realizing the potential. You have a great blog. Please keep posting.


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