Monday, May 31, 2010

Classic Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Brownies make me forget my diets,coming to think of it,I seriously can’t resist a Fudgy gooey brownie and I have enough will power[I believe] to overlook the dessert section otherwise!Precisely the reason why I have not ventured much into Brownie baking.I love my brownies with a dollop or more of Chocolate ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with toasted nuts,serious calorie overload;).

But a Brownie as gooey,fudgy and chocolatey and as the name says Classic as this is not to be ignored.I wanted to bake it immediately,as in when I saw DK’s post but I resisted and waited for an occasion.I was lucky that it came just a few days later.Baked it for a friend who is as crazy about Brownies as I am and I am good to go.For the first time ever,I baked it at 11pm as Ajay sat watching his Friday night Hbo movie.

DK..I can’t thank you enough for this masterpiece.I have my go-to Brownie recipe now and if it was not made as an edible gift,I am sure I would have gobbled down the whole batch.I skipped the icing but the taste is not one bit compromised.. I can see myself baking this again..and again.

Classic Chocolate Fudge Brownies
[Recipe source - DK of Chefinyou]

Ingredientsyields about 12-16 pieces

Flour - ½ cup
Baking powder – ¾ tsp
Salt – a pinch
Walnuts,chopped – 1 cup
Eggs, lightly beaten -2[or 4 egg whites]
Butter, melted – ¾ cup
Cocoa – 6 tbsp
Sugar – 1 cup
Vanilla extract – ½ tsp


Preheat Oven 350F. Grease an 8 inch square shallow cake pan with wax paper. Mix the butter and cocoa in a pan and set aside.
Beat together the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract in a bowl.
Mix it along with cocoa mixture.
Stir in the nuts.
Sift over the flour and fold it along with the mixture.
Pour this mixture into the cake pan and bake for 20-35 minutes until risen. It will still look soft and wet but it will cook further while cooling. Let it sit to cool.

DK’s notes - It would make about 12 large pieces. You can cut it into smaller pieces since its pretty rich. Its gooey, smooth, chewy with a slight crunch from the nuts.

It had an oh-so-nice crust and according to me the crust makes the brownies,period.I just can't rave enough about this one..:).Thanks again DK!!


  1. I love the intense dark colour..

  2. Awesome looking brownies. Rightly said, this is one of the best chocolate fudge brownies.

  3. Yummy brownies.. Looks so perfect as u said and Seeing this anyone can sacrifice their diet...

  4. DIvya.... I had baked it a week bac... tht too eggless.... nd there was no pc remaining so tht i cud even get a click..... nd this weekend when we went to restaurant I was craving to eat brownie again...... nd ordered for one vth vanilla ice cream n chocolate sauce topped vth nuts it was A bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U got me salivated again :P
    I m loving it :)
    Nd there is no time for baking divss...... I join the group

  5. seen this at Dk's..cant get my eyes off from those dark beauties!!Sinfully delicious!!!

  6. Yummy....brownies topup with some icecream and it just heaven...looks delicious

  7. Wowww!! cant take my eyes from those clicks..fudge brownies makes me drool..

  8. So this is the brownie you have beenmaking all of us drool in FG :-) Looksr eally moist and so yumm. And love the colour yeah i love DK's place too.

  9. Wow..Divya, that is a wonderful brownie..

  10. Perfect and tempting.. :) absolutely yummy :)

  11. Divya, that is one yummy looking brownie. I too have this recipe of DK bookmarked. Need to try it :)

  12. You should have named this midnight brownies :) Very pretty looking Divya.

  13. Yummy brownies!Drooling at the lovely clicks :)

  14. Divya

    I am drooling here. These look so heavenly gooey!! Love the gorgeous clicks!

  15. I am craving for brownies from quite sometime now, I guess i'll be baking some this weekend!
    Your brownies look dark and fudgy, perfect!

  16. Looks spongy & soft.. Perfect !!

  17. For a second, I thought I landed up on someone else's blog! You changed it all, rite! Great! Now the blog looks nice and pretty!

    Btw, I loved the colour of your brownies, so dark and delicious!

  18. Wow so tempting chocolate brownies looks yum yum yummmmmmmyy

  19. Yummy brownies Divya :) I plan to bake them tomorrow, but can I substitute melted butter with oil or ghee?

  20. Shireen,I am not sure if oil or ghee would give the same results.Usually it is not recommended to change the fat mentioned in the recipe,but if you have any dietary issues,you could try with oil which is usually used as a butter substitute!

  21. Thanks Divya, its an awesome recipe, I tried making it with refined oil and it turned out yum - the crusty surface and the sticky centre with a crunch from the nuts! Everyone loved it!

  22. The brownies tasted awesome Divya, I did substitute the butter with the oil, next time I will try them with the melted butter...after I saw the recipe yesterday on your blog, I HAD to try it and did so with available ingredients (white butter is a bit hard to find in my locality - only thing they have is amul salted butter)

  23. These brownies look great and I'm planning to make them tomorrow. However, having compared them to other recipes, I found the amount of butter to be too big for this amount of brownies. This is around 170 grams and the regular is around 120 grams for that amount of flour, sugar and eggs. Do you think I could lower the butter since it looks to greasy to me? :)

    This is a great blog by the way, one of my favourites, do keep it up!

  24. Martin..Thanks for the sweet words!The butter used in this recipe is around 150 gms and it does not in any way make the brownies greasy.I am not sure how they would turn out if you decrease the butter quantity.Do let me know the results!

  25. By my calculations it's around 170 gr, but nevermind, I will use something like 150 gr, don't want to decrease it because I want them as moist as yours :)

  26. I tried this out. I used double the ingredients since i wanted to make a larger batch . I baked it for around 35 min till it got a nice crust but when i cut it , i saw that it was not cooked at the bottom and the center. :( I used a convection microwave. What do you suggest I do. It was nice and fudgy but do you have any suggestions so that i can cook it evenly.

    1. Try baking it for a tad longer.Cover the pan with a foil after you get a good crust so that the crust doesn't get over baked.

  27. Dear Divya,
    I cant thank you enough for this recipe. I baked the perfect brownies this time. I followed the recipe perfectly except i used half a cup each brown sugar and white sugar instead of the 1 cup sugar and the brownies were to die for. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.


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