Monday, December 8, 2008

Paal payasam

There are so many things I miss of Amma’s cooking and this one is no different.I have this sudden temptations to have a particular dish and I immediately call up amma and ask for the recipe.Its been a long time since I had amma’s homemade payasam and I badly wanted to have it.Usually I prepare payasam during birthdays and anniversaries but ever since the baking bug hit me,I’ve been avoiding making Indian sweets,I surely don’t want to have a double dose!!

One of the things I got from Ekm during my last trip was a special type of rice called Payasam rice(I think its called Nurukkal ari in Malayalam).I looked for many recipes of payasam,but didn’t want to load it with milkmaid and tons of sugar.I called up amma and asked her to give me a recipe using one packet of milk(500ml) and a small cup of sugar.She gave me a simple recipe and I followed it to the T.By the time the payasam was boiling,the house was filled with the lovely aroma!!I simply loved it and it was perfect for us.This recipe yields exactly four small bowls of payasam,perfect for two meals for two people!!

Paal payasam


Payasam rice – 1 handful
Milk – 500 ml
Water – 300 ml
Sugar – 1 cup
Cashewnuts& Raisins – ¼ cup
Crushed cardamom – 2-3 pods


In a pressure pan,add the milk,water,nuts and payasam rice(thoroughly washed).
Cook for 4-5 whistles,lower the flame after the first whistle.
Open the pan and add sugar.
Mix well and keep the pan on low flame.
Keep stirring occasionally till the payasam becomes thick.
Add the crushed cardamom and switch off the flame.
Serve hot or cold!!

Have you seen the lovely trophy that DK has designed for us..??Here it is!!
Update-Sending this bowl of payasam to FIC-White hosted by Kitchen Flavors-an event concept by Tongue ticklers!!Thank you Priya,for the reminder!!


  1. Wow delicious paayasam...send this recipe to FIC - WHite by Kitchen flavours..its a prefect entry for the event if u dont mind...

  2. didn't know there was something called payasam rice..will ask my friend to get it from kerela..looks good..

  3. My favorite also Divya. But I have not heard of payasam rice before. Once I had paal payasam in Guruvayur temple and I still cannot forget the taste. It was so good. It had that light pink color also. I also make it in the cooker only. Here we get evaporated milk, which makes it look like the original.

  4. I am much more for paysaom with sepiya or parippu.
    palpaysom i never like as i didn't like milk.
    Last time i drank a glass of milk i must have been 8yrs.

  5. Paal Payasam looks very delicious Divya. Congratulations on completeing RC2

  6. Payasam rice is new to me..Right now I am hungry send it over to me Divya..

  7. Payasam rice looks like (broken rosmatta rice, is it?) Never seen before, looks great the paal payasam..

  8. Oh divya, that looks so tasty!! I too never heard abt Payasam rice, but I have seen it being served in my native place even for a sadya as the main rice . I didnt know the name until I read ur post:) Thanks for sharing

  9. This is my favorite payasam but i've never had good luck with the pressure cooker method :(

  10. lovely payasam Divya! my fav. one. looks so mouth-watering. The recipe marathon trophy looks cool. Congrats on the marathon.

  11. Iam not so sweet loving person. But simple yet delightful recipe like thi hits my charts. Awesome payasam. Droolworthy. Thanks for the entry.

  12. Payasam looks delicious, Divya! I use broken basmati or ambemore.

  13. Hola! You’re invited to join us on a BEAR-y special meme, have fun! :)


  14. Payasam looks amazing.. and very appetizing.. would love to eat as dessert


  15. Priya..thanks a lot for the suggestion,I've sent it across to KF!!

    Sowmya..the special rice gives the payasam a unique flavor and lovely colour!!

    Madhuram..payasam from temples is just extra ordinary.I particularly love the Ambalapuzha Paal payasam which is to die for!!

    HC..oh that is a can you enjoy milk based goodies if you don't like milk..??I guess that opens up many other arenas of taste for you isn't it?

    Trupti..thank you!!

    Kamala..its all yours,Thank you!!

    Cham..thank you.Its called payasam rice,am sorry I didn't do much research on the original name its known as..:-(

    Roopa..its called thambide kardi orovu in Konkani,I have heard that it is served as rice too in some temples..;-)

    Laavanya..this one's a sure shot recipe.Do try it!!

    Uma..thank you!!

    KF..thanks a lot!!

    Sunshinemom..broken basmati?that is something new to me!!

    Vaidehi..thank you!!

  16. Sounds sweet. I guess much similar to hand pounded, red rice along with its unpolished vitamins. i love red rice/or any unpolished rice, wild rice....crazy. This payasam is very inviting...


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