Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Onion Uthappam - Step by Step recipe

I have mentioned about how confusing it can get while ordering food from restaurant here.I can't believe so many of you agreed with me too!!I have a similar experience to share today.Once we were out for breakfast and before I could order,I saw someone ordering Onion Uthappam.I decided I want that too.While hubby tried to dissuade me saying that Sour dosa batter is used for making Uthappam and all that(!!!),I didn’t fall for it and continued waiting for the waiter to arrive with my piping hot uthappam.

Somehow,when the plate was coming to me I felt a sense of alarm..and I was right.It was nothing I expected an Uthappam to be and I didn’t feel like eating it at all.For starters,it was as big as the normal dosa and raw onions were used* as topping and I felt it was not cooked properly at the centre.Well,I ordered something else that day and swore never to order Uthappam from outside.

*I always prefer Mini-Uthappams and I like the onions to be stir fried for a while so that the raw taste doesn’t dominate.

Onion Uthappam


Dosa batter – as required
Onion – 1
Green chilly – 1
Oil as required


Finely chop the onions and green chilly.
In a kadai,stir fry the onions and chilly together till they turn translucent. Heat a dosa tawa and pour the batter to make mini-dosas.
Spoon the onion-chilly mix on top of each dosa to cover it. Pour oil/ghee around the dosas.
Cover with a lid and simmer for a minute.
Flip the dosa carefully without spilling the onion mix. Let it cook on the other side and remove.
Serve hot!!
Any topping can be used for Uthappams.Usually Onion,Tomato,Carrot,Paneer etc are used for making the toppings.You can use either of the toppings or mix it all up for a Mix-veg Uthappam.Leftover dosa-batter works fine for this dosa!!


  1. This is so cool. Nice recipe. I make this quite often. YUM!....

  2. U know what i was rolling down reading about uttapam :) Somehow i feel this item is made with sour thing so "old batter" and i always hate it outside! When i make at home i make it with dosa batter. Good one :)

  3. i had had this mini uthapams with different toppings in a restaurant and loved it.. never tried at home...will do it now..

  4. uthapams looks cute and beautiful divya

  5. Going through all of your posts Divya..Is everything settled down in Velachery?I have few relatives there?Where are you there?I too love the cruchiness of onions in uthappam..The cake is so moist and pluffy..Will try urs some time later..

  6. Of all the uttapams, Onion one is my fav. Onion, green chilly & tomato.

  7. yummy,I too love these,but hotel ones sometimes not upto expectations

  8. I love uthappam's. I prefer homemade anytime. Have never stir fried. I add raw one's and let them cook completely on low flame. Love the aroma of fried onions. Will try your method next time.

  9. Awesome cute mini onion uthappams...

  10. My huub loves onion utthpom andit was just today hae was asking me to make them. I am so lazy to grind the rice and dal.
    I never fried the onions before, i will try this mething when i make them next time.

  11. I don't like the taste of raw onions on this too and always saute them before hand. Looks delicious.


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