Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ponsa Patholi-Chakka Ada-Steamed Jackfruit dumplings!!

Ponsa Patholi[Konkani],Chakka Ada[Malayalam] or Steamed Jackfruit dumplings If you guys are wondering how I made Pansa patholi at this time of the year..relax folks,when Chakka varatti is available,you can make chakka ada all through the year!!

Chakka varatti is basically a kind of jackfruit preserve which is made when jackfruits are in season.Though it is of not much importance during chakka season,it is most wanted during the rest of the year!!Chakka varatti is made using ripe jackfruit,which is cooked first and then ground to a smooth paste and mixed with jaggery and cooked till it becomes a thick consistency,almost like a jam.

I remember making this at my aayi’s[granny] place in Nilambur,Kerala.Usually this process is done by a group of women,it helps when you are making huge quantities of the preserve.One group will cut the fruit into two,another will chop it into palm sized pieces,another group will sit with oiled hands and pluck each jackfruit bulbs and another will deseed it and keep it ready for the process.My contribution to this process was to sneak in and gobble up the Gharo[jackfruit bulbs].

Even though this is a post on Patholi made using chakka varatti,I can’t stop raving about the same..So here goes-Usually patholi is made using ripe jackfruit bulbs ground alongwith coconut,jaggery and rice.I have replaced the jackfruit&jaggery part with the chakka varatti.

Ponsa Patholi using Chakka varatti


Chakka Varatti* - about a cup and a half
Raw rice[soaked for an hour] – 1 cup
Grated coconut – 1 cup
Banana leaves* – 1 or 2


Grind the raw rice without adding water till it resembles super fine rava.
Add the coconut and grind again.
Add the chakka varatti little by little and grind to a smooth paste.
Chop the banana leaves into rectangular pieces and spread the paste over it and seal the edges firmly.
Steam in a steamer or idli cooker for about 20 minutes.
Serve hot.

*I used Saras Chakka varatti which comes in 500gm packets,I used half of it to make this ada which yielded me exactly 6 adas.
*If you don’t have banana leaves,you can steam it in an idli cooker,pouring the chakka paste into idli moulds.

*Usually spices like cardamom,pounded dry ginger etc are added to make the Patholi even more flavorful,but since the chakka varatti had these flavors already,I omitted that.

For a detailed pictorial on how to make Chakka varatti check out Bharathy’s and Annita’s blogs.


  1. aaah.. Do you have to blog about all my fav things?? Love ponsa pattholi... Wish there was some method in which you could send the actual food as attachment.. The pic is making me hungry.. Reminded me of my childhood days too :) eating the gharo. what is Chakka varatti? Love the aroma of steamed banan leaves :D

  2. I followed to the link you mentioned. Got all my doubts cleared :)

  3. very new to me. sounds yummy though. looks great..

  4. wow..thats a beaitiful one..i have tasted chakka varrati and love it..did not know it could be preserved and processed further..

  5. Ponsa pattoli is new to me! Looks great...can smell it here! TKs for sharing such a lovely recipe.

  6. Wow!! Amazing ..and how lucky to have chakka varratti and make the ada too:-) It has been ages since I had it...

  7. I love chaka varati. My mom used to make them and keep them in barani.
    We used to eat it with puttu, etc....
    And ofcourse she used to make ada with it.
    These adas are making me homesick.
    I can taste them by just looking to the pic. Yummm

  8. This is a delicious dish i have ever had... But never tried by myself... Your's look very tempting. will give it a try!

  9. New dish, never heard about this..looks great n yummy..

  10. I love the smell of the steamed banana leaves....its a lovely recipe.Will surely try.

  11. Looks delicious never heard or tasted one in my life!

  12. Never heard this name Divya..Looks yummy

  13. Ela ada!!!!...ayyoo I badly want this now!...
    Really yummy!!!
    Will surely try your version next summer :)..and thanks for linking mine :)

  14. Ela ada!!!!...ayyoo I badly want this now!...
    Really yummy!!!
    Will surely try your version next summer :)..and thanks for linking mine :)

  15. Ponsa pathali.. yum.. though it leaves the house smelling of ponosu.. especially if you store it in the fridge.. :)

  16. Divya, thats a yummy sweet:) sighhh its long time since I had it though:(

  17. Beautiful blog! Where can I get chakka vratti in chennai? Is this saras brand available?


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