Sunday, April 13, 2008

Valval-Ash gourd,pumpkin curry

One of the common items in any traditional Konkani meal,Valval is a very tasty dish that is made with ash gourd,pumkin and potatoes in a coconut based gravy.It is very similar in taste to Olan and Stew,I guess that is because of the amount of coconut milk used.In Ernakulam,during the temple festival,Valval is a main item.I always wonder how they manage to make this in such huge quantities.And the taste is heavenly..Whenever we made it at home,it always lacked that special taste.My amma was very curious to know what was the special ingredient which goes into it which makes it so yummy.After some research,she has devised a recipe which is almost 99% close to what they serve at temples.I too follow the same method here,so..



Ash gourd - 200 gms,cut into thin slices
Pumpkin - 200 gms,cut into thin slices
Potato - 1 big,cut into thin slices
Green chilly - 2,slit lengthwise
Coconut milk - thick and thin extracts,1 cup each.I used 2 maggi coconut milk powder 25gms packet.
Cashewnuts(optional)- 4-5,halved
Salt to taste
Hing/asafoetida - 1tsp
Coconut oil - 1 tbsp


Take a thick bottomed pan and layer the vegetables in it so that the one which takes the least time is kept topmost.
Potato goes in first,then pumpkin and then ash gourd.
Add green chillies and cashewnuts.
Add 1 cup water to maggi coconut milk powder and add it to the vegetables.(or add the thin coconut milk extract).
Let it cook on low heat,do not stir-just swirl the pan.
Check the vegetables after 10 minutes and add salt.
Stir a little.If it is stirred continuously,pumpkin pieces will break and the curry will have a yellowish colour which we don't want.
When the vegetables are well cooked,add the thick coconut milk-1 packet of coconut milk powder+3/4 cup water.Let it boil.
Add hing and coconut oil on top and close the lid immediately.(this is to arrest the flavours inside the curry)
Open the lid and mix a little just before serving.
Tasty Valval is ready to serve.


  1. hmmm...i love valval too, espesially from our ernakulam temple feast during aaraat :) lots of nostalgic memories :)

  2. Div, this is new to me (mom dad frm manglore) but my whanni's roots r frm Keral, she told me this n soi bhajjil masolu frm her mum is her top fave! Now I know wht it loooks like!! (Tks for ur lovely comment, I m sure u wd make much more spread, far easily!)

  3. Havent heard of this..looks tasty

  4. Roopa,thank you.Valval reminds me of aarat too..!!

    Purnima,thanks a lot.Hope to make a tasty spread today..!!

    Divya,thank you,do try it!!

  5. Divya,

    In Kochi temple (and other houses) we also add 'mande' (Taro root here in the US) to valval. Amma also adds cashew nuts.. yummy! I make it often..



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