Friday, April 25, 2008

Pollyan pitto-Dosha podi-Chutney powder ~ Step by Step Recipe

I love having dosas with dosa podi.I prefer dosa podi to chutney or sambhar.Idlis smeared with dosa podi is another favourite of mine.There are so many varieties of dosa podi,you ask 10 people for the recipe and ten of them will give ten different recipes.All equally tasty.I think creativity is the key here.You keep adding your favourite stuff and you come up with a new variety.Mixing of oil/ghee is also different.I,for one love adding coconut oil and nothing else to the podi.Here,in Chennai,people add gingelly oil/ghee to the podi.I have never tried it but I am sure that must be tasty too!!Its all about once tastebuds,right??

Pollyan pitto/Dosha podi/Chutney powder


Urad dal - 2 cups
Red chillies - 10-15(according to your taste)
Curry leaves - 2 sprigs
Hing/asafoetida - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil - 1 tbsp


Take 1 tbsp of oil in a kadai.
Roast urad dal,red chillies and curry leaves till they turn light brown.
Add hing/asafoetida,salt and switch off the flame.
Grind to a slightly coarse powder in a mixie.
Mix oil/ghee and have with idli/dosa!!
Make a podi dosa... Or serve dosa with podi..!!


  1. i love podi with dosai too..with sugar on the side!..the conical dosa is making me hungry..

  2. wow!!loved the way u presented the dosa in a cone shape!!!:)..there is an award for u..plz chk my blog!!!

  3. wow, looks great. the dosa looks so crisp. Nice presentation. thanks for sharing lovely podi.

  4. Hi Divya, Congrats on your award ! I loved this cone shaped dosa!! I could never do that . Yours looks lovely:)

  5. wow great, my husband loves to have this with rice and hot ghee. Thanks for sharing am going to make this tommorow he will be pleasantly surprised

  6. dosa topi chanda distha...makkai shikai korchaka...vanni

  7. Divya,thank you!!

    Roopa,thank you.Its very simple,really!!

    Medhaa,hope you have surprised your hubby already!!

    Vanni..Dosa class-in Bangalore,by May-end;-)

    Srivalli,thank you!!


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