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Soi bhajil masol /Roasted coconut masala ~ Step by Step Recipe

No Konkani kitchen(In Kerala) is complete without having soi bhajil masol tucked away in one of the kitchen corners.In fact majority of Konkani curries are prepared using this masol,which can be prepared and kept for years.Utmost care has to be taken while preparing this masol-Use of dry kadai,spoon and even mixie which has to be kept under sun for a while to make sure its moisture-free.My amma uses a big Uruli to make this and she makes masol using 5-7 narlu/coconut.

Soi bhajil masol is literally roasted coconut masala(thenga varutharacha masala-in Malayalam).This masol is used for various curries like-channe ghashi(bengal gram/chickpeas curry),kukka ghashi(potato curry),dal and vegetable ghashi(any vegetable can be added to the dal),theeyal-prepared with shallots/bitter gourd,kadala curry for puttu etc.

When I got married this was one of the first items which amma packed for me.In fact for a long time,I used to carry this to Chennai whenever I went home.I felt that I should start making it myself rather than trouble amma.But I could not think of frying a big quantity of grated coconut(who will grate the coconut?) and keep an eye on it,(it takes an hour or more to get prepared,on low heat).I started thinking of alternatives.Packs of dessicated coconuts came in handy.While the copra/dry coconut takes a long time to get roasted(even though it does not require your constant attention,you just have to stir it once in while),the dessicated coconut gets roasted pretty fast,the masol would be ready in 10 minutes!!When amma was here we decided to try it.We used the same quantity of other ingredients as we would for 1 coconut for 1 packet-200 gms of dessicated coconut.It was a grand success.Easier method and pretty fast too.But what could be more easier than that,making it in the microwave!! Yes,I made it in the MW and it got ready in flat 5 minutes(excluding the time taken to grind it in the mixie).So get ready for the Konkani masol..!!

How to prepare Soi bhajil masol

The traditional way-For 1 copra/dry coconut you need 7 red chillies,2 tbsp coriander,2 tbsp urad dal,1/2 tsp methi seeds and 1/2 tsp haldi.

Dry roast all the ingredients(except haldi) in a thick bottomed kadai or uruli.Keep roasting till the coconut gets browned evenly and a nice aroma comes out.Add haldi.
Be very careful and use ONLY dry spoon and moisture free mixie.
Grind the masol in the mixie while its still hot.DO NOT ADD WATER.
Keep grinding till oil comes out of the masol.Grind only small portions at a time.
Transfer to a dry container with a tight lid.
After some time a layer of oil will form above the masol,do not throw it off.Use it along with the masol to get added flavour.
Use the masol as and when needed with a dry spoon.

Easier way-Same quantity as above.

Use 1 packet of dessicated coconut(200 gms) in place of one coconut.Rest everything same.
Dry roast all the ingredients in a kadai,keep stirring as it will get roasted very fast.
Grind and store.

Even more easier way-Same quantity and ingredients as above.

Keep everything in a MW safe bowl or plate.

Keep on MW high-100% for 3 minutes.
The masol would be fairly brown by this time.
Stir well and keep it again on MW medium-80% for 2 minutes,you need to stir after a minute and keep it again.
Masol is ready for grinding. Transfer to a dry container.

Shall post recipes with soi bhajil masol soon!!


  1. Never tried making it by myself... Always get from my Aunt whos an expert at making this! Thanks for MW recipe - easy way out for us!!

  2. You are so creative to use microwave to roast all the ingredients for masol. Wonderful job!!

  3. this looks great, we can make biryani too out of it.

  4. Divya..take a break..So many recipes daily..keep rocking..

  5. We also prepare a similar powder/paste which is used in a lot of our dishes, but the only variation is we use channa dal instead of urad dal.

    List your blog in http://connect.sailusfood.com/, it's an RSS aggregator, so your post will updated in the list here.

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  7. Sounds like a must-try.....does the dry powder taste like thenga podi???

  8. Divya, tks for sharing this recipe..new to me, and loved ur way of using mw n instructions-tks ! The pics surely look great!!Awaiting ur recipe!

  9. hey divs...thanks for uploading ghashi masol...by the way this time u got to make this for me nd ill carry it along with me to bots...gud u've been uploading many dishes these days and all look yummy...gud luk to u dear...

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