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Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake & A Giveaway!

Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake
Some of us were having a discussion on facebook(where else!)about the use of food processors in kneading bread dough and cleaning up after baking.I pride myself in keeping my kitchen counter clean and tidy,but you know,we all have our days.Strangely,when I have utensils to wipe dry and clean and there are stuff on the counter top to arrange in the pantry,I bake.Yes,I bake!

I find space in the chaos and start prepping.By the time the cake pan goes into the oven,I will be feeling full of energy and will clean up the kitchen in half the time it usually requires.And the prize,goodie coming out of the oven.Fair deal,right.
Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake
I had some leftover dried blueberries in the fridge after making these cookies.We had finished almost half the packet by snacking,so I didn't have much.Searched for some recipes and came across this no-fail recipe from Deeba.Have baked this cake so many times already that the recipe was stored in my head.To make up for the lesser amount of blueberries,I added a good amount of chocolate-chips which can never go wrong in my opinion.
Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake
The cake itself is delicious and very homey.With a slight tang from the lime and buttermilk,along with the chocolate chips,this makes for an ideal cake for tea-time.

Blueberry Chocolate-chip Tea-Cake
Recipe source - Deeba


All purpose flour/Maida - 1 1/2 cups
Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
Baking soda - 1/4 tsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Unsalted butter, room temperature - 1/2 cup/100 gms
Vanilla or plain sugar - 1 cup
Eggs - 2
Buttermilk {or substitute recipe below}- 100 ml
Pure vanilla extract - 1 tsp
Juice and Zest of 1 lime

Dried Blueberries - 1/2 cup
Chocolate chips - 1/2 cup


To make buttermilk substitute at home

Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake-step1 

Take 100ml milk at room temp; add 1 tsp white vinegar. Let it stand 5-10 minutes. When it curdles, it's ready.

Grease and flour the sides of a 8" ring tin, or a 6" round tin. [I used an 8' round tin]Line the bottom and sides.
Preheat the oven to 170C.
Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake-step2 

Sift the flour with the baking powder, baking soda and salt. Reserve.
Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake-step3 

Cream the butter and sugar. Beat in eggs one at a time, followed by the vanilla extract, lime juice and zest.
Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake-step4 

With beater on low add the flour and buttermilk alternately in three lots.
Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake-step5 

Mix in the dried blueberries and chocolate chips.
Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake-step6 
Bake for 50-60 minutes till golden brown on top, and the tester comes out clean.
Cool in the tin for 5 minutes and then remove the lining and let the cake cool further on a wire rack.
Blueberry Choco-chip Tea Cake 
Slice and serve.

Other Variations of the cake

Lime Buttermilk Pound Cake | Mango Buttermilk Pound Cake

Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake | Coffee-Chocolate chip Bundt cake

To celebrate the occasion of Easycooking turning 5,I am giving away one(1) copy of the book Baking Favorites by Australian Women's Weekly to a lucky reader(shipping only within India).Just post your favorite recipe from Easycooking in the comment box.Or just say a hi,either will do:)

This Giveaway is closed.


  1. Hello Divya! Thanks to your blog, I started baking with your cookie and cupcake recipes. Now I am a fairly confident home baker although the journey has just begun and it is a long way to go... I loved your Nankhatai and pound cake (mango, coffee-chocochip) recipes.

  2. that is a real yummy cake... if you ask me the favorite recipe on your page, i would be really lost!!! the first i tried was the biscuit pudding, so let that be my favorite... :) lovely giveaway... congratulations on turning 5 and wishing you many many more years to come... :)

  3. I love everything abt ur blog. Ur measurements in recipes are always perfect. My fav is Garlic Pull-apart Rolls. Way to go. Congrats on 5

  4. Hey Divya Congrats on the new milestone. I always search in your blog for quick recipes and it always works for me:-)
    My alltime favorite from your cookbook has been - http://www.divyascookbook.com/2008/05/eggless-chocolate-cake-by-my-bro.html
    I have made this multiple times and many people whom i have suggested have made this too. Always works.

    P.S Please make more cake/cookie recipes that are eggless and can be made in microwave.

  5. Hey Divya, Congrats on the Big 5.

    I have been following your blog from a long time when i was new to the whole blog thing and i must have tried up all the dosa and chutney recipes from your blog.

    But now my fav from your blog is the eggless bakes u post, u have more than 70+ recipes in that and i am on the way of trying it as many as i can.

  6. Hi Divya,

    I got an interest in baking cakes, on seeing your website since I too have only microwave oven with the facility of baking and not a separate convection oven. I first tried a chocolate cake, which was a total flop and then I tried your moist butter cake (http://www.divyascookbook.com/2010/05/moist-butter-cake.html) and it was a big hit! Yes, I made it almost 5-6 six times during the last Christmas time.

  7. tea time cake looks very simple, spongy and yummy.

  8. a one stop site for any tested and trusted recipes

  9. hi divya

    i am now a regular follower of your blog. As i wrote earlier the best part of it is your passion to make cooking and baking look easy .. cant pin one recipe ever ...for me its the chocolate cake because i believed that good creamy chocolate cakes can only be bought until i met you on easycooking.com . Great going...Divya

  10. Woww... this looks absolutely perfect and inviting.. awesome step by step pics too..
    Nice giveaway divya, I love all your recipes :)

  11. Congrats Divya, and wat an incredible cake to celebrate, cake looks simply spongy and super soft..

    Keep on rocking gal;

  12. Cake looks gorgeous,,,:) happy blogversary,..

  13. Congrats Divya. all your baking recipes rock.

  14. Congrats on your blog turning 5 Divya, and i would love-love-LOVE to win that book!! My favourite recipe would have to be your death by chocolate cake - yummy and oh so chocolaty!

  15. Congrats Divya. The cake looks soft and delicious..

  16. lovely photos divya stunned :) shows ur passion towards baking ! i loved all the recipes in your blog :) esp the review about the hotels and website !

  17. congrats divya , you are yet to go a long way................ i like all your cakes , i like your eggless black forest cake most...............

  18. Hi Divya,

    This is the one blog I turn to for any eggless baking ideas.
    I have tried many of your eggless cakes and its been enjoyed by all at home.
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful recipes!


  19. I have been following your blog for sometime. I like the step by step instructions. My favourite recipe is the Death by Chocolate cake. I made it and was a great hit.

  20. Easy Cooking was one of my inspirations for baking.. I should admit that.. And you had always cleared all my doubts and that did take me a step ahead in baking :) May many more years go by and keep posting ur wondeful recipes for all of us to enjoy :) :) And my all time fav is Blackforest cake !!!

  21. hi divya,
    from the recipes i hav tried so far garlic pull apart rolls and vanilla cupcakes won my heart....your recipes are fool proof and that is the sole reason i love your blog

  22. Hi Divya,

    Congrats on 5 yrs...Keep Going...I am very new to baking and so amazed at your baking recipes.I like to learn lot frm ur perfect baking...And I love all ur eggless cakes...Thanks for sharing...

  23. http://www.divyascookbook.com/2012/09/double-chocolate-brownies-microwave.html

    The Nankatai recipe is a close second.. Fingers crossed.. Hope I win this one.

  24. Hey, I bake in chaos too a good number of times - like push everything to one side and then bake,(try hard to) clean when the baking is on :)

    Your cake looks so good, calls my name! Happy anniversary and wish you many many more! A fav recipe from your blog? Masala biscuits!

  25. Hey Divya...

    Congrats on completing 5 years of your blog.. Oh yes I am an avid follower of your blog..Your Chocolate Fudge Brownie is my most fav recipie.. Tried it twice and was a big hit..

  26. Hi Divya,

    Congrats on the blogs 5th birthday!!!! I love browsing through your blog and have tried most of the cake recipes you have posted..

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  27. Hi Divya,

    Congrats! I do wish that your blog gets going great as ever. I would be totally lost if you ask me which is my favorite from your blog. I have successfully tried so many of your recepies and have become a confident home-baker. I would pick up your "death by chocolate cake" the best as it is a dream for me to bake one of that kind in my own kitchen.


  28. hi divya
    my favorite recipe on your page is Egg less Black Forest Cake which i baked 1st in ma oven n was good.Ur baking section is well arranged n is very helpful.

  29. Congrats :)
    I love all ur baked goodies they are on my top list :)

  30. Hi Divya.Very yummy cake. I love choco-chip and blueberry and am in love with this one.I have been baking quite a bit from your blog and my fav is the eggless apple cake.
    And congrats on the milestone and its a awesome giveaway.Wish I could win it :)

  31. Hi Divya....Congrats on turning 5.....usually i don't participate in any of the give-aways,but this i couldn't resist.....i have tried many of your recipes mostly the cakes since i found it easier to follow ur method and of course the step-wise pics do helped me a lot.....so when it comes to choose one particular recipe,its quite difficult for me....but then there is one-the Cooffee cake with coffee buttercream icing-this surely was outstanding....a friend who follows my blog loved this recipe and she loved it!!So great job and keep going......

  32. Hi Divya...congrats on ur blogs' 5th yr:)) I luv watever u post in ur blog, m a regular reader..I like every recipe of urs, but if u want me to choose one among the best, the CROISSANTS are the best:)) thanks for making me love baking and understand baking:))

  33. Hai,first congrats for ur blog 5th anniversary.i love to bakes more as i am a begineer in it,ur step by step procedure helps me lot,i love all baked recipes.

  34. Hi Divya, Congrats on completing 5 years...keep doing the good job. My favorite recipe from your blog is Chocolate Chip Cookies.....

  35. Hey Divya

    Congrats on the Big 5 :)

    I am a big time follower of your blog. The best part of your blog is its simple and recipes posted in a very clear and nice guidence which makes ametur blogger like to bake :)

    As far as the best recipe in your blog is I love all the browine reciepes that you have :)

    Keep going :)

  36. Congrats divya , my fav. Is biscuit pudding from your blog last year and its a family fav till now..I also tried pineapple upside down cake..my hubby loved it...thanks for such lovely recipes...

  37. Hello Divya......Congrats on ur blog turning 5....It is really sumthing to be very proud of.......i luv all ur recipes and have tried out so many of them that it would be really difficult to chose the best one....Still I would say that the best were Nankathai and Herb and cheese pull apart bread....Your step by step pictorial representation is really helpful Divya....Three cheers to you and your blog Divya........

  38. Wow you have entered 5th rocking year of blogging !! cool and commendable...For me baking creates lot of mess but at the same time when my baking dish is inside the oven I clear my counter in between...
    Well amongst all well deserved dishes here 'eggless tiramisu Cake tops my fav chart

  39. hi divya. congrats on turning 5. i love every recipe on ur blog but my personal favorite is strawberry cream gateau, its just amazing both, taste wise as well as looks wise...
    i made it, iwas a great hit.. thanku for posting such beautiful recipes..

  40. MY FIRST ever baking was with your Dluce de leche Brownies....that was about A year ago that i made them and now thanx to Only YOU...i have been taking orders Only for those ;-) its a BIG HIT with all....thank you soo much and Congratulations on your 5th year...THUMBS UP to YOU ;-)


  41. Hello Divya and Congratulations on cooking/baking and sharing for 5 years!!! I personally loved your Death by chocolate cake and have made a number of times since then. Am so loving this tried and tested buttermilk cake recipe.

  42. Congrats....Yumm....very soft and tempting cake..

  43. Hi Divya.. My favourite recipe from your blog is the CoffeeChocolate shortbread which i haf made so many times.. Thanks to you i haf tried on so many of your cakes n cookies recipes.. Keep up the good work..

  44. Saying Hi to your glamorous cake is easy enough - being eligible for a giveaway is 'icing on the cake' :-) Since I only bake eggless, am going to try this with mashed banana and curd as substitutes, hope ti works. Having said that, I'm hopping off to your bakes section for more..
    Cheers on completing five.

  45. Congrats on a 5 year blogging, it is a great achievement :) kudos and I adore your brownies, all of them:)

  46. Loved that first pic Divya... and that cake stand! My fav of ur's? - The eggless choco walnut cake it is! That was my first ever cake and I still make it so often :)

  47. Hi Divya i regularly follows ur blog and u r recipes are truly awesome..... especially baked ones . I like death by chocolate cake and brownies .........
    some of them i tried and few i have bookmarked too anyway the way of pictures and steps u post r really good . I became a great fan of urs and iam just hoping u to do posts in the same way ...congrats once again.

  48. i mostly look for easy baking options , eggless n sometimes veggie.My favourite is self-saucing-coffee-chocolate-pudding, its easy n' totally yummy n' just enough sweetness, have to say I dont have a sweet tooth

  49. I have never seen dried blueberries here, love the soft texture of the cake too.

  50. Hi...my favorite recipe is the steamed chocolate cake...
    congrats on the 5th anniversary of your blog...

  51. Divya, I baked my first cake ( a simple chocolate one) following you recipe and havent looked back hence. Choosing my favorite here would mean sorting through so many recipes ( baked or otherwise) that I have tried.
    The Nan khatai: its my go to recipe and I love it and so does any one who has tasted it till date.
    May 5 turn to 50 Divya and to many more years to deliciousness :D

  52. Hi Divya,
    Mango Chundo is my favourite in your blog..I was literally drooling looking at the picture.

  53. Hello Divya, Best wishes to you for your 5th successful blogging years. I really love the receipes you post in your blogs. They are superb and I have tried many. I special request to you for this happy occassion. Please please post the fruit biscuit receipe of the famour Karachi Bakery of Hyderabad. Those are heaven. please. I am looking forward to as you are the only hope for me.

    Thanks with anticipation.

  54. Hi Divya,

    Let me first say that I love your blog!!! I have used several of your recipes, especially the south Indian rasam and sambar recipes.

    I have just started baking and am not sure if while baking cakes both the top and bottom heating rods of the OTG have to be heated. I am currently using only the bottom rods but my cakes get burnt on the edges and stays raw in the center. Please advise

  55. Hey Divya, I am one of the silent readers/admirers of your blog. I remember how often I would keep checking your blog coz your step by step recipes just made cooking seem so easy. There was this one time...I was going through your blog at my internship and one of my co-interns asked me..hey do you have a cooking blog of your own (he got confused due to the similarity in names) :). I keep on inspiring my sister who is also a housewife as to how all ladies like you are the super women of the food blogging world.
    For me one of my fav recipes is the Herb and Cheese Pull apart bread... the way you have created that masterpiece (yes I am totally in love with baking)..is just out of the world...and also kudos to your patience...in baking those lovely crossaints. Thanks to u..it feels that every person passionate to cook can make all these items that look so complex.

    I know I have written allmost an essay...but what to do I simply love your blog.... Congratulations .... may it be running till the time I get married...(it will be a blessing in disguise) :)

  56. So yummy yum! Wish I had a piece of cake right now.

  57. Hi Divya... this looks awesome... I am an regular reader of your blog... one of the above pictures made me curious and I thought of checking with you... would u be kind enough to let me know where have you bought the lemon zester from? I am looking for the same but cant find it... your input will be very much appreciated... Thanks!

    1. I got the Microplane Zester from US through a kind friend who was coming down to Chennai.Have seen something similar in Big Bazaar,though not the same brand I think it will work out well as a substitute.

  58. Hi Divya, this one looks delicious... I need to try this one but a I am a vegetarian so cannot use EGGS, which ingredient can replace eggs and what quantity?
    Thanks in advance :)


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