Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beansaa Talasani/Beans stir-fried with Garlic

One thing I wasn't prepared for after marriage into a South Canara(Mangalore)family was the extensive use of Garlic.Here I am,from a typical amchi household where we didn't even cook with onions even!Of course after I started cooking North Indian and Chinese dishes(without Garlic of course),onions did a slow entry into our house,but Garlic was a no-no.
I realized that garlic is something I'd never fall in love with.

To start with,the pungent flavour kind of puts me off and the fact that most of the times,it is added as whole cloves into a curry or stir-fry(as opposed to paste or minced garlic)was a further bummer.Ma-in-law completely understands my plight and removes a portion aside for me before adding the whole garlic tadka.

Ajay,on the other hand loves garlic.I mock him sometimes saying that even if I made a garlic stir-fry,he'd eat it with full gusto.So I guess you'd know by now that this stir-fry is a garlic loves delight.Simple beans stir-fry elevates to a different level when made this way.Don't go by my word,if you like garlic,you'd love this for sure.

Beans Talasani Recipe


Beans - 1/4 kg,ends cut and side strings removed
Red chillies - 2-3,roughly cut
Whole garlic cloves - 5-6(or more,if you like-keep the peels),crushed slightly
Oil - 2 tsp
Salt to taste


Chop the beans side wise into even pieces.
In a kadai add oil and saute the garlic cloves in it till they start turning brown.Mix in the chillies and saute for a minute.
Tip in the beans,add salt to taste,sprinkle a few tbsps of water.
Cover with a lid and cook for 5-10 minutes or till the beans are cooked.
Serve with rice and dal.

  • Talasani is the generic name for stir-fries using garlic as tadka/seasoning.Beans can be replaced with yard long beans,gherkins or any vegetables of your choice.
  • Of course,if you are like me and do not like garlic,skip the garlic and make a tadka using mustard seeds and red chillies.The stir-fry would still taste great!


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