Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crust N crumb Plum Cake Mix-Product Review

I seldom bake using cake mixes.Or rather if cake mixes were cheap(and good!)I'd have never learnt to bake.So it was with slight apprehension I got this packet of cake mix which was highly recommended by the shopkeeper at Staines,Ernakulam where I do my shopping for baking products,tins and other stuff.It has been almost 3 months since I got it and it would have definitely have gone unnoticed if not for the kitchen clean up during our shifting.
I have no clue if I'd be baking my yearly Fruit cake this year as I'd be neck deep in settling down in the new house and I have family visiting during Christmas.So I decided to try this anyway.It is quite easy to bake using a cake mix as you are basically required to mix everything together without all the weighing and sifting.

Have to say the cake batter smelt wonderful and I had high hopes about how the cake's gonna turn out.Not disappointing at all.Though honestly,it is no match to the meticulously made fruit cake but works out well as a substitute in a hurry.It is easier to bake this cake than to go out to bakery to buy one and it costs only 60rs!
I found the cake to be a little on the dry side but taste wise it was like those plum cakes you get off the shelves from bakeries.The taste improves as you keep it so make sure you bake the cake in advance if serving for guests.There are options to bake this cake in the microwave and also in the pressure cooker.
Check out their website for more info.

Disclaimer-This is not a paid review.I used this product and thought of sharing my experience with my readers.

Wishing all my readers who celebrate a very Merry Christmas.If you are looking to bake a fruit cake from scratch,do check out my archives and posts-

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and here's an Eggless Version.Happy Holidays!!


  1. delicious looking dessert
    happy holidays

  2. Great review... I live in the outskirts or Ernakulam town and am very new to the place it is good to know the name of a shop for baking supplies. Coz all I find is glass ware for baking which don't come in different shapes that I want. I'll check out the shop soon.

  3. Plum cake mix too?? The color is great, but Im sure it can't beat the taste of a cake from scratch. Mus be so much fun settling into your new home. Happy Holidays!!

  4. Wow!!!! a plum cake mix!!!!! that is great. No need of all those soaking fruits and all. Its great that we get all these ready made things. The cake has come out perfect.

  5. omg...soooooooooper tempting ..

  6. taking long breaks in between blog hops..just came here to wish you a Happy 2012..glad to read abt ur shifting! God bless you n ur new kitchen..may the best n bestest dishes/baked goodies come throughout! Loved these last two posts!As usual..still keep making whatever li'l I hv tried frm ur blog.

  7. Looks so festive - and comforting at the same time!


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