Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maggi Bhuna Masala-Product review

Most of the times,when required to make a North Indian gravy one thing which puts me off is the whole onion-tomato slicing-sauteing and the grinding part.Of course,when I feel like eating something badly,nothing looks like an effort.But for those lazy times,Maggi Bhuna masala is the perfect answer.
There are two varieties available.One with ginger-garlic and one without.They say the onions and tomatoes are sauteed using just 1 spoon of oil,a relief for us who think a lot about the fat content in packaged foods.Maggi is a trusted brand in India,so this one was on my must-try list.I got around 5-6 packets and decided to explore the possibilities,fueled by the ads.
I made Dal Tadka using the Bhuna masala for Vegetables/Dal and was pleasantly surprised.I haven't tried making anything else with dal other than the usual yellow dal or dal tadka.This one had a typical dhaba kind of taste to it.I don't know if I'd try it again using homemade ground masala,but it tasted good with rotis and I guess that's what counts.
Speaking of rotis,how can a tomato fry with vegetables fall behind?I resort to good ol' tomato fry whenever there's a dearth of vegetables or I am too lazy to try something elaborate.Using the bhuna masala for vegetables,I added tomatoes,green peas and capsicum and gave a li'l twist to our regular tomato fry.It was a bit too tangy for Ajay but perfect for me to mop up those rotis.
Next recipe I tried was Rajma masala.We both love Rajma masala and I had high hopes from the same dish made with bhuna masala for gravies.I loved the final dish but felt the masala was not enough for the Rajma dish if it was to be served for a family of four.It was just sufficient for us.Ok,I could just go ahead and add two packets and more Rajma,but just saying.
Mention north Indian and how can we forget Paneer.I wanted to try out Paneer butter masala but the Paneer matar they showed in ads was too tempting and I decided to try just that.I am amazed by the ease in which we can make this delicious dish in just 15 minutes or less if you have Paneer and frozen green peas ready in the fridge.(sorry for the straight out of the pan pic!)

Check out their site for more recipe ideas and more info about the product.

This is not a paid review.I used and liked this product and just thought of sharing it with my readers.


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  1. I got a pack of this masala during our trip. Will try your variations sometime. Looks pretty easy!

  2. These type of readymade gravies make life easier.... but not all are satisfactory... As you said since maggie is a well known brand it must be good. I have them on my to-buy list next time I visit India!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. This looks interesting.Hope they keep this product till my next visit to India. Havent seen them yet in the Indian stores here.

  4. Hey thanks for sharing the knowledge Divya. I was not aware of this product

  5. I have seen in all the super/hyper markets in Blore but never tried it.Will get and try this one..looks really nice


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