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Baby Potato Biryani

Come Sunday morning and I am surrounded by a variety of smells in my kitchen.No not from my kitchen but the surrounding ones.While I am whipping up our late breakfast,I hear people pounding and mixing and getting ready to make their elaborate Sunday lunches.Most people I know make Biryani on Sundays mainly because it takes a long time to get done and people usually do not mind waiting to eat something as delicious as a Biryani.
Keeping this in mind,I decided I should try making something elaborate too.My Biryani and pulao is anything but elaborate,taking only about half an hour of my time and few minutes in the pressure cooker.So I chose this recipe from Prathibha's blog,which I had bookmarked ages ago.

The Biryani by itself is delicious and paired with some simple salad and papad makes for a great meal.All I wanted after finishing my lunch was a long nap!

Baby Potato Biryani Recipe
Recipe source - Mallika Badrinath


Basmati Rice - 1 cup
Baby Potatoes - 200 gms(15-16 potatoes)
Onions - 2 big,thinly sliced
Fresh curds - 1/4 cup
Tomato juice - 3/4 cup,freshly extracted from 2-3 tomatoes
Water - 1 cup
Garam masala - 1/4 tsp
Fresh coriander leaves - 1/2 bunch(approximately 1 cup loosely packed)
1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves for garnish
Salt to taste
Oil - to deep fry/shallow fry
Ghee - 1 tsp

To roast and grind

Coriander seeds - 1 tsp
Red chillies - 4
Grated dry coconut -  2 tbsp
Green chillies - 2
Fresh Ginger - 1' piece
Oil - 1/2 tsp


To prepare the rice

Wash basmati rice and soak in water for 10 mins.
Cook basmati rice with 1 cup water and 3/4 cup of freshly made tomato juice in cooker for 2 whistles or on stove top until the water is drained.
Fluff up the rice with fork and spread on a plate and cool the rice completely.Add a tsp of ghee and mix slightly.

To make the masala paste(1)

Grind washed coriander leaves to a fine paste.Beat the curds properly and add the ground paste to it and mix well.

Masala paste(2)

Heat 1/2 tsp oil and add coriander seeds,red chillies and fry until they change their color and add grated coconut and fry slightly.Cool these ingredients and grind along with green chillies and chopped ginger to a fine paste.

Prepare the baby potatoes and onions

Pressure cook baby potatoes for 1 whistle and simmer it for 4-5 mins or pressure cook for 2 whistles.
After the pressure goes down remove them and let them cool.Peel off the skins and pierce each potato with fork in 2-3 places.This helps in potato not to burst while frying.
Heat oil in a deep heavy kadai and deep fry them over medium flame until they are golden brown in color.Drain them on a kitchen towel and keep them aside.You could also shallow fry the potatoes on a tawa.

Also deep fry thinly sliced onions until they are crisp and golden brown in color.Remove them and drain off excess oil in a kitchen towel and keep them aside.

Assemble the Biryani

Take 2 tbsp of oil from the pan and pour into another wide kadai and add ground masala paste and fry well until the raw smell goes away.
Add baby potatoes and half of the fried onions to it and mix well until the masala coats all the potatoes.
Reduce the flame and add curds(mixed with coriander leaves paste) and also add cooled cooked rice and salt and cover it and cook over low flame for 5-6 mins giving a dum to the rice which enhances its taste by absorbing all the flavors.
Remove the lid and mix everything properly.Add remaining fried onions and garam masala powder and mix well and switch off the flame.
Garnish with chopped coriander and serve it hot with mixed vegetable raitha and papad.

  • This Biryani is very mildly spiced,so make sure you use good quality garam masala,preferable homemade.You could also use whole garam masala and saute them before adding the masala pastes.
  • Ideally,the baby potatoes should be deep fried,but shallow frying on a tawa with some oil gives equally delicious results.
  • As with dishes of similar kinds,the biryani tastes better the next day.So make sure you keep some in a microproof box and reheat and eat it the next day for a tastier version:)


  1. The sounds and smells from others' kitchens make me so hungry, specially if I am in no mood to cook myself! I have bookmarked this from Pratibha's blog too, hope to try soon.

    Looks super delish, a winner am sure!

  2. delicious looking fabulous biryani wonderfully done

  3. Divya looks great ! i love this biryani all the time.

    hope u having fun in cooking your new kitchen :)

  4. I like this biriyani..bit lengthy but tasty one

  5. This looks so yum,,,wish ya merry Christmas and a happy new year,,

  6. That Biryani looks really tempting. Would make such a lovely lunch :.-)

  7. Achhoooo....Looks soooo YUMMMYYYYYY...!!!!!

  8. Achooooo looks soooooooo YUMMMMMYYYYYY...!!!!

  9. droolworthy and yummilicious biryani.

  10. Very delicious and tempting flavourful !! nice clicks..

  11. looks so so delecious! i have a bag of baby potatos sitting in the frige, gonna make this.

  12. Wow!!! they look so so cute. Bookmarked this.

  13. First time visitor to this blog.. Loved this space and happy to follow you...

  14. Happy New Year Divya and wishing you the best.

  15. This is wonderful! Very flavorful! The deep-fried pinkish onions on top is fantastic! :)

  16. The biryani looks delicious. I can feel my hunger pangs already, and I just had breakfast. :) Am following your site. Hope you will follow me too.

  17. The biryani looks amazing! Baby potato biryani is definitely an innovative twist :)

  18. We are almost ending the second week in Jan and surprised to see no post. Hope everything is fine at our end. Take care. Miss your updates.


  19. I hear you on the smells from all around on a sunday - the only smell I get here is when my neighbor barbecues meat and I don't really like it! Miss the various biryani smells in India! LOL!

    Love Love Love the baby potato biryani. But I doubt I'll have any potatoes left to actually go in the biryani if they are this good!

  20. Hi, I am hosting my first event and giveaway - Valentine Special. Do look it up and send me your great recipes towards the event. :)

  21. Amazing... Looks very tempting.. Bookmarked this..

  22. Hello Divya,

    first time here, and happily following you blog. And this biriyani!!! it looks awesome. sure would be great when vegetarian friends come over. thanks for sharing. And you mentioned about buying your cake supplies from Stains , in Kochi. Is that the one near Padma junction. I remember that was one cake supplier shop there, but its quite some time that I have moved over to the middle-east , so cant remember the name of the shop.

  23. First time on your blog. I'm falling in love with all your recipes & clicks! This biryani looks awesome too! I would love to see your sweet & romantic recipes on my ongoing ''Valentine's Day Event''. So glad to follow you :)

  24. The biryani platter looks utterly delicious Divya..

  25. Hi Divya,

    I tried this recipe long time back and its easily the most tasty veg biryani that I have cooked. All my friends love this recipe and so does my husband.

    I have also blogged about it here -

  26. Hi Divya, I tried this recipe long time back and I have to say this is the most tasty veg biryani ever! I loved it and so does my hubby. Many of my friends have tried this recipe and they love it. Thanks a lot.

    I have also blogged abt it here -


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