Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet poha - Kalleylo phovu

There is something special about the prasadam/naivedyam you get in temples/religious institutions.I feel they have that extra special taste which we are never able to recreate at home even if we follow the recipe step by step.Living a wall away from Krishna temple in Ekm,I was lucky enough to get prasadams like Pal payasam,Kootu payasam(with jaggery),Cardamom milk,Sweet poha etc on a daily basis.I used to relish on that and still do.I remember,we used to get payasam and sweet poha in the morning after the puja while we were having breakfast.I always used to have a mouthful of poha and a gulp of payasam before finishing the food.

There are different varieties of godu phove or kalleylo phovu.I think this one is the easiest and the tastiest too.Even though the taste never comes close to the ones we get from the temple,this one is very delicious.Perfect for a instant snack or even for breakfast,with a cup of milk this will taste divine!!

Easy Sweet poha/kalleylo phovu


Poha - 1 cup(red/white-thick/thin)

Grated coconut - 3/4 cup

Sugar - 4-5 tbsps

Cardamom powder - a pinch


Mix the poha with the grated coconut well with your hands till the poha becomes soft(use the thinner variety for better results).

Add the sugar and sprinkle the cardamom powder.

Serve immediately-Yes its as simple as that!!

And yes,do offer it to God first to get that special taste!!

If you are wondering why I have kept a flower as garnish,here's the explanation.This phovu is the one I got as prasadam when I was in Ekm and the flower is from the puja.


  1. Hey Divu, my kids love this as snack item..its been ages since I ve had the temple tastyyyy ones! I mix jag wt coco--chuna, add a bit of ghee,honey and black til(if available) then mix the pattal phovu ..if needed a bit of the fresh coconut water too. Finally little elaichi podi. Ur prasadam sure looks very yummy!

  2. Nice entry.. i used jaggery instead of sugar.. will try with sugar.. thxs for sharing..

  3. this sounds like an easy and delicious snack. will give it a try. Thanks Divya!

  4. I used to love them when i was at home.
    You live in EKM.
    If i had known before i would have visited you when we were there in jully/August as we used to come to EKM almost every day....

  5. nice picture..i love this prasad..I make this usually during janmashtami!


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