Friday, September 26, 2008

Bread Pizza - Instant gratification!!!

There is no food in the world which could make you feel so happy and content than a snack..and that too on a Sunday..after that heavy lunch and a relaxing nap!! I am sure most of you are nodding your heads now;-).I wish someone would wake me up with steaming hot cup of chai and a plate of..anything would do yaar..finger chips,banana chips,pazham pori,onion pakodas..the list is endless.But I don't have that luxury,so I make myself happy by making something myself.Hubby is not too fond of deep fried snacks and always insists that I try and make some non-fry alternatives.Oh how do I make him realize that there isn't any no-fry version to match that piping hot molagu bajji..!!!

Last Sunday,after our nap hubby was seated in front of the TV with a clear *dont disturb* sign coz he was watching his favorite team playing against thier rivals,yeah Manchester United Vs Chelsea.I knew this was the right time..he wouldn't mind eating anything at this time coz he was too engrossed in watcing the match.I scanned the kitchen for possible culprits,but to be frank,even I was in no mood to make something elaborate-even deep fried goodies.Then I saw a loaf of bread,didn't want to make the usual toast or usli.It didn't sound exciting at all.And then I knew what to make.After my last trial with pizza..I was hooked.Decided to make Instant pizza this time using bread.

There is no particular recipe for this one.Just go ahead and add whatever toppings you fancy,add the sauce and the cheese and you have the tasty bread pizza ready!!!

Bread Pizza


Sliced Bread - as required
Pizza sauce - I used ready made sauce
Veggie toppings - Chop the veggies and saute them in a little olive oil.Add crushed pepper,oregano,chilli flakes and salt to taste
Mozzarella cheese grated - as required


Spread the pizza sauce over the bread.
Add the toppings and the grated cheese.
Add some more oregano.
Arrange on a grill rack and bake in a pre-heated oven for about 5 minutes or till the cheese melts.

Serve hot!!
A Sunday snack-mine goes to SnackORama for the Sunday snack event.


  1. yummy one..will make this for sure.thanks for the idea..

  2. Hey nice twist to the regular bread toast.

  3. ehmm...I know how yummy this is...:)...this is my daughter's favorite dish!..did you check this in my spice your life blog?...we love it!

  4. This is a quick and instant sunday snack. perfect for the event.. no one can miss the pizza if they have this one.

  5. Looks perfect.Saw this in Valli's blog and since then was wanting to make it.

  6. very innovative!!! and a quick fix as well....

  7. div its a great idea i can have pizzas daily!thanks for sharing

  8. hey this is unique one...i like this recipe

  9. wow superb :). a must try. have bookmarked it. will try soon.

  10. I tried this after reading about in on Valli's blog and it is now a regular snack for me and my daughter.

  11. That is a healthy pizza to have. Thanks for sending it to me. See you at the round up.

  12. I made these but w/ sharp white cheddar. pretty interesting. perfect quick and easy munchies


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