Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spicy Egg roast~Mutta roast

There are vegetarians..there are non-vegetarians..and then there are those who choose the middle path.I do not claim myself to be a vegetarian even though I do not eat meat or meat products.I do not eat egg also but I do eat stuff in which egg is added,like cakes and brownies.I know so many people who eat egg and say they are pure vegetarians.Now,I am not going to find fault with either of the food group.My hubby is a pucca non-vegetarian and he enjoys his seafood among other stuff.He hates it when people vie for vegetarianism and say that non-vegetarians are harming animals and stuff like that.In fact,when we got married,the first thing he told me was that he would never force me to have non-veg and I shouldn't force him to be a veg,fair deal.I had some relatives asking me how I am gonna live with a "pure non-veg";-),they sure are not counted among endangered species,are they;-)?

I did my schooling in a convent school and being around with friends who ate non-veg,I was quite comfortable when we dined out with friends out of whom I was the lone vegetarian.Just like vegetarians who seem to find fault with non-vegetarians,it does happen vice versa too.I have had people asking me how I will get enough proteins and nutrients if I don't eat eggs and meat..!!Some friends have mocked me saying I am eating tasteless pizza and burger since its vegetarian..!!

Mutta roast was one of the dishes which tempted me very badly during one such dining outs.I just couldn't resist the aroma coming out of this dish and the way my hubby was eating it with puttu..oh boy!He suggested that I avoid the egg and eat the gravy.I was actually waiting for him to say that and dug into the curry.It was so tasty that I didn't touch my veggie gravy that day and finished up my share of puttu with the egg roast sans the egg!!It is truly amazing and to this date whenever I prepare it,I avoid making a veg gravy for me..!!Yummy!!

Spicy egg roast ~ mutta roast


Eggs - 4
Onions - 3 big,chopped lengthwise
Tomato - 1 big,chopped lengthwise
Coconut oil - 2-3 tbsp
Salt to taste

For the masala

Red chilly powder - 1 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Garam masala - 1 tsp
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tbsp


Hard boil the eggs,peel and keep aside.
In a thick bottomed kadai,add the oil and fry the onions.
Onions should turn light brown,simmer and let it caramelize.(this may take upto 10 minutes,at the end of which the onions would have become half the quantity)
Add the tomatoes and mix well.
Make a paste of the ingredients required for the masala adding a little water.
Add the masala to the onions-tomato,add salt to taste and mix well.
Add 1/4 cup of water and let it boil.
Cover and cook for a minute.
Make small slits on the eggs and add to the masala.
Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
Serve hot with puttu or idiyappam!!


  1. HeHe! I agree 100% with what you said up there. I call them "eggetarians" and there is nothing wrong with with the choices we make at all.It's a free country!:D
    I grew up a vegetarian since my mother and grand parents are always been and still are pure vegetarians. We ate protein,fruits and veggies everyday and we all have been pretty healthy all these yrs! My mother is still a pure vegetarian as we all eat non-veg and she is fine with it although she never even go near any meat!:D
    Now,as a family we have chosen to eat non-veg which is quite okay too but I don't call myself "vegetarian" anymore!:))
    Egg roast looks fab. Take care, hugs.

  2. Nice egg roast, looks like something I would enjoy eating. Nice!

  3. This too good. With rice it wud give heavvenly taste..mmmmmm lovely

  4. Divya, ur curry is awesome and is absolutely mouthwatering.

  5. I am an ardent lover of eggs and ur spicy version of egg roast looks yummo!


  6. That is absolutely delicious Divya.. no wonder it tempted you try a egg dish!! :)

  7. hi lovely what you say is 100% true. I am a veggie and my hubby loves non veg. My in laws dont eat non veg anymore neither we cook at home. so hubby was used to it. Now I try and make simple egg curries at home. We too had decided that we would not force each other.. seems like a similar story to mine ;) BTW whne i first ventured into cooking eggs i googled how to boil eggs can you believe it?? this roast looks awesome wil surely make it for my hubby I am sure he will love it. Thanks for posting

  8. hi divya i tried ur egg roast and no1 in my family liked it.wat type of garam masala u used?i used eastern garam masala powder!plz do advice me

  9. Hard luck Divs..I use Everest garam masala,I don't think the brand of garam masala makes a difference!!!

  10. what sort of egg curry is this,you defined it so well and made me to try this but unfortunately it was the worst egg roast anyone can make.firstly you try it urself then put it in your blog.oh god i wont try any recepies from internet,i swear!i knw u wont publish this and iam not expecting too but i want to let u know that its really a bad receipe.ask your blog friends whether they tried it or not.they are just simply flattering you.thanks!

  11. oops sorry one thing i forgot to say as i dont like your food still i want to compliment for your are very pretty.

  12. Hi Mr/Ms Wellwisher..I blog for my own pleasure.Though I would like it if people tried stuff from my blog,I don't expect everybody to get the same results.After all,you need to have a passion for cooking and going by your comments I feel that you are really a bad cook coz you just can't go wrong with this simple egg recipe...hard luck and it would be better if you leave your name next time...!!

  13. And yeah..I expect people to comment on the food posts and not my looks,keep that in mind!!

  14. Divya,
    I tried this and it came out really good.. hubby loved it.. Thanks dear :)

  15. thank u for your comment that iam a bad cook,may b iam nt a good cook but you knw what i just made the way you told in your receipe.the same procedure i used so how can it become worst.may be the quantity of masala you mentioned is not right could you plese check it out.if you get time try to make this egg roast according to your receipe.i mean same quantity of masala and everything.and plz let me know!iam sorry if my compliment(pretty) hurted you.what i felt i just wrote it,dont wanna hurt you just wanted you to know how i felt so that you can improve.i saw someone cald divs also said that it was bad,so iam not the only person who said so.thanks!

  16. Hi Anu..good to see that you responded promptly.Firstly,I would like to say that,whatever is posted on the blog is tried and tested by me.I measure the quantity,try the recipe myself and then post it on the blog.This is not my recipe and like you,I too got the recipe from the net.It is a traditional Kerala recipe for Mutta roast and I followed the exact recipe of Mrs.K.M.Mathew,who was a renowned cook herself and has published many cookbooks.I am sorry if I have offended you in anyway.One more thing,as you have noticed that a person called Divs has tried the recipe and not liked it,please also check out comments from people who liked it!!


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