Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mango Recipes on Easycooking

Are you done with eating Mangoes this summer?Now who am I kidding,we can never get tired of eating mangoes which make its presence only for a few months in a year.For us it is always the same,we enjoy the mangoes as is for a long time and when the season is just about to end,I am looking for ways to incorporate mango in my cooking and baking.
Ambya Gojju is a no-cook sweet mango curry(except for the tempering) which works perfectly as a cool after-meal dessert.Choose fibrous mangoes so that you can keep dipping the seed in the sauce and lick them off your fingers!
Mango Buttermilk Pound cake is a take on the classic Lime Buttermilk pound cake.A simple Vanilla cake recipe flavored with mango pulp and spiked with dry ginger powder.Serve it plain or with a mango cream sauce.
Ambya Paank or Mango preserve is a wonderful way to keep eating mangoes even after the season ends.Add equal amount of mango and sugar and cook till it reaches a jam consistency.Tastes great with bread,chapathi and even dosa!
Mango smoothie or milkshake can be a wonderful summer drink.Chill the mangoes and blend it with milk ice cubes and the summer heat suddenly becomes bearable!
Aamras with Poori can make my diet plans go haywire.I've restricted myself to make poori only twice in a year.Once with aamras and once with Bibbe upkari.Now don't ask me how many I eat at one sitting!
Ambya Ambat is a simple konkani side dish where ripe mangoes are cooked in a dal-coconut gravy.Goes perfectly well with rice as well as on its own.
Fresh mango loaf cake is again,a simple vanilla cake flavored with mango pulp.Makes for a wonderful snack time treat.
Mango Crumble,ripe mangoes cooked with butter and caramelized sugar,flavored with fresh ginger and topped with a streusel and baked till golden brown.Just too good!

When ripe mangoes are being discussed,how can the raw ones be left behind?
Mango Chundo,a delicious preserve made with grated raw mangoes and sugar and even better,made in a microwave.
Raw Mango chutney,raw mangoes ground into a chutney with coconut and green chilly,a spicy addition to any meal.

So what are you cooking/baking with Mangoes this season?


  1. this is a good collection. drooling!!!

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  3. delicious and droolworthy awesome mango recipes.

  4. I tried the crumble other day and it tasted really good! I actually checks your baking recipes quite often and find your reviews on the recipes quite genuine.

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  7. Inviting mango recipes. Lovely collections!!!!


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