Saturday, December 1, 2012

Food Photography Workshop,Chennai

                                    (image source - Aparna)
Ever since I started my blog in 2008,one thing which I've been constantly trying to improvise is the content.Be it the recipes,or the writing or pictures,I've tried my best to create a good post every time I sit down and hit compose.Over a period of time,my camera changed.From a basic p&s to a better p&s.I realized the pictures were getting better but still,there was something lacking.
                          (image source - Nithya / Kettle Facebook page)
I was delighted when I saw Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen was coming down to Chennai for a Food Photography Workshop.Only thing I was wary of was going there with a p&s.Mind you,I am very proud of my camera but I didn't want to be in an awkward position and make others(and myself)uncomfortable.But Aparna assured me that the camera is only secondary and I was most welcome to attend the workshop.

I am so glad that I went.

I was new to Anna Nagar,had never been to Kettle and was going to meet Aparna for the first time.Strangely I did have butterflies in my stomach,not that anyone knew of it:)
Kettle is a quaint little tea house in Anna Nagar which serves Teas and Desserts and food that generally pairs well with Tea.I am a big Tea drinker and my tea has to be milky,sweet and strong.We were served just that with a hint of masala in the Masala Chai served typically in a glass.The Sandwich was delicious too,only we were too immersed in the conversation to give attention to the food:)The lunch was delicious with Curried Pasta and Oreo Ice Cream for dessert.
The workshop was an informal one with Aparna sharing most of her tips and tricks.Never was there a dull moment,how can there be when pictures taken by her were shown as examples:).She is so serious about photography in general and encourages you to be too.A look at her blog and you'll know why she is so popular.She was so helpful during the shoot and asked us to practice,practice and practice some more.Thank you Aparna:)
                         (image source - Nithya /Kettle Facebook page)
It was also an opportunity to meet like minded folks.Nithya,Shalini,Kajal,Rajani,Aparna,Meena,Ram and Lata.In short,a long day well spent.Aparna also made sure we didn't go back empty handed.A goodie bag from Urbandazzle was the icing on the cake:)
                                                   (image courtesy - Aparna & Meena)


  1. well written and session was amazing never felt bored :) it was nice meeting you divya ! u missed writting about the photography session by Aparna:)

  2. Wow, this is awesome! Aparna's food shots has been one of my favs! ;)

    Glad you joined dear!

  3. I missed it Divya...I attended Tea tasting workshop at Kettle and was meaning to attend thsi wirkship...But I was not in a position to leave by 1+ yr old kiddo and so culd not make it...

  4. btw would love to meet u all sometime :)

  5. Lucky you are, thats really wonderful to learn more about photography that too through a well known blogger and food photographer.

  6. Ohh I am so jealous of you, to meet them all and Aparna.. I am a big fan of her...

    your photos are anyways nice Divya, dont be so humble :)

  7. hey this might have been a great workshop. Hope to have such a one in Blr too.

  8. I'm happy that you could make it to the workshop and it was a pleasure finally meeting you too, Divya. :)

  9. Nice reading about your exp Divya..must have been great doing this workshop.

  10. The pics do show that you had a great time..Your pics are good Divya you are being too humble..I am looking for better pics using a P & S.

  11. So glad for you that you could make it to this lovely event!! I wish I will be able to attend something like this some day...Nice well written post and thanks for sharing your experience

  12. Really enjoyed this post...I wish Aparna had thought of this when I was also in Chennai 2 years back..LOL!!
    but then I hadn't started blogging back then :-) Mayb some other time hopefully!!


  13. Hi DIvya,

    I saw the pics on Nikki`s web site before I realised that you all hd met up in Chennai for the photography workshop...Didnt nithya of 4`th sense join all of you? The clicks are ammazing and the cake left me drooling!!! You guys have all the fun!


  14. Lovely post Divya :) Was really nice to spend time with you all.

  15. It was really nice meeting you Divya. I love the click of that cake! Beautiful :)


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