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Pathrodo - A Konkani Delicacy

Sometime back a cousin of mine made a passing comment about the absence of Pathrodo/pathrode recipe here in my blog.She said a Konkani blog is incomplete without a recipe for the same.Though I didn't like the way the comment was put forth,I had to agree with her.Along with Daali thoy,Pathrodo is regarded as one of the most popular and loved dishes in Konkani cuisine.With over 100 recipes from our cuisine in the blog and no place for pathrodo is indeed a pity!
It is not that I do not like/cook pathrodo,far from it.As any other amchi,I can eat pathrodo on a full stomach and still enjoy it fully.I have at least a hundred pictures taken of the various steps involved in cooking the same,but when it comes to the final dish,I do not even have one single good shot.No prizes for guessing why.No one is patient enough to take pictures when there is piping hot pathrode,straight from the steamer right in front of you waiting to be devoured.

Sometime back,I made it specifically for the blog(wow,that makes me feel good!)and struggled to take pictures as usual.Being home alone didn't help either as I just couldn't wait to plonk myself on the table and attack it.I managed somehow.
                                          Phanna Pathrodo
How would it sound if I posted here not one but two kinds of pathrodo,that would be double the fun right?The second recipe is a quick version which gets you the pathrode in under 1 hour from the kitchen to the table,which of course without doubt is my ma-in-law's recipe.So get a cup of coffee and relax yourself because you need some time to go through the slightly long(but not complicated!)recipe.
taro leaves/pathrodya paan Preparation - Pathrodo/Pathrode is a Konkani delicacy made with Colocasia leaves stuffed with a rice,coconut and spice paste and then steamed or pressure cooked or even fried.The leaves used for making the pathrode are usually known as taro leaves,pathrodya paan or terya paan.The leaves should be stored in a plastic cover(preferably in the refrigerator)as using them immediately could cause itching.Using a thin knife,remove the thick veins as otherwise it wouldn't be possible to roll the loaves.bimbul
Star fruit/Bimbul/Carambola is usually used as the souring agent for the stuffing.It is also known to reduce the itching of the leaves.However,if you do not have the same,go ahead and use tamarind.
For steaming the pathrode,a traditional utensil named as the Pedavan is used.However it can be substituted with a steamer or an idli cooker.

Palak Pathrodo - A twist to the original

Pathrodo - Traditional Steaming method


Pathrode paan/Taro leaves - 20-22,cleaned
Raw Rice - 1 cup
Grated coconut - 2/3 cup
Red chillies - 5-6
Haldi/turmeric - 1/2 tsp
Bimbul - 5-6
Hing/Asafoetida - 1 tbsp
Salt to taste


Soak the rice for 2-3 hours.Grind a masala paste using coconut,red chillies,haldi and bimbul.Mix in the soaked rice,salt and hing and grind till you get a thick paste.
Keep the leaves and masala paste ready.Fill the pedavan/steamer with enough water and switch on the flame.
Make the stuffing - Place a big sized leaf on your work surface,smear the masala paste.Repeat with another small sized leaf and continue the process with smaller leaves till you use about 6-7 leaves. 
Roll the loaf tightly(as you would a swiss roll)and keep the seam side down.Place the prepared loaf in the pedavan/steamer.Repeat the process till you finish the leaves and the batter.Pathrodo-step4
Cook the pathrodo loaves for about 45 minutes to an hour on simmer.Check for doneness using a thin knife or a ladle,if it goes in smoothly and comes out clean,the pathrode is cooked.Do not cut down the cooking time as this would not cook the leaves and will cause itching.
Serve hot with a drizzle of coconut oil.

Phanna Pathrodo - coming up next.


  1. good one and nice post..A maharashtrian friend used to make this..she used to stuff besan in it..

  2. nice recipe.where do you get Taro leaves in Chennai?

  3. Wow! Liked the step-by-step guide you presented.
    I too love pathrado but I generally make Pathrado using Palak instead of the colocacia leaves.

  4. It might look slightly odd but I'm sure this one's a delicious and healthy recipe. I'll probably add a twist though on your recipe. I guess I would have to use coconut oil when preparing the Colocasia leaves. I'll apply or coat it with coconut oil to make it a bit greasy and so that it won't sting or make my fingers itchy.

  5. hey divya, this dish is really new to me. i have never heard of it before. sounds really interesting and fun too :) wish i could try sometime.

  6. Looks super delicious, we dont get this leaves,wish i get them those colocasia leaves here.

  7. My tongue is itching for some pathrode :D

  8. Interesting post, would love to hog on! Wish I could have that plate. I could have anything with coconut oil.Big fan of that flavor. Steamed means guilt free snack :)

  9. wooow....drooling here..Looks awesome n so tempting!!!

  10. Have had it at my friends so love them, looks absolutely tempting!!


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