Sunday, October 21, 2012

I love your Blog - The Novice Housewife

Pinterest takes you places,really.I chanced upon this super delicious looking blog by Shumaila by trailing this picture on Pinterest.I mean,there was a blog,so full of wonderful pictures and great recipes,how could I have missed it?

Shumaila,who blogs at The Novice Housewife,is a 'housewife/homemaker' who blogs about her daily experiments in the kitchen.After following her blog for a while now,I think she's anything but a novice:)

Garam Masala Tuesdays is a weekly feature on her blog where she blogs about Authentic Indian cuisines and tries to clear the misconception people have about Indian food that not everything which has Garam Masala is Indian.Here,she's made Vada Pav from scratch and how!The pictures look gorgeous and if homemade food looks so simple and tasty,who'd want to eat out anyway!

Whenever someone mentions Cinnamon rolls,I am all attentive.I haven't tried baking a batch myself but looking at these gorgeous Cinnamon rolls,slathered with Cream Cheese frosting,I am seriously thinking of making a batch.Cravings kicking in fast:)

If you've had fruit based ice-cream from Naturals,it is tough to like any other ice-cream.My favorite among the lot is Custard apple and Chikoo ice-cream.It is difficult to replicate the same taste at home,but looks like she's nailed it.I think her ice-cream looks as delicious as the original!

Samosa is a very popular street food in India.Every nook and corner,you'll find at least one Chaat corner with a tray full of ready to fry Samosas.Shumaila has made Samosas from scratch after perfecting the recipe over a period of time.Don't forget to check out some important tips at the end of the post.

Layer cakes makes me panic,ie whenever I am baking one:)Not a big fan of Oreo cookies available here,but I think when slathered with cream and filled in a delicious chocolate cake,I wouldn't mind the crunch at all!Four Layer Chocolate Cake with Oreo Cream filling - Pure Joy!

Making Puff Pastry from scratch is no easy deal.Check out the Puff Pastry 101 which has lots of tips and tricks along with beautiful step by step pictures of the procedure.I so want to try making this!

How can I mention TNH without a mention of this dangerous cake.Yes,I am talking about the 5 minute Nutella Cake which looks drool worthy and dangerous too since you are just 5 minutes away from this cake,how cool is that!

Disclaimer - All pictures published with the bloggers permission.


  1. That was so sweet of you Divya. Yes - Shumaila does have an awesome website with stunning pics and mouthwatering recipes

  2. Divya!! This was such a surprise! Thank you soooo much for featuring me and the kind words in your post! You made my day! Thank you thank you thank you!:)


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