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Palak Pathrodo ~ A twist to the original !!

I dislike Palak.
Ajay dislikes Pathrodo.
We l♥ve Palak Pathrodo.

That in short sums up the taste of the dish.Pathrodo,according to me is every Konkanis favorite food-barring Ajay and a few unlucky souls:).Majority of the people dislike the itchy feeling rather than the dish itself.If the leaves are not cooked well,by the time you eat the first piece,you’ll be searching for a brush,to itch the insides of your mouth..LOL.

I for one,enjoy eating pathrodo-all forms of it-freshly cooked,roasted,in curries or fried,never mind the itch.As a pathrodo loving soul,I did search for Taro leaves in Chennai but in vain.Let’s just say I am apprehensive of picking/plucking them from a road-side.Quite different story in Ernakulam actually.People sell bunch of taro leaves for a price and there are many[not surprisingly] takers for it.

A recently opened supermarket[in Ekm] even has this on their food rack along with pastries,tarts and muffins-no kidding.

Though the size of the Palak leaves are no comparison to the gigantic size of taro leaves,I can assure the taste is almost the same but without the itch.Thanks to this,we started eating palak,otherwise greens are something I cook once in a …. [very loooong time!]

I used the same recipe for the batter as Pathrodo.Which reminds me that I still do not have the recipe for Pathrodo here.Soon,I promise.I have to make a trip to Ernakulam for that,remember!!

Palak Pathrodo


Palak/Spinach leaves – one bunch

For the ground paste

Rice – 1 cup,soaked for 2-3 hours
Grated coconut – 2/3 cup
Red chillies – 5-6
Tamarind – one small pea sized lump
Hing/asafoetida – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste


Wash the leaves well and arrange them according to their size[this helps later when you smear them with the paste].

Grind the masala-first grind the coconut,red chillies and tamarind to a smooth paste.
Then add the soaked rice and blend again till you get a smooth paste-the batter would be quite thickish.
Add hing and salt to taste.

Place a palak leaf on a plate and smear with the ground paste.

Place another leaf on top and continue the process with 6-8 leaves,alternating between medium and small leaves.
Roll it well and tie a thread around to secure the leaves in place.

Steam for about 20-25 minutes.

Remove the thread.
Serve it hot drizzled with a drop of coconut oil.

I refrigerated 2 leftover rolls and the next day,sliced them into thin rounds and roasted them on a low flame using coconut oil,till brown on both sides.Tastes super good!!
If there is leftover batter[like I had] you can add chopped cabbage to it and make Cabbage-aa Undi/muddo.

Update- There is absolutely no bitter aftertaste to this and it turns out to be as soft as the taro leaves version!!

Check out this- a step by step method to make Pathrodo.

Fellow bloggers have been too kind and have showered a few awards on me.Thank you folks,I am deeply touched.

Suma of Cakes and More has passed on to me The Kreative Blogger award.Thank you!!

Aliena of What's Cooking today [and my college-mate too] has passed on to me The Lovely Blog,Sweet Blogger and Beautiful Blogger awards.Thank you Ally..:)

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  1. New to me...yummy and interesting...

  2. I am yearning for Patrodo...luv yur innovation with Spinach...will def try this out...thanks for sharing dear!

  3. This is wonderful. I should try it!

    We make patrodo slightly differently. My recipe is here:


  4. love the twist..creative one..looks delicious..

  5. I was alllergic of taro roots, if i peel i use to scratch for hours my hand. I never had taro root in India! My mom adds little baking soda which stops the itchiness...
    I ve seen this dish but never tasted looks wonderful!

  6. hey Divya,
    My relative too makes pathrado out of Palak leaves but was just wondering does it have that bitter taste once it steams.. I love pathrad a lot and have not had it for a while now.. We do get good palak here.. so may be i can try it out. My aunt also uses malabar spinach ( Vaali) for pathrado. Thank you so much for this post..

  7. Really a twist...and i just loved this different but very nice one...

  8. Its completely a new recipe to me...Looks great.

  9. have palak leavesin my fridge i gues i gonna try these...

  10. I tried this pathrodo once, with taro leaves, using a blog recipe. Didnot quite like it for the itch as u said. I think I will try with spinach...

  11. Interesting and yumm.. I have never tried this before.. And congratulations on getting all those awards!

  12. I love pathrodo.....your palak version is interesting.

  13. Very new to me too...looks fantastic..

  14. Congrats on your awards!! your dish looks yum and very much like Patra!!!

  15. Congrats on all your awards! Pathrodo is very new to me and looks really tempting!

  16. mmm..yumm We love patrodos in all avtars. I haven't tried the palak one but sounds doable..have you tried the moong patrodo.. tastes yummy too .. it's a more Manglorean verison where you replace rice with green moong. Though we love the rice ones more, the moong one is also good. My friend mom back in kochi makes all sorts of patrodo.. even karthyache patrodo. Thanks for the recipe.

  17. oh gosh...u make me drool dear..palak pathrodo woo nice innovative idea yaar...must appreciate 4 sure..nice presentation..

  18. Ok, wish I can come over to give you a tight hug for this recipe.. I love the flavor and but am allergic to the Pathrodo leaves.

  19. Hahaha! That was funny! Nobody likes it but you make the best Palak Pathrodo anyway!

    Palak Pathrodo is doable for us here, we get plenty of them year round, must try. Looks yummy! :)

  20. Hey that looks so nice, leaf as a puff sheet..I should try it soon.

  21. This is completely new to me. Sounds like a very healthy stuff! Congrats on your awards and hope you make a trip to ekm fast to get the recipe ;)

  22. This is so new to me and I love the way you have pictured them and I would love to try my hands on this dish!!!

    My first visit here shall come back for more...

    Do drop by @ when time permits...

  23. My MIL make these & hubby dear loves it...nice twist with spinach....I might try some time as now a days we r eating spinach everyday, even I'm posting it also everyday...btw like your valentine cake...

  24. Excellent divya, what a innovative idea

  25. Sounds new to me...looks great.Interesting one:)

  26. Hi Divya...I chanced upon your Blog from Suma Rowjee's and I must say I love your blog! All your cakes are mouth watering, just feel like reaching out to them and grabbing a bite!! :)
    Im also a BIGGGGG fan of pathrodes. Though I have the traditional recipe from a Manglorean friend, I havent attempted it yet though getting the leaves isnt a problem here in Blore. I have a store just about a km away from home, that sells those leaves. Your's sounds fairly simpler with Palak which I almost always have, stocked up in my fridge. This is bookmarked for me to be tried soon! Will let you know how it turns out.
    Im also adding you to my blogroll.
    Do take a peek at my space too when you find time -


  27. I have tasted these yummy delights once back in Kerala, when amma's pal a Konkani girl made this for us!.. a healthy and a tasty snack!

  28. absolutely love this version. i love pathrode but have never tried it on my own.

  29. Sure Divya. You could go ahead and send this for the Healing Foods Spinach event.

  30. he he.., should I say great minds think alike!!? I have prepared pathrode using puay leng (chinese spinach) here in Singapore & loved it. Though not with Indian spinach. Chinese spinach leaves are a little longer then the Indian ones :)

  31. wow, so innovative! and looks tasty too! taro leaves r not always available here. so spinach looks like a cool alternative!

  32. i like the idea of using spinach, living overseas it is pretty difficult at times to find taro leaver(but in season we do get it, and thanks for that). now if i feel like having pathravodo, your idea has given me the chance to make it as often as i want.........

  33. Saw the recipe in Vanitha today!! Felt soooo happy to see you there, Divs :) :)


    ...where is the valan puli in this recipe, btw?? ;)

  34. ..oh yes have it... sorry! :)

  35. What an idea Sirji!! This is certainly an interesting recipe.

  36. Hey Divya,

    I made your Palak Pathrado and it turned out yummilicious. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I'm glad this recipe made it to Vanitha!

    I have posted this in my blog. Please take a look.



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