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Tangerine,Chennai | Restaurant Review

There is a proverb in Malayalam which says "poochakkendha ponnurukkunadathu kaaryam" which roughly translates to what business does a cat have in a gold smith's place.Still didn't get it?Let me explain.Tangerine is a restaurant which specializes in Steaks and Sizzlers and what job does a vegetarian like me have there.Got it now?Phew that was tough.
Tangerine-Restaurant Review 
Tangerine is primarily a Steak speciality restaurant and it has been a very popular one at that too.It is one of our favorite jaunts since hubby is a hardcore non-veg who loves indulging in steaks every once in a while.I have not had very good experiences when it comes to sizzlers since vegetarian sizzler is a rare special and most of the times we get served some sauteed vegetables with mash potatoes and a big cutlet with some gravy.

I am glad to say Tangerine has been a wonderful experience for even a vegetarian like me.
WeI started the meal with Garlic Bread with Cheese and it didn't disappoint.Crusty garlic flavored bread topped with cheese,I guess is a hard one to flaw.
Tangerine-Restaurant review 
My vegetarian friend ordered Mixed Vegetable New Orleans and it looked yummy indeed.Mixed vegetables in a cajun spiced tomato gravy served on a bed of herbed rice with sauteed vegetables and jacket potatoes on the side.She felt the quantity was a bit more for a single person,but hey what are friends for;)
Tangerine-Restaurant Review 
I ordered a Vegetarian Mixed Grill and got the best of their 3 sizzlers in one plate.
Tangerine-Restaurant Review 
It had a Vegetable shashlik which had potatoes,onions,carrots,mushrooms and tomato marinated in a yogurt based sauce,grilled to perfection and slathered with a curry sauce.The only complaint I have about the dish is the size of the vegetables.The potatoes and onions were halved and were quite a big size.Flavourwise though,absolutely no complaints.
Tangerine-Restaurant Review 
My favorite was the cottage cheese steak.For a Paneer lover like me it cannot get any better.Two thin slices of cottage cheese stuffed with mushrooms and grilled,accompanied by a creamy herb and cheese paprika sauce-YUM!
Tangerine-Restaurant Review 
The mixed vegetable steak was also delicious.A mash of mixed vegetables grilled and served with a creamy spicy sauce.

To say I am addicted to Tangerine Sizzlers would be putting it mildly.I've had their Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream and Vanilla Ice-cream with Chocolate sauce and Praline earlier,but this time was too full to even think dessert.
Tangerine-Restaurant review 
A meal for two with Starters,Drinks,two Sizzlers (Veg and Non-Veg) and Dessert would cost anywhere between 1200-1500 rs depending on your orders.

Food - 9/10
Ambience - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Value for money - 8/10

Tangerine is at Murray's Gate Rd, Alwarpet  Chennai,Tamil Nadu 600018.
Phone - 044 42110888.

Disclaimer - This is not a paid review.


  1. You should try their Death by Chocolate.. Its awesome and out of the world.. I go there just for that..

    1. One more dish to add to our favorites then,we are true-blue chocoholics:)

  2. Would surely visit this restaurant once I visit Chennai. Since I am a Non Veg eater, would relish it as well.

  3. I haven't been to Tangerine's in some 9 years. Loved their food and their cheesecake.

    BTW, on my blog is something that made me think of you!

  4. I was in Chennai last weekend. May need to check out this restaurant on my next visit :) Nice review!

  5. Hi Divya,

    Thanks for the wonderful review. I hope I can try out this place the next time I am in Chennai.
    Like you, I also wonder what to eat if I go to a sizzler place since I am a vegetarian. But thanks to your review, I have a few things lined up next time I go there. The garlic bread looks so tempting, even at 9 AM in the morning when I am writing to you now. I think I will definitely try out the Cottage Cheese Steak with creamy herb and cheese paprika sauce. There is nothing better than having a dish which is 'cheesy'! :-)

    Thanks once again for the review.

  6. Non vegetarians must try the Chicken Malacca! Its my absolute favourite!!!


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