Sunday, July 17, 2011

Salt n Pepper

I would have been terribly homesick had I seen this video while I was in Chennai.But no,I am taking a full one week break in Ernakulam with my family,two chubby and adorable dogs and last but not the least--the new member in the family--Krishnaa,my bro's baby girl:)

Since anything food catches a food bloggers attention like nothing else,I thought of sharing this video with you all.It is a promo video from a movie named Salt n Pepper.It mostly features dishes from Kerala.I don't know if I'd be watching the movie,but this video,yes again and again.The music is lovely too!!Enjoy!!


  1. Uff not again...staying here away from the land of delicious food...inganathe pattoke kanunathu namalb namalobdu thane cheyyuna dushttataram annu...Ethayalum vayayil vellam varunna vibhavamgal thanne...:)
    Hey enjoy your time...:)

  2. hi divya
    you are an inspiration to me,your blog is soooo amazing.i have be following you since i have started my blog.keep it going.

  3. enjoy ur holiday! this movie looks like a must-see for a foodie!

  4. Ok you caught my attention with that title..:)..enjoy your stay and I hope you will be back for our meet.

  5. For a foodie like you, Salt n Pepper is a must-watch! :)


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