Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parippu Vada

Parippu vada and chaya.Two words which could make any Malayali homesick and nostalgic.For me,it brings back memories of train journeys.As children,we used to long for the attractively displayed vadas of all kinds from the food vendor inside the trains as well as on the station platforms.But anything openly displayed was considered unhygienic and denied.

Amma had solutions for that too.Whenever we traveled,she made sure there was a big pack of homemade parippu vadas carried along with our luggage.But we wanted other vadas then....Now when I travel alone with all the 'freedom' to buy vadas from the railway food vendor,I want amma's homemade one.Sigh!

Amma made this while it was raining heavily outside.My brother decided to do the clicking part and I enjoyed the vada with my mug of chaya and the rains:).

Parippu Vada


Peas parippu/Vada parippu/Yellow split peas dal - 1 cup
Shallots/small onions - 4-5,thinly sliced
Green chillies - 2-3,finely chopped
Curry leaves - 1 sprig,chopped
Ginger - 1'piece,finely chopped
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


Picnik collage
Soak the parippu/lentil in enough water for at least 2-3 hours.Wash well,drain and grind to a very coarse paste in a mixie/grinder using very little water.

Mix in the chopped onions,green chilly,curry leaves,ginger and add salt to taste.
Make small flat patties and deep fry 5-6 patties in hot oil.
Let the vadas turn a golden brown colour then flip and cook the other side too.Drain on to a colander.
Serve hot with a cup of tea.

Sending this to Kerala Kitchen


  1. Hey Divya,

    I can go on munching those if I don't have anyone to stop me. They are so addictive specially during rains with a cuppa chaya! I'm a bit confused as to what dal u have used here?


  2. Wow paruppu vada as it is called in Tamil is my favorite too. Love this vada so much when it rains :) crispy and yummy :)

  3. Looks so tempting and delicious.. lovely pictures !!
    Indian Cuisine

  4. Crispy yummy vadas...perfect for this rainy season

  5. I can go on and on..these things they r so yummy and nice wth a cup of coffee..

  6. wow vadas with chai what a heavenly combo.That too when somebody makes for us it is a total bliss.Good to know that u enjoyed. Perfect vadas

  7. Hey Divya

    Good Snack to munch on a rainy day with a cup of Hot tea

  8. the vada is so yumm i can eat as much as i can..

  9. always wanted to make this..will definitely follow ur recipe and make thiS!!

  10. what else one can xpect on a rainy evening other than biting into hot pakoras/wadas..looks yum

  11. hmm.. my fav. Love to eat this with a hot cup of tea.

  12. I love this vada than the methuvadai and with tea,really too gud combo...Lovely step vise clicks and the vadai luks so tempting...

  13. Wow,I love the smell we get when we fry these...but I suck at making these vadas so perfectly like this,loved the clicks very much!

  14. I recently had this at my frenz place. I bet u cannot stop eating jus one!!!

  15. wow, I love them. One of my friends makes some mean version of this (i mean in a good way) and I absolutely love them :)

  16. Crispy hot vadas on a rainy day by amma...awesome dear...lucky you...:)
    This is my fav too...

  17. Perfect vadas... yeah.. chaya & parippu vada is the best combo..

  18. my all time fav...looks perfect and yummy...

  19. Oh yumm! reminds me of home! great post :) thanks


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