Thursday, December 30, 2010

The year that went by --the inevitable 2010 round-up!

Here I am with the inevitable yearly round-up,I am sorry if its sounds boring,almost in sync with the Annual report which is dished out in every meeting and undoubtedly,the most boring part.I promise to keep this short,sweet and interesting[hopefully].

2010 has been a mixed bag of emotions for us.Though the year started on a very promising note,it didn't remain so for long.I fought with a terrible bloggers' block due to this and then came back with a bang for my 2nd Blog anniversary.I invited you to be a part of my happiness by sending in your Best Chocolate Cakes.It was a very successful event[my first] with a whooping 34 entries in all.I roped in a dear friend[now a super celebrity]to do the honours of choosing the winner for the event.

The Best Chocolate Cake event Round-up

Being a self-learned baker,I identify with beginner bakers and their apprehensions well.While starting off,I just had one or two fool-proof recipes with me,passed on by my co-sis and after a few trial and error sessions,I started getting good,consistent results.So when Ria suggested a baking group for beginners,along with Maria,I couldn't be more happier and we started a baking group--A Sweet Punch.If you want to be a part of this group,please send a mail to

A Sweet Punch

For a person who hasn't won a single lucky draw or even any assured gifts,winning a giveaway was an occasion worth celebrating.I won a giveaway hosted by Nags with which I could finally buy the Bundt Pan and Microplaner I've wanted for a long time.As the year was coming to an end,I won another giveaway hosted by Ann and I am still breaking my head as to what to buy--lucky me!!

Ever since I started baking,I've been getting queries regarding my oven.Even now,people find it difficult to believe I've been successfully baking in my Microwave Convection oven.I don't see any reason not to bake in MW Convection,as it gives such consistent results each and every time.So when DK,asked me to do a guest post on the same,I was more than happy.Check out my guest posts at her blog for MW Convection FAQ's.

Baking in Microwave Mode

Another highlight of the year was meeting bloggers in person.It is a totally different feeling altogether to meet someone who shares the same interest as you and someone whom you've known only through their blogs.In June,I met Nithya,Priya,Shanthi and Srivalli in a mini-blogger meet.But the real icing on the cake was the Mega blogger meet we had this month where a whooping 17 of us turned up.It was great fun.Some of us met again two days later which again was a great experience for me.Looking forward to more such meets in the future!!

Best 5 recipes of 2010

Best 5 recipes you liked

Initially,this blog was started just to record my kitchen experiences,but now it has grown and has gone a long way from there.From the blog stats,I understand that you guys like my baking adventures and look forward to it.For Easycooking,2011 would be a year of more baking,more experiments in Konkani cuisine,as well as other cuisines and more important - more recipes which you like to read about and cook.Hope to see you around more and wishing every one a very Happy New Year 2011!!

Off this goes to Srivalli's event-Best of 2010!!

Lots of Love,


  1. Happy New Year Divya! 2010 has been a good year. Here's to a great 2011.

  2. that definitely is a great collection. bookmarked the chocolate cake to try.
    best wishes for the coming year divya and happy 2 years of blogging.

  3. A lovely & delicious round up of year 2010, Divya. Best wishes and happy blogging for the year 2011.

  4. definitely the best of 2010 Divya. Hope you have a terrific 2011 next.

    Cheers to more baking and more eating.

  5. wish u happy new year,..:-)
    awesome post to end the year

  6. Great to know that, i will be looking for all u r recipes, especially Konkini, Keep the good work, and wish u a very happy new year

  7. What a great round up! i esp liked the Pathrodo and Molten lava Cake--yummm ! Have a Great 2011

  8. Wat a beautiful post, u did a great job Divya, excellent recap..

  9. Good one,Divya! May you have many more to cherish in the coming years! Reading yours,even I feel like doing a round up :)

  10. All the eats look great!! New year's greetings to you too!!

  11. wow, I am drooling on all those cakes and cake roundup, I would so love to make them all next year :)

  12. advance wishes for the new year....gorgeous post with yum recipes...

  13. Great recap is wonderful that you have so many bakes on display!..:)

  14. Hiii.... Happy New Year to you too! You probably don't remember but I had emailed you regarding my cakes flopping in the microwave! I've finally gone and gotten an OTG... cause I missed baking soo much and my microwave works fine except for the convection mode! So will now be trying out the recipes in this blog asap! Happy New Year.. and again.. I LOOVVVEEEE your blog.


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