Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eggless Custard Powder Snack Cake


Update --I have updated this post with pics when I made the cake very recently.My previous attempt was in a Ring mold which caused the cake to break when it was inverted to a wire rack for cooling.I tried it this time in a 7' round cake tin[baking time was same]and got 6 cupcakes with the leftover batter.
Sometimes the distance between a recipe and the kitchen is very far and sometimes it is as near as it can be.Many a times,I have baked cakes even before I read the full recipe on someone's blog,it would be that interesting.This is an example.So when I saw Aparna's recipe,I knew I had to try it asap.I mean,how simple can a recipe get,it was simpler than that.Barring the time required for the butter to come down to room temperature,it is as easy as saying c-a-k-e!!


If you are looking for a beginner baking recipe,this is it.If you are looking for a simple eggless cake,this is it and if you are looking for just-a-snack cake to munch on,this is it.Have I convinced you enough to don your aprons and start baking this???

Only problem with mine was,it cracked into two[maybe three?] pieces once I inverted it on the rack.No worries,I just left it at that and when it cooled down,I cut into pieces and the cake was fine.Oh wait,did I say fine?wrong,it should be goooooood.Loved the flavor of custard powder and true to its name,I kept snacking on it one piece after the other.


Eggless Custard Powder Snack Cake
Recipe courtesy - Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen


All Purpose flour - 1 1/2 cups
Vanilla flavoured Custard Powder - 3/4 cup [or Cornflour]
Baking powder - 2 1/4 tsp
Sugar - 3/4 cup
Vanilla extract - 1 1/2 tsp[if using cornflour]
Butter - 150 gms,room temperature
Milk - 1 cup


Put all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. 
Use a wooden spoon and mix well. 
Add the milk and the butter and beat with the spoon until you get a smooth batter.
Pour the batter into a greased and floured cake tin* (or two smaller tins) and bake at 180C (350F) for about 45 minutes to an hour or till the cake is done and a skewer poked into the cake comes out clean. Sometimes, depending upon your cake tin and the oven, this cake might take upto an hour to cook especially in the middle.
* I baked my cake in a ring mould and my cake was done in 45 minutes.
Cool on a rack and serve.



  1. have seen a lot of custard cakes at other blogs but truly was not fascinated with the texture. I found it way too dense. but yours one looks so delicate...very crumbly and light. bookmarking this to try asap.

  2. Coool!! I love thz cakes...It looks moist n perfect...The ings will normally be stocked at home...Think i would bake `em for my family soon!! Thx a ton for sharing them...

  3. Thats sounds very very easy,I AM looking for such recipes,thanks for posting! Looks soft and good!

  4. hey divya
    cake looks soooooooo tempting...!pics are killing me...

  5. lovely droolworthy and yummilicious cake.

  6. Am really happy you liked it. The texture's perfect! Happens to bew one of my faves too, both to make and eat. :)

  7. Divu, lovely choice frm Aparna's space - yum eggless b made asap here too! :) Hey i use mw to bring the 100gm stick to Room temp(rt)..20 sec full pwr, and if u want, brk it to 5 seconds to chk each time for ur wont me :D ( if u want to do a test, chk it when u have to fully melt the butter, so that u r sure ur mw too gives u a r.t texture)
    Hv a gr8 day..happy cake eating 2 u!

  8. I saw that Nisha made it too and now you too, should give it a try too? Well doesn't matter if it cracked as long as it taste good.

  9. Hey Divya!
    This is d 1st recipe i tried frm ur blog.. I dont eat eggs so its really hard to find a Eggless food blog.. Right now m madly n crazyly into bakin cakes. My parents r coping up wit me only coz so far al my cakes turned out delicious includin this easy one.. Thanks alot dear.. Hope someday i'l blog just like you n aparna... Thanks again. Enjoy! N keep smilin!

  10. DIvu, tried this cake yest. must say it was delicious,tks for showcasing, Tks to Aparna as well.(Two changes i made was added 30gms more butter,baked in loaf tin)

  11. Hi Divya, I was waiting to try this cake and finally I did it 2day. I just modified the recipe by reducing butter to 2tbsp and increasing milk accordingly.....otherwise the same as urs. And I should say it turned out perfect, yummy cake....Thanks for the nice and easy recipe and for ur convincing facts abt this cake that pushed me to try this cake :)

  12. I just discovered your blog and found this recipe. I tried this cake today and it turned out very well. Thank you !

  13. Hey, Thanks Divya for sharing such a simple and wonderful recipe. Tried this one -

  14. hello..
    can u pls tell me how much will be 150 gm of butter if measured in cup..

  15. Hey hi,
    Luv ur blog...I tried out dis recipe but it turned out to be a little dry...can u lemme me knw wat wud hv caused that????

  16. Can you please give me your one cup measuments in ml or gms?


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