Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blackforest Trifle Pudding ~ Waste not,want not!!

What would you do if something you so lovingly prepared[in this case,baked] becomes a disaster?I know the first thing I would do--curse under my breath,blame the tools[heehaw] and then pack it well and throw into the waste bin.But not anymore.

Don't get what I am saying? well let me explain.I had promised someone to bake a Chocolate cake and it was getting kind of delayed.So one Saturday night,as Ajay sat watching his weekend Football matches on telly,I donned my apron and took out my bowls and whisks and set about baking this cake.Everything went quite smoothly and I kept the cake inside the oven to bake.The cake smelled great and it had rose quite well too.But after the initial cooling session when I turned it on the rack..plop!!

Despite using a Silicone pan,some of the cake stuck to the pan,some fell down on the rack and some crumbled their way to glory.I was devastated to say the least.

After the initial confusion,I cut out the pieces neatly,put it in an airtight container and refrigerated it,which gave me time to think.First thing which came to my mind was trifle and I set about making it.Only thing I did was to whip up some cream and chop up some cherries and I was done.For the topping,I collected all the leftover crumbs and baked it for about 10 minutes in a 150C oven and powdered it..wham,I got the tastiest Chocolate crumbs for the topping--I am saving some as a topping for some delectable Chocolate excess ice-cream..yum!!

Blackforest Trifle Pudding

The recipe is kind of a dump in the ingredients,so I am giving an approximate measure.Increase or decrease as per your choice!

Chocolate Cake - cut into square pieces,or you could even use some leftover Brownies
Whipped cream - about 2 cup[Cream+Sugar+Vanilla]
Chopped cherries - as required,I used glace cherries
Chocolate crumbs - for topping


In a pudding bowl,or if you are lucky to have a pan like her's layer the chocolate cake slices evenly.
Apply an even layer of whipped cream on top.
Layer with chopped cherries.
Repeat again with cake slices,cream and cherries.
Finish with the whipped cream topping and sprinkle chocolate crumbs on top.

Check out Mriganayani's version of Blackforest Trifle here.I was so awestruck with her version that I was apprehensive whether to post this or not.But looks or no looks,this tastes delicious and makes you wish you had a cake disaster every now and then-well,almost!!

Blackforest Trifle screeches it way to Madhuri of Cook-Curry-Nook's Chocolate Fest,have you sent in your entries yet??Check out her blog for a cool giveaway to celebrate her blog's first anniversary!!


  1. Thats one yummy treat in the glass!..dont even use those harse words like "waste" ;)..
    Yeah I saw your comment in sayantani's place..
    you were in the list then and since we were winding it up left it as it is with no bloggers to continue too..
    No worries, I've asked sayantani to mail you the first package :)

  2. Good that you made use of the cake,this one should taste out of the world!

  3. Happy December to you,Divu. Loved the title n ur presence of mind over not wasting n turning it into such a beauty! :) Everything here looks divine..loved the layout, incase I forgot to mention earlier n pics r awesome!

  4. Lovely and yummy trifle!!! I want yesss ;)

  5. I agree Mrigyaani trifle post was mind blowing..but this is no less than that dear...looks really delicious..I wish I could grab one glass from d screen

  6. delicious pudding,very tempting pics...

  7. Lovely idea to make way to a delicious treat from the bake or break situation. The Black forest trifle looks gorgeous and hope it tasted as good.

  8. What a wonderful way to overcome a cake disaster! Hats off... Wish you had had such a disaster some time back so that a few of my bake disasters would've turned out into something as pretty as this!

  9. looks heavenly! good use of broken cake!:) Love it!

  10. Looks yummilicious, in one look am flat

  11. A delicious and awesome use of broken cake. The pudding looks too tempting :-)

  12. What a clever idea of converting a disaster into such a fab treat!!

  13. Glad u made use of them creatively.. Lovely recipe Divya..
    SIlicone pans do put us off many a times.. tat too when its critical..

    It happened to me when I was all set to bake my lil one's bday cake.. They are not very reliable. .still a parchment paper is req... to b full proof

  14. Thats really brilliant Divya..Such a delectable pudding..

  15. I am so going to try this out, not after a cake disaster, but just like that :)

  16. Divya - I'll make my trifle for everyone else but I'll probably sit around comfortable and eat yours! Looks warm and adorable like an old friend - like you need nothing else in life.

    Everything..including disasters happen for a reason and this is an awesome reason for a disater! Love the trifle and the cup!

    Thanks for mentioning my post too! I owe you one - maybe a trifle..!!

  17. Good one there Divya. Your cake has been used up pretty well. Was just back from the gym and I saw anu`s trifle cake and went weak in the knees!!!


  18. I would feel bad too if it happens to me but i love that you pick yourself up and made a triffle pudding out of it. And it looks so good too.

  19. What kind of cherries are used for this recipe??


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