Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chocolate Barfi ~ To celebrate!!

I’ve never won a lucky draw before,even in school.
I religiously fill up forms in malls/shops hoping that I’ll win a gift hamper or a holiday package but luck never came knocking at my door.
I’ve commented umpteen times on blogs which host giveaways but always have to satisfy myself with the two words – next time!!

But not this time..I’ve won I’ve won I’ve won!!!

Yes,I’ve won a Waffle maker at Meet my Kitchen things,a giveaway hosted by Nags.I was curious when she posted the link to my Fb wall but never in my dreams thought that I must have won it!! I don’t live in US hence have to hunt down friends’ addresses for shipping and heck,I have no clue when it is gonna reach me and what I am going to do with it..but I’ve WON IT!! [Does it show that I’ve gone crazy??]

On such a happy occasion[at least for me;-)] I feel I should share a sweet with you guys.It was sometime back that I chanced upon Hetal and Anuja’s Show me the Curry site.I am hooked to it and watch their videos over and over again.I’ve tried making Peda from the site and this is a recipe I chose because I wanted to finish off some milk powder which was nearing its expiry date!! I halved the recipe and got around 18 pieces of Barfi.

Chocolate Barfi
Recipe from
Show me the Curry


Milk Powder – 2 ½ cups
Powdered sugar – ¾ cup
Whipping cream – 200 ml[I used a pack of Amul Fresh Cream]
Chocolate – ¼ cup,chopped
Cocoa powder – 1 tsp


In a deep microwave safe bowl,mix the milk powder and sugar well.
Add the cream and stir till it forms a smooth paste.
Microwave for 3-4 minutes in 1 minute intervals till it starts fluffing and folding in.[mine got done in 4 minutes,depends on each microwave]
Grease a plate and pour half of the mix into it and flatten it using a spatula.
Wait for a while to let it set a bit.
Meanwhile,mix in the chocolate and cocoa powder to the other half of the mix and mix well till the chocolate melts and the whole thing becomes a smooth paste.
Pour it on top of the mix and flatten well.
Let it set for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator.
Cut into desired shapes and serve.


  1. congrats divya, I am coming in June, do u want me to get it for u..

  2. Congrats, can visualise ur excitement. Loved the easy chocolate barfi,bookmarked.

  3. Congratulations Divya..
    Burfi looks delicious! I have made the same burfi some time ago and its posted on my site......this one turns out delicious!!

  4. Congrats ! So we gonna see waffle right? I know how much you should be excited and happy if we win for first time!
    U made perfectly the barfi!

  5. congratulations and the burfis look awesome..

  6. I understand Divya..same happened to me ..I never won anything and got giveway too but same prob...shipping in US/ I decided to let someone else have..but it does make us happy rite? Im was jumping too ;)...barfi is yummy way to celebrate it...I hope someone can help u with shipping ..

  7. Divya Lucky u i always wanted a waffle maker... :) NE ways burfi luks super duper YUm... Hanv he vagi try karta :)

  8. congrats dear...the barfi looks grt.....

  9. tempting and inviting chocolate burfi.

  10. congrats yarr..u won ..good..
    ya on this occasion u preferred a delicious sweet.the chocolate burfi looks so yummy..i like sweets so this also my favorite.

  11. COngagulatuons, if you want t waffle recips there is one in my place with buttermill which i have been using for almost 10 yrs and every time it is good.
    I love burfi and with chocolate it is much more welcome.

  12. Congrats Divya...barfi looks beautiful and feel like grabbing few..

  13. congrats..nice,lovely cake to celebrate .

  14. Congrats Divya! Burfi looks delicious and so easy to make...Bookmarked:)

  15. Congratulations on winning :) :) The burfi look delicious!

  16. Burfi looks perfect and congrats on winning the giveaway divya, lucky you..

  17. Congrats Divya perfect looking chocolate barfi so tempting

  18. Congratulations.... Burfi looks delicious1

  19. Congrats!! The burfi looks delicious and perfect.

  20. Wow. This is a very beautiful and tempting barfi. Congrats on your win. Enjoy!

  21. Even I've been ever unlucky when it comes to winning in lucky draws. Can understand how you must be feeling. Anyway, congratulations for winning. May you win over and over again and share such sweet recipes over and over again.

  22. Hi...congrats dear and the choc barfi looks so delicious, beautiful click too...

  23. Congrats Divya ... The barfi looks so delicious .. my sweet tooth has started clamoring !!!

    @Little Food Junction

  24. Congratulations!!!
    :)yeah its a great feeling to the way Divya i know u love reading books..Do try The Secret by Rhondha Byrne if u have not read it also check out the website..It has made a big difference in my life..I know this is a food blog but i just love u and wanted to share it with u..
    and those pedas are yumilicious!!

  25. Congrats!! The barfi looks super!!

  26. congrats!!Chocolate burfi is perfect for celebration!!Looks yummy..

  27. Congratulations!!! I am not coming home before next feb...but still if you want me to get it, I can! :)

    The burfi looks fab! Love the black and white combo! :)

  28. Congrats on your win.The chocolate burfi look delicious.

  29. That barfi looks delicious and very well done, professional looking!

  30. lovely barfi divs..... the colour of ur blog shows ur love for chocolate....;)

    yummy recipe...

    congratsssssss for ur winning finally......

  31. OMG!!!.... Amazing barfi.. looks very tempting dear.. Awesome!!!

  32. congrats dear...barfi looks delicious,,will be glad if u sne dthis for mec kids party food event,..;-)

  33. Congrats Divu..the burfi is so perfectly cut n lovely texture..tks for sharing..n as for me..ur first para holds true till date! :D comes Divya!


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