Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Best Chocolate Cake Event Round-up!!

The Best Chocolate Cake Event-an event for celebrating my 2nd Bloggiversary and 300 posts.

I am a big Chocoholic myself and can never say no to a Chocolate Dessert.When it comes to cakes,no prizes for guessing that I am fond of chocolate cakes over anything else.I have,from personal experience,found that a slice of decadent chocolate cake can shoo away your worries and tension,at least temporarily.Yes,chocolate has that power to transport you entirely into a chocolate heaven!!!

So it was no wonder that when I decided to host my first event on Easycooking,Chocolate cake was my first choice.Though I have baked quite a few chocolate cakes myself,I madly collect recipes of the same hoping to try it out next.

I got 34 wonderful entries from 25 bloggers and one non-blogger[my co-sis] and 4 entries from me.Thank you all for making this event a grand success.

As promised,the winner for the giveaway was chosen by a special guest.By special,I mean REALLY special as I've known him since sometime now and now he is a rockstar.Yes,I am talking about the latest IPL sensation-M.Vijay.

And the winner is...

Aliena of What's Cooking today wins the book 1 mix,50 cakes.Please get in touch with me at divyakudua@gmail.com to claim your prize.Congrats!!

Without further ado,let’s have a look at the round-up!!
[entries in random order]

Flourless Chocolate Cake by Madhuri Kumar

Flourless Chocolate Cake by Cooking Foodie

Dark Chocolate Secrets by Aliena

Chocolate Cake by Ann

Rich Chocolate Moist Cupcakes by Sudha

Eggless Dark Chocolate Cake by Parita

Eggless Chocolate Sponge Cake by Radhika

Non-blogger entry by Lakshmi Kudua.

My Vanni made this Fire engine cake following a Youtube tutorial.She has not had any training or so in Cake decorating and I think she has done a splendid job of making it look pretty.Impressed by the cake my vanni made for her daughter's birthday,she got an order for a Birthday cake for an 8 year old boy and this is the one she made.She has used this recipe-Chocolate Yogurt Cake,as base and did the icing with Marshmallow fondant.

My Entries

Celebration Chocolate Cake

Rich Chocolate Cake

Deep Dark Chocolate Cake

Whole Orange and Chocolate Cupcakes

Hope you enjoyed the Chocolatey round-up!!

P.S-If I have missed any entries,please shoot me a mail and I will include it in the round-up!!


  1. Can I tell you how much I was waiting for this roundup. I haven't participated but am a big chocolate lover and as I am trying to dive into the realms of baking, I may actually bake one of these sometime. So, I have bookmarked this and will read it at my own pace. Thank you very much for hosting this wonderful event and such a nice roundup.

    Congrats Aliena !!!

  2. wonderful round up dear....you just made a chocolaty world....the contributors really deserve a grt round of applause.....hats off to the talented cooks and of course to u too divya....

  3. Divya..... I m drooling over the cakes... Nd Ur Vanni Is Superlative cook :).... My regards to her... Nd Its a awesome round up :)

  4. What a beautiful round up dear. This page is bookmarked, so many cakes i got to try. Congrats to u too, u have come a long way in baking and frosting. I still remember in one of ur earlier posts when u had baked a cake for a friend and had realised how simple a ganache could be. Keep rocking Divya, u truly inspire me.

  5. Loved loved the chocolatey pics of delicious cakes. That was a beautiful sight. Congrats to the winner :):)

  6. Lovely round up.. :)

    Hey WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.. you know M.Vajay is it??? How come??? is he your relative???? Awesome. I am a big fan of him for the past two matches. He is simply superb with the bat. :) Convey that he has a big fan in chennai called Nithya ;)

  7. Nice roundup and great event .... congrats..u did a great job divya !!!

  8. Awesome round up Divya!! Congratulations to Aliena!!

  9. splendid round-up divya :)
    I too am a chocolate cake fan :)
    would love to try out some recipes from this post!

    Congratulations to all the participants... Celebrations to the winner!!
    Happy cooking!!
    Keep rocking!!

  10. wow...what a brilliant round up...n' you got a special guest to chose the winner! kudos to you, Divya...i'm so bad at baking...but have been dying to see your round up...:)..happy hosting more such events...

  11. beautiful round up...i am drooling at all the lovely cakes out there...

  12. Wat a beautiful roundup...many droolworthy chocolate cake, truly a treasure to be bookmarked and congrats to the winner..

  13. What a wonderful collection of chocolate cakes, Yum! Sorry I couldn't celebrate with a cake. :(

    Your sister-in-law's cake is beautiful.

  14. My good ness.....whatba lovely roundup....u have chosen the perfect topic and i just loved it...nice entrees....Iam bookmarking this page...thank u...thank u ...thank u....Well, iam making ur chocolate cake...the three layered one with half quantity today:)...You rock girl...Iam a big chocolate lover too...Loved ur cousins cake...god, she is talented!!
    Congrats to Aliena!

  15. Wow! You know MV? Now thats one real surprise!!! Awesome!

    Congrats to Aliena, you have made it special for her too :)

  16. wonderful round up..am gping to go through all of these.. bookmarked

  17. Hey divs...i just baked your celebration cake, as i told you, halved the measurements and made it...It turned out simply perfect....I cant belive how moist the cake came out...it was a huge 6" cake:)...Thanks for the recipe....The frosting is superb!!!I cant stop licking the bowl and spoon...
    Thanks for such a wonderful recipe...thank you...Now like u i have to start baking so many chocolate cake to see how they tunr out...i will take them from ur blog and the this post:)

  18. Beautiful round-up Divya!! And tell your co-sis that she has done an amaazing job!

  19. Such a beautiful round up. I would have send you onetoo, but it was a no chocolate time for one month from hubby.Well next year then :-)

  20. Awesome round up. Oh my - a celebrity attended this event too -what more can we ask for! Congrats to Aliena. Lucky fish. And another congrats to your sister in law, that was an amazing fire truck cake, kudos to her!

  21. Gal IPL guy- u rock with him :) Gosh so hard to select one- all cakes are decadent!

  22. Hi Divya! Please accept the award from my blog.

  23. Nice round up Divya!!! You did a great job dear! And tell your co-sister her fire truck came out really well...she has done an amazing job!

    Congrats to Aliena:)

  24. death by chocolate!! :)

    so sorry for not being able to send you mine on time.

  25. This page is so delicious...and I'm not talking just about the cakes!

    I'll be good now.

    If only we could all meet up somewhere and taste all of these cakes - wow!

    Congrats on conducting a wonderful event!

  26. Awesome round up Divs! Really nice and your vanni's cake look great! Congrats to Ally :)

  27. Wow - so many cakes, so little time and an ever expanding waistline :P

    Nice roundup... will be baking a lot of these... for now I wish i could pick some up from the computer screen...

  28. Divu, the cakes are too gorge-ous! Laxmi Kudua-loved ur creation, tks Divu for showcasing such a talented blogger! @Laxmi-pls begin a blog!!

  29. Gosh!!How did I miss this event?Anyways got soooooooo many chocolate cake recipes and its def a treat for me a chocoholic

  30. What a fantastic roundup! Bookmarked this page :)

  31. wonderful roundup..congrats to the winner

  32. cool roundup and yummy cakes!

    do participtae in my event.

  33. Thanks for the fabulous event Divya :D

  34. Ohh I am drooling! Congratulations to your sister, she did an amazing job of the train cake!!!

  35. Chanced upon your blog while looking for a 'mutta roast' recipe! lovely blog and loved the chocolate cakes out there..I have also been bitten by the baking bug very recently and tried a few recipes from the books I have.Guess I can turn to you if I have any doubts any time?
    Congrats on a lovely blog!

  36. hi divya..lovely blog and a wonderful array of mouth watering recipes...love to c u foodie friend..keep up the gr8 wrk..!

  37. I got to bookmark this page...Don't know how I missed participating in such a great concept. I wish the winner was based on the cakes & we could have found one ultimate chocolate cake. Till then we keep trying for the better & better!!

  38. I am a teen. And I love chocolate (duh!). And this is one of the most FANTASTIC things a chocolate-fantasy-indulger like me could POSSIBLY run into. WOW is such an understatement, but it's the best I can come up with right now. I guess "yummy" works too. :)

  39. Great! I have found the exotic designed Chocolate cakes from this source. It's truly looking one of precious experienced source to see them. As the concept and look of those one are really mouthwatering. I am really surprised to see them. Thanks for sharing.


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