Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bibbe Upkari ~ Tempered Tender Cashewnuts

Bibbe is the Konkani name for tender cashewnut and Upkari is side-dish.

I first had this during our customary after wedding visits to cousins-family in Udupi.We were staying at Ajay's uncle's place and according to Ajay,it is a certified proof that we were very special guests because only the special few are served this breakfast fare!!

Poori and Bibbe Upkari.I was seeing the combination for the first time.I mean,we do use cashewnuts in side dishes but I’ve never seen a dish which solely has cashewnuts in it.And that too in comination with poori?I hesitated and started with just 1 poori.The combination is simply out of this world,something which I had to admit after gorging down almost 10 pooris..yeah-they were small size though..;-).

Bibbe is available only for a short time between Jan-March and is quite expensive and that explains why it is taken out only for special guests.Dried cashewnuts are soaked for a few hours,skin removed and halved to make this upkari.But in Kerala,we get it in packets where all the extra work is done and this can be popped straight into the pressure cooker.

Bibbe Upkari


Bibbo/Tender Cashewnuts – 250 gms
Potato* – 1,chopped
Red chillies – 2,broken into two
Curry leaves – 1 sprig
Grated coconut – 2-3 tbsp
Mustard – ½ tsp
Oil – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste


In a pressure pan,add oil and mustard seeds.
When they start spluttering add curry leaves and chillies.
Mix in the cashewnuts and potatoes and give a good stir.
Add salt to taste and enough water to cover the cashewnuts and cook for 15-20 minutes.

*Potato is added to balance the strong flavour of cashewnuts and it is optional depending on each persons taste buds.

The best combination to have this with is Pooris.Add a Tendle/Tindora to this upkari and you can serve this as a side dish with rice.

On a different note-I activated Word verification[although I know how awful it is] and the Anonymous-Japanese comments have stopped abruptly.So I guess that helps.Please bear with the word verification dear readers!!


  1. very new to me..the name itself
    looks so delicious and really good with chapathi.
    will try this combo too..thanks for sharing

  2. this is completely new to me as i have never even seen tender cashews in my market in delhi.. wud luv to try it....

    pls visit my website:

  3. Bibbe Upkari sounds very interesting and new to me dear..
    A rich delicious side dish for Poori
    Thx. for sharing :-)

  4. Hi Divya,

    Tender Cashew nuts. Where do you get them? You can send me a photo of it if you have and send it to MFF event.I am sure a lot of people will not be aware of this.

    1. i hv a plantation of cashew and sell tender cashews , contact me on 9422305270

  5. Nice combo... Would love to taste it ..

  6. Mouth watering Divya !!! Especially with those pooris.. yummy..

  7. a curry with sure it would taste so wonderful..

  8. hey divya i prepared this dish in laws had sent it from goa.happy to see this recipe in ur blog.

    sudha borkar

  9. Its has been ages i had tender cashew, wat a beautiful and tempting dish..yumm!!

  10. This is my festive fave Divu! Ah I m craving for this dish now ! :D (Jap comments came on a daily basis for almost a year to me in my dormant phase of blogging,i just used to press- reject) :) Tks for sharing..
    (Pls add me to list of the new event..I am missing I think)

  11. This is new to me too...looks very gud...shall try soon..

  12. Sounds delicious Divya!! Have never had the chance to eat this before.

  13. Mouth watering dish... looks very innovative and delicious.. nice clicks too!!

  14. This looks delicious!! I've never seen anything of the sort!

  15. LOL! Even I get those anonymous Jap/Chinese comments...and I use google translate and then publish it ;)

    The Bibbe Upkari looks delicious!

  16. Yummy.. love this combo.. we never added potatoes to it before. Thanks for the post.


  17. The dish is very unique and new to me...must be very tasty...the look is very tempting too...thanks for sharing this noew kind of dish....

  18. Only with cashew??..sounds good for kids!

  19. lovely delicious and tempting recipe.

  20. This looks super - lovely recipe!!

  21. Wow, a very very new recipe for me. I never even though we could use cashews this way, I always used cashew only in gravy or in dessert. Thanks for sharing this.

  22. Bibbe means is that fresh cashew Div? The curry is new - I imagine the taste!

  23. Nice recipe, divya :)

    With Pooris it should be really royal and rich! I doubt any one outside kerala would prepare curries with tender cashews as we do!

    Oh yeah, even I activated the word verification to get rid of those chinese spam messages around 10 months back. Good that we are free form them till now!


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