Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sugar Diamonds ♥No can eat just one♥

While chatting with a friend lately,I was asked how I got transformed into a "cook" from a bubbly teenager.I haven't,[age,yes but not the cooking part:)].There are days when I literally drag myself into the kitchen to cook something.Cooking is not "all" I do,but no,if I say I have a food blog,some people think all I do is cooking,far from that actually:).

Cooking,or the love for cooking should come naturally.For instance,when I am at home[Ekm] and I ask amma the recipe for something,she prefers to cook it for me rather than simply give the recipe.I just can't imagine myself doing that:).I can even write it and give,but no cooking;).My aunt[amma's younger sis]has the same habit[birds of the same feather flock together;)].When I was in Kerala,and she was home,I asked her the recipe for Godsani ronti/Godi Thukdi a.k.a,Sugar diamonds and she said-'oh,its very easy-lets make it now'.Though the blogger in me was very happy since I got to take pics and all that,I was amused at the energy level they had.If I had at least 10% of that,I guess it'll drive away my laziness forever:)

Sugar diamonds are very popular as a sweet and crunchy snack.Usually,a recipe search for the same would give you recipes which uses eggs as a binding agent for the dough.Here is a simple eggless recipe which you can whip up in less than 30 minutes:).

Sugar Diamonds


Maida/Flour - 1 cup
Salt to taste

Water - a little,to knead the dough
Oil - for frying
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Cardamom - 2-3


Mix together maida and salt.
Add water little by little and knead into a stiff dough.
Make 7-8 balls of the same size and keep aside.
Roll each ball into a thin chapathi.
Using a cutter[or a knife]cut diamond shapes.
Deep fry in hot oil till crisp[not brown].
Powder the sugar with the cardamom.
Mix the powdered sugar into the hot diamonds swiftly,but take care not to break it.
Shake it a little so that the sugar is coated all around.
Store in an airtight container.


  1. Delicious and lovely looking diamonds for sure....very nice one...liked the step by step pic too...

  2. the savoury is more my favourite..but are right about not being able to stop with just one. We call them "diamond cuts".

  3. i love this..i agree with grandmom has much more energy than me even at this age..

  4. Wow looks so good and loved the step by step instruction photos..

  5. Oh yes... I know those people... I can't even write things down for people... I'm like, "I'll tell you write" forget making and showing :)

    these look great!

  6. Why you make me drool early in the morning Divs ? lol..thats a great recipe,made me nostalgic again reading your amma and aunty..long live them...World is a better place only coz of inspiring people like them..

  7. U r 100% rite divya, No one can eat just one !!!

  8. Divs Ammi hakka Godi tukdi monche.... Nd as u told about ur amma nd pachi my amma is also so active but my pachi is sumwat like us :P......

  9. asked me for a recipe in the blog, right? ;)///soon (hopefully)..
    well, what are you upto?? a post once in 3 days??very bad ;) ;)...(jus joking k?)

    As a kid I loved diamond cuts, though I haven't tried yet, fearing laborious....(you know me ;))

    You have the perfect ones here, Dhivya :)

  10. It's so true that no one can eat just one! As Rachel said, we call them diamond cuts.

    And I see that you have also got the 'heart' fever of mine ;)

  11. Yummy Sweet Thukdi!!Thikdi - Thats what we call it.. very tasty & surely i cant stop with just 1 !!!

  12. Yes, I want them too. I guess all moms are angels, you wish and they grant.

  13. Loved these and the enegy with which your mom/ aunt did this for you.Kaash mei vahaan hothi...

  14. delicious! and quite simple to make too....

  15. Its so tempting.. my mil makes them too.. but for Diwali!

  16. Hi Divya,

    This is one of my favorites too - I make this quite often at home. The easiest way is to buy the ready made tortillas available in the US and just cut them up, fry them and sprinkle powdered sugar on it while still hot. Great Snack.

    I had also blogged about this some time ago - we call it tukkada. That is usually done with Atta and not maida. But, I love the maida version too! Check it out -

    Looks great!

  17. hi Divya,
    You are having a lovely blog, and i used to visit and read your recipes. I have some awards waiting for you in my blog, please do pick it up. regards :)

  18. You're right, divya..these little things are so addictive, you just can't stop, we, bengalis also make same but dipped in sugar syrup to coat, called misti nimki...looks yummy, just love them

  19. I just had savory version. They truly melt in mouth :D

  20. Divya,

    Good post ..but it leaves me confused.. so u r not a natural cook? or do u find it un-cool to be perceived as a cook? I know some people say they don't cook because they think that's cool. Well, isn't it natural to be perceived as a cook when u have a food blog? Whatever be the case, ur blog is very interesting..keep posting..


  21. How nice the fact that these are eggless!

  22. Thank you all for your lovely comments..:)

    Damodar..great to hear your perspective on my post.I did not say it was uncool to be perceived as a cook,what I wanted to convey was,though I do have a food blog and I post recipes which are a family favorite and also some experiments,that's not 'ALL' that I do.I follow recipes and get good results,but that does not make me a great cook,does it?I regard my mother,aunt and my mother-in-law as great cooks.Reason-the moment we name a dish,its ready within minutes.That enthusiasm,urge to cook and the ability to whip up one delicacy after the other-that spark is missing in me.Hope that makes it clear:)

  23. Wow these look delicious and so easy divya! similar to shakarpaara we have in gujarati :)


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