Monday, August 31, 2009

Indian Cooking Challenge~Vinayaka Chathurthi Special!!

When Srivalli announced the dishes for this month's challenge,I was a bit skeptical.She said lets plan someting big for Vinayaka Chathurthi and hence make dishes around the theme.I was going through the dishes mentioned and there I saw it...Modaks..I know Lord Ganesha and Modaks are synonymous with each other know,I can never get the consistency right for the modaks and every year I end up saying sorry to Him for not making Modaks.So I was in a tiff whether to attempt the challenge.

Last week,during Vinayaka Chathurthi,I attempted it after all.I was tensed and followed the recipe to the T.While shaping it I was literally praying aloud[for a change not yelling:)].Though the shape came out well[I even got the pleats right!!],the top half was a bit hard and became harder on cooling.So I decided I would attempt it again.A challenge can't be taken so lightly,can it??I donned my apron again yesterday.Made both Ladoo and Modaks.Though the modaks came pretty well this time,while cooling down,the same problem arose,they became kind of hard and chewy.Though there were only one or two left:).Did you guys have that problem or was it only me.If so can you please suggest any tips how to keep them soft??

Sesame Ladoo was something I have never tried making.I followed Srivalli's recipe-the easiest recipe I have come across.Though while binding the laddoo,I cheated and added a few sprinkles of water,rest I followed the exact recipe:).

Kudumulu (Modak)


Rice Flour - 1½ cups
Water - 3 cups
Salt to taste

Grated coconut - 3 tbsp
Jaggery - 3 tbsp
Cardamom powder a pinch

Method to prepare

In a bowl, take the flour and make a smooth paste with enough water. This is to ensure, you don't get lumps when you cook the flour.
Boil the rest of the water in a pan with salt. Once it starts boiling, add the rice flour mix. and cook. Making sure there are no lumps.Add 1 tsp of oil and keep stirring.
Remove when it forms as solid with the sides leaving. Remove and cover with a damp cloth so that it remains hot.
For the filling, grate coconut. and mix jaggery. Cook in a pan to get an thick texture. Divide into required shapes
For the kudumulu, smear your hands with oil so that rice flour doesn't stick to your hands. Take a ball size of lemon, press in middle so that in middle it is thick and fill with fillings. Close the dough and make it shaped as drop.
Once everything is done, steam it for 10 mints.

Nugul-untallu~Sesame Laddoo


Sesame seeds - 100 gms
Grated Jaggery - 4-5 tbsp


Wash Sesame seeds well and dry them under sun.
Dry roast them in a tawa and let them cool.
Once they are cool, take about 2 - 3tbsp of grated or powdered jaggary and run in a mixie.

The amount of jaggery normally depends on the formation of laddoo. When you make a laddoo, it should stay in shape. Then you know the amount is enough. Also it depends on the fineness of the sesame powder. When you run in mixie, it becomes little oily which will help in holding the laddo shape.For about 100 gms of Sesame seeds,use some 3 tbsp of Jaggery.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi!!


  1. Just wow!! Lovely creations Divya!

  2. This look perfect and tempting. PERFECT in shape. :)

  3. Such a delicious treat, both have turned out marvellous for u..

  4. Divya, not to fret. All kozhukkattais turn a bit hard while they get cold. Keeping covered in a damp cloth helps. However, you have done a great job there.

  5. Divya just add lil of coconut milk nd reduce amt of water while u mix tht makes it soft thts wht i heard i never tried modak till now myt try soon.....nd tila undo i tried for ashtami but wasnt hard as i dint have tht Unde god..... but was tasty though urs luks detectable....gimme some :)

  6. these look good! makes me wish i should have tried the sesame ladoos as well...mayb i will!!!

  7. Rather belated festive wishes. Youe "kozhakottais" look perfect. And the Lord is always happy withe offerings. Its the thought and effort that always counts. :)

  8. The entire spread so good Divya. Yum.Ganpati is surely happy with you!

  9. Oh yeah even i had the problem with themodaks, so i would re heat it in the microwave and then have it. Looks lovely though.

  10. Looks delicious! I'm sure your Lord Ganesha was very happy!

  11. Modaks are lil bit tricky and urs have come out perfect..lovely presentation

  12. Wow!! they have turned out soo perfect dear.

  13. Lovely spread and belated wishes.

  14. Lovely pic and well presented divya...looks really yum...

  15. Wow.. tempting kozhukattai..! Great picture divya!!

  16. so beautifuly shaped and tempting entries divya.

  17. Divya, both of them look awesome. The modak has come out really well and they have been shaped out so well.

  18. hi divya,
    your dishes are virtually tempting ...i am sure they would taste great too...

  19. I LOVE modaks!! Both kinds! Yours look delicious!


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