Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Indian Cooking Challenge ~ Rava Laddoo

Accepting a challenge made me feel so good.When Srivalli announced the Indian Cooking Challenge,without giving it a second thought,I jumped in.Now,when I actually think about it,well..I’m getting jittery.There are so many items which popped up in the poll which sound Herculean to me and many more which I am not much fond of.But it’s a challenge and you can’t go back on your word,isnt it?:)

For this month,it was decided that before the Challenge begins,we’ll have a red carpet dish..er trial dish before the REAL challenge.Srivalli suggested Rava Laddoo and it was accepted by all.Why is it that this sweet is tried out by many except me,Oh yeah,it happens to me all the time:).I remember having mouthful of this laddoo during Diwali,when this was made in huge numbers.I don’t remember ever helping out amma while making these and anyway,I suck at shaping them in perfect rounds,so amma could very well do without my help;).

I was hesitant at the outcome of the laddoos,but the recipe is quite easy and I didn’t get any major hiccups while doing it.I was apprehensive about the shape too,but I guess they look fine.

So let me introduce the first dish or rather the trial dish for the Indian Cooking Challenge-Rava Laddoo.

Cooking method- I followed the exact recipe given by Srivalli[you can check out the recipe in her blog here].

Rava laddoo

Ingredients- Makes- 10 Laddoos of normal size[I got 20 small sized laddoos]

Rava / Semolina - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 25 gms
Milk - 25 ml
Grated fresh coconut - 25 gms
Cardamom powder - a pinch
Cashew nuts - 10 whole nuts
Raisins - 10 nos


Heat 2 tsp of ghee in a kadai.
Once the ghee is hot enough, simmer the flame and roast cashew nuts and raisins. Once the raisins balloon up, remove.
Then roast the grated coconut. Remove once done.
Keep all these aside.

Add the remaining ghee and roast the Rava till its well roasted and aroma starts coming out.
In a bowl, take all the roasted Rava, Nuts, Coconut and add the Cardamom powder. Then add the sugar. Mix well.[I skipped this step,instead,I added everything into the kadai afer roasting the rava and continued with the recipe].

Then slowly add the warm milk into the bowl. Check if you are able to gather as balls. When you find that milk added is enough to get you laddos, transfer it back to the kadai and simmer for 2 mins.

Mix well and then cover it and let it rest for 2 mins. Then immediately make balls or laddoos.

I enjoyed this month's challenge,trial dish actually-nevertheless.I am looking forward to the upcoming challenges..way to go:)


  1. Yummy Ladoos....All blogs are full of these yummy goodies...

  2. Its looking good. Hey you got 20 ladoos :)

  3. they look so neat and perfect..and of course delicious..

  4. nice looking ladoo s divya looks tempting yum yum.

  5. Rava laddo everywhere!! Looks nice Divya:)

  6. Wow..yummy..Very tempting ladoos.

  7. they look perfect, and so easy to make too.

  8. They look too good Divya. Yet to make and post my recipe!!

  9. lovely laddus!! looks so yummy and perfect Divya!!

  10. Its raining rava laddoos in blogosphere! looks delicious divya!

  11. Hi,

    I have been following your blog(you are doing a good job:))but unfortunately dont have an oven to try out your wonderful recipes(muffins,cookies,cupcakes,breads)..Can you recommend me any good brand?could you please tell me which brand oven do you use?

    Thanks in Advance

  12. Yummy laddus! Since its a part of a Challenge series we will get to see lots of laddus in the near future, I guess.

  13. Thank you all for your lovely comments!!

    Nina..thanks for your lovely words!!Regarding the oven,I use a combi-mode Microwave oven for all my baking needs.I have a model which has three features-Microwaving,Grilling and Convection mode.So it serves all my cooking/baking needs.The model no is 25SC2.Feel free to e-mail me for more info!!

  14. fst time here... :) snaps are just amazing... :)specially ladoos.. :)in ur blog snap, what are u cooking??? :)

  15. Am a regular visitor of your blog and i have to say you are doing a gr8 job. i tried these ladoos and it came out excellent and it hardly took me 1/2 hour.
    Keep up the good work :)

  16. I love rava laddoos I did some this week! Your laddoos look so delicious!


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