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Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Icing

A year back,if someone told me that my parents would keep a pet[that too a dog] inside our house,I would have looked at them as though they were insane.Appa had real hardcore reasons for Why NOT to keep a pet at home.Amma ran miles away at the mere mention of pets.Me,well I could very well do without one.My brothers and hubby were all for it and they tried every trick in the book to make us see sense in their ideas.

Today,we are celebrating Pluto’s first birthday.Appa gives him* his daily dose of sweet,amma sings Happy Birthday and I am baking a birthday cake for him.

What brought about so much of a change in our attitude?I guess you will know it only if you live with it.The unconditional love of a pet dog will make the most hardest of hard rocks melt.My brother brought him home less than a year back,when he was a month old.He instantly became everyone’s darling.When amma called me up and said,he would be waiting for me next time I go there,I went eeesshh.But I too was spellbound at the way the love he shared with all of us.

Today,he’s the darling of the house.We call him our brother.A dear part of all of us.The little I could do is to bake a cake for him.He loves sweets and I am sure he’ll lick my hands off if I were to serve it to him.
We couldn't keep our hands off it ourselves:)

Love you Pluto…Happy Birthday to you!!!

*We refuse to call him IT:)

Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Icing


Maida – ½ cup
Baking powder – 1 tsp
Powdered sugar – ½ cup
Eggs – 2
Cocoa powder – 2 tsp
Granulated sugar – 2 tsp
Milk – ¼ cup
Oil – ½ cup
Vanilla essence – 1 tsp


Preheat oven to 170*C.
Grease and line a square cake tin.
Sift together maida and baking powder.
Beat the eggs well - you can either use an electric beater or a hand mixer.
Add the powdered sugar and mix well to form a creamy mixture.
Add the cocoa powder and sugar to it and mix.
Now add the oil and milk and beat well.
Add the flour little by little.Make sure there are no lumps-the batter will be quite liquidy.
Pour into the greased pan and bake for 30-35 minutes or till a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
Cool the cake in the tin for a while and then transfer it to a wire rack to cool completely.

For the icing

Softened butter – ½ cup
Icing sugar – 1 ½ cups
Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
Cocoa powder – 1 tsp

Cream together butter and icing sugar till soft and creamy.
Add cocoa powder and vanilla essence to the butter-sugar mix and beat well.
Keep aside in the refrigerator or a few minutes.
Spread on the cool cake and serve!!

Recipe source - Vanitha Magazine


  1. Great cake...such a simple recipe. Looks moist and delicious.

  2. So sweet of you DIvya to bake a cake for him...

  3. Chocolate cake with a butter cream for a DOG?hehehhe

    oh, that's so sweet;
    Happy birthday to Pluto and enjoy the delicious cake!

  4. Pluto's soooooo cute, he's just adorable. Happy B'day to him and I'm sure he enjoyed the cake as much as you did.

  5. Looks wonderful Divya.Happy Birthday to Pluto:).The icing looks very good,looks like a silver lining on top of a lovely chocolate:-P

  6. can i pls get some of that!! it just looks totally awesome...the icing looks perfect!

  7. First time here Divya,Love u'r blog especially the array of baking recipes

  8. happy birthday Pluto.

    Cake looks lovely.

    By the way, there seems to be some problem with your blog. I have to refresh some 7-8 times before I can actually comment. It gives me an error message and says "Operation aborted". This happens with your blog and TBC's blog. Not with the others... Could it be this special comment box you have?

  9. looks great...i made a choco cake too for my friend yesterday..wil post it soon..

  10. Divu, Belated HB to Pluto..he's sure very cuteeeee! The cake has come off beautifully, loved the picture, it shows a silver icing! Truly beautiful! Tks for showcasing this (Vanitha-special!) (Last day at pc, phallya ammi vattati,so 3 months till almost sep end no blog-hopping!) Happy posting to you, shall miss coming here!

  11. Raaga,I have no clue why that happens.Even I face a similar problem when I go to certain blogs.You must be right,I've changed the comment page format.Hope it will clear the problem!!

  12. Ooooh cake looks yummy..! Love chocolate cake and this is a treat..! :)

  13. Hi Divya,

    Nice recipe collection. I tried your zebra cake yesterday. Turned out very nice. Thanks for the recipe

  14. Plout is a realy sweety.
    Beautiful and dlecious and moist cake.

  15. Happy Bday Pluto ! :) Cake looks all moist and nice :)

  16. looks delicious.. and those tiny silver ball decorations are so cute!! they remind me of my childhood.. used to compete to get my hands on as many of those as possible!!

  17. Divya ur tempting me to have it wished u ver here.....thts sweetb of u too bake a cake for Pluto.....nd about the dog lucky u amma nd anu told nakka tu chamkalari polon gettal kon? nd here no dogs!! Thts out of rule!:( I wish to have one

  18. Cake looks moist and delicious. Birthday wishes to Pluto. I am averse in having pets at home too like your Dad was. My daughter wants one, maybe I will someday.

  19. Happy b'day to Pluto, he is a cutie :). Cake looks yum, I love that colour for choc cakes :)

  20. Aww, this is such a sweet gesture Divya! Happy Birthday to Pluto!! He looks so cute. This is such a lovely cake for the occasion :)

  21. Hi Divya. Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcoming me open heartedly. My joy had not bound when i came across that somebody had left a comment for me. It ll be treasured all my life.Thanks. I have posted few cakes recipes on my blog. Plz check. I m totally new to blogworld. Looking forward to long lasting relations.Once again thanks.

  22. Very nice to hear about Pluto.U know what , he same things happened in my family too.My Father who literally frowned on the word dog, now takes so much care of them.It all started when my brother brought home an adorable puppy who was lying on the road.She surely knew how to steal the way into our hearts.It started with one and now we have two of them.Isnt great to have pets.

  23. How sweet, Divya! I am so glad Pluto found loving people like you to share his love with. Happy Birthday to him:).

  24. Wow the cake looks so moist and chocolaty!! lots of love to pluto!

  25. Thank you so much for all the love that you guys have showered on our darling baby Pluto!!Thank you all:)

  26. Look nice and delicious. I hope you all had a great time!!

  27. I had a dog too-Tipsy and we all loved him so much , so I can totally identify!btw the cake looks like it has a really gorgeous texture!

  28. FYI- cocoa is extremely dangerous to dogs as dogs donot have the capability of digesting the bromides availbale in chocolate

    1. Thanks Anon.This cake was made to celebrate his birthday and was not fed to him.Thanks anyway for the tip.

  29. i tried it yesterday.. which oil iwant to use to thiscake i used coconut oil and its really smells..bad i hate the smell...thanx for ur recipes

  30. Very soft cake but what oil I must use ..I used coconut and it went me

  31. I made it very soft but as I used coconut oil it me


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