Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From your Blogs # 6 ~ Cooking with Nags!!

For me,one of the biggest joys of blogging is,when someone tries out a dish from the blog and likes it.More so,if the person is a blogger-blogs about it.Few weeks back,I was in Kerala attending a cousin’s wedding.I was introduced to someone from my cousin's family and while we were talking,she said she checks out my blog quite often.I was dumbstruck with a wide open jaw;).I just couldn’t hide my astonishment and rest of the day saw me smiling and giggling all the while.I guess that’s the power of blogging!!

Since last 2-3 months,I’ve not been been blogging quite regularly.Reasons being,a)Lazy b)I was travelling and out of station,c)Lazy,d)I fell sick,e) get the picture don’t you:).But hey,everyone goes through that phase na..c’mon I need those assured nods;).I haven’t been cooking anything new too,just the same old stuff.So that’s another reason.I knew I had to pull up my socks when I got mails and sms’s from friends asking me why there were no updates.It does feel good when someone makes you feel wanted!!

I’ve been trying out several recipes from your blogs,but today its exclusively a post with dishes I’ve tried out from Nags’ blog.I’m sure many of you have tried out her recipes since her dishes are always quite simple and do-able.I hopped on to her blog through her sis Bharathy and I was hooked.I love her no-nonsense posts and now her step-by-step recipe series,which actually made me try out those recipes.I still have bookmarked so many recipes,but for now I’ve chosen these..

Simple White Bread – As much as I would have loved to flick the title from this post,I stick with the original name:).I am at a loss as to describe how it was..I think more than the taste or looks,I was more happy about the fact that the wonderful smell in the kitchen of fresh bread baking was thanks to her….:).I was literally jumping with joy.I baked my first bread loaf..yippee!!!

Pumpkin Erissery – I had bookmarked this recipe when she posted it and was in love with the cute pumpkins.I don’t think anyone could have made pumpkins look so pretty and cute other than her and I think I told her that too:).We make a similar curry called Alchikeri[note the similarity?!] which is one of my favorites.I loved this one too and have made it a couple of times ever since!!

Spicy baby potatoes – She says she flicked it from her sisters blog and me..I have flicked it from hers.And let me tell you,its worth flicking;).A great side dish with dal or sambhar,the baby potatoes surely won me over!!

Butterscotch Blondies – I was in love with this at first sight.Taking step by step pictures while cooking it on your own is not my forte and I am in awe with those who do it effortlessly:).The moment I purchased those cute butterscotch chips,I decided to make this one.Only thing,I substituted the brown sugar with regular white sugar and some of the blondies got stuck to the pan and refused to come out looking pretty.They tasted great though,prompting me and hubby to name them – Butterscotch Crumble!!

Eggless Chocolate Melting Moments – I have no words to describe this beauty,I would just say-truly delicious and yeah,best for gifting.I’m sure it would make people[to whom you are gifting it to] think you are a domestic-baking Goddess:).

And now last but not the least – Stuffed Gobi Paratha – Another one in the step by step category.I had planned to make this long back when she said making it was an easy peasy job.But you know how much I’m scared of stuffed parathas.I have nightmares that the stuffing would come out while rolling and that’s why I kept delaying it.I pulled up my socks and attempted it finally…this one got a 11/10 from hubby,the icing on the cake being his comment that he liked it better than the Aloo now that’s one compliment I treasure!!

I have also tried out her Carrot Rice,the pic I'm not able to find from the files now.Also her Ghee Roasted bananas for MBP-Event.

Recipes I'm planning to try out - Vanilla Pound Cake,Marie Biscuit Chocolate Logs,Puliogare and Easy Broccoli Soup.Also the Rich dark Chocolate Cake,only if it was in Cup measures than grams:)

Thank you Nags,for these wonderful recipes!!I would surely make these again!!

And thank you for those wonderful tips on Food Photography.I have benefited a lot from it,though its not quite visible from the pics I take..still;)


  1. Nice... I tried erissery too... from Jugalbandi :)

  2. everything looks so good..especailly the cookies..melting moments..

  3. Wow,Everything looks delicious Divya.I too feel you are an expert. Pass me the melting moments plz.Too greatlooking.

  4. Thats great if u have tried lots of recipes from nags blog..she should be very happy and proud:)

  5. I love nags place too. I tried once her chickepea recipe and they were really delicous and i have been making them often too.

  6. Nags sure does have a fantastic blog. All of these dishes look like they came out awesome! :)

  7. Love her recipes too. That was so sweet of you to write a whole post with tried recipes!

  8. All are great dishes Divya! Looks yummy :)

  9. Fantastic showcasing of Edible Food For the Cook in Me! :) Nags blog surely potrays a strong attitude, love the zeal with which she approaches things, b it a recipe, photography tutorials or stepwise tedious recipes..her write up has me hooked! Lovely post Divu!!

  10. This is by far the best ever compliment I have received in my life. I am truly speechless and that doesn't happen often.

    Let me just hug you and say I love you for this :)

  11. wow.. so many recipes tried and posted. that is so sweet of you divya. they all look great.

  12. wow.. so many recipes tried and posted. that is so sweet of you divya. they all look great.


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