Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ghee roasted bananas

My appa is a great cook..yeah am not kidding!!Even though he does not cook the normal fare(btw,he does that too when amma is not well!!),he whips up amazing desserts.By desserts,I don't mean the stuff thats exotic,but what is made for festivals or special occasions.He makes excellent godu phove-sweet poha with jaggery and banana halwa.In fact,when he feels like making the halwa,he'll buy the ingredients himself on a saturday and will chop the dry fruits and keep everything ready.On sunday,after lunch,he'll start preparing the halwa and the smell is just divine.He is quite generous when it comes to adding ghee and dry fruits,so the smell is inevitable!!!Halwa is made in bulk and some of it is cooled and stored in air tight containers in the freezer.Someday,I'll take pictures and post the halwa recipe.

Which brings me to todays recipe.Nendrapazham,or banana was a main fruit in our house.As kids,we were supposed to finish our share of this banana.While my bros finished off their share without any problem,I always twisted my nose and tried to avoid it as much as possible.I loved the yummy curries made with this banana as the main ingredient and some deep fried goodies made with it but I somehow couldn't bring myself to eat the fruit as it is,or boiled.Appa came up with this recipe(even though this cannot be called as a recipe) for making me eat it.I loved it and how!!I don't think anyone can resist having it..yummy bananas roasted in ghee and sprinkled with sugar!!

While searching some blogs for this month's MBP,I was dumbstruck when I saw exactly this dish with the same name in Nags blog.I just couldn't believe that one of my favourite dishes is some one else's too!!I decided that its time for my dear roasted bananas to feature in my blog!Thanks to MBP and thanks to Nags!

I followed the same method as Nags,only thing,I added a big pinch of cardamom powder as a final touch and it tasted great,almost like a fried banana halwa!!

I am sending these to Aparna for this month's MBP-Fruit fare.

MBP was started by Coffee of Spice CafĂ©, and involves searching through blogosphere for a recipe and cooking it up based upon the theme chosen by each month’s host.This month's MBP is hosted by Aparna of My diverse kitchen and she has chosen”Fruit Fare” to be this month's theme.The pretty logo has been designed by her kid daughter.

Last but not the least,Wishing you all a very Happy Janmashtami/Gokulashtami!!


  1. Wow something new and tasty looking. Looks simple to cook also.

  2. This happens to be one of my favourites too. It is also a really easy way to make sure that very ripe bananas are not wasted.

  3. I would never have cooked Nendrapazham as a child either. Now I'm ok with it depending on the dish it features in!
    Thanks for the MBP entry.

  4. Kitchen flavours..thank you.As Nags said,it is the "world's most easiest snack"!!

    Sowmya..thank you!!

    Jayashree..thank you,yes it is a sure shot way to finish up ripe bananas,with pleasure!!

    Aparna..thank you.Glad to have company;-)

  5. Love bananas in any form..

    hey! I am hosting an event called sunday snacks, please see if you can participate

  6. this serves to be my fav food on fasting days! I just love the smell of ghee on the bananas:) I drizzle some honey over them:d

  7. cool one yaar...have to try these

  8. amazing that sounds..and looks. My favorite part of the blogging is the new things I get to see and hopefully pull off trying!! Awesome Post!


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