Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kukka Humman # 2~Potato Curry

First let me assure,this is a vegetarian curry,some of my blogger friends mistook my last Kukka humman post to be a non-vegetarian curry since kukka means an animal in their language;-).A typical example of "ek gaun ki boli,doosre gaun ki gaali!"meaning,a spoken language in one place is a swearing language in another.Sorry folks,I had not given a proper translation of Kukka-potato in my last post which led to all this confusion.

In Kerala-konkani,Kooka is potato and Sappoor kooka is small potato.Whereas,in Mangalore-konkani,batato is potato and kooka is small potato.A small confusion,right?Don't bother-just enjoy and relish whatever we can make out of those,after all"what's in a name?"

As I said,there are different varieties of 'humman' ie curry we can make out of potato.There are at least 4-5 varieties that I know of and this one's a favorite in our family.My brothers favorite actually,he can survive on just this humman and pej forever.In fact,during his short sojourn in Chennai with me,I used to prepare this almost every other day and he used to finish it up without complaining!.He never complains about anything actually,a non-fussy eater,there are only very few dishes that he dislikes.

I remember,amma used to make this for dinner along with pej,because pej was gobbled up silently only along with this humman.We three(my elder bros and me) used to have dinner together and there was not a single day when we did not fight during dinner.Appa always said we three should be seated separate but that never happened!Those were the good old days.Btw,me and my one elder bro still fight..;-)(the one who made cake..)!!

Kukka Humman # 2


Potatoes - 3,medium chopped into cubes
Oil - 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Red chilly powder - 1 1/2 tsp(you can also use chilli flakes)
Salt to taste


In a kadai,pour oil,let it heat and splutter mustard seeds.
Add the chilli powder and stir.
Add the cubed potatoes and stir well.Add salt to taste.
Add enough water to cook the potatoes(about 2-3 cups).
Simmer for about 10-15 minutes.
Serve hot with pej or rice,tastes great with both.

Kukka Humman # 2 also goes to Srivalli's Curry Mela


  1. looks great..thanks for the entry!

  2. such complicated name for a simple curry??..:))..nice reading about your brothers..

  3. hi divya, first time to your blog! happy to have found it... your recipe looks and sounds really nice,easy and simple.

  4. yes divya I agree whats in name.. the dish is looking awesome.

  5. such a simple recipe.. never tried this though :D

  6. when I first saw the name I was confused, but thanks for clarifying. And yes, What's inthe name? Just let's enjoy the yummy food. This is indeed a delicious curry. No wonder your brother likes it.

  7. Hey kukka humman looks great...we too prepare something similar...love your post too..gud clarification :)

  8. Srivalli..thank you!!Haha,only the name is complicated!!

    Rajani..welcome to my blog and thank you!!


    Anjali..do try it,its very easy..and tasty too!!


    Uma..thanks.Yeah,my last post on kukka humman was misinterpreted,did'nt want it to happen this time..!!


    Priti..thanks so much!!


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