Saturday, March 1, 2008

About Me

Who am I?

I am Divya,a foodie at heart and a passionate cook.I love cooking and trying out new dishes in my kitchen.The joy I get from reading recipes and figuring out whether it would work or not and finally trying it out gives me an immense high.Every recipe published on this blog is tried and tested/tasted.

A li'l Background!

I was a complete novice in kitchen and just like girls my age,started cooking on my own after getting married.Boy,I was completely taken aback and saluted my amma for cooking up a variety of food day in and day out for us monster kids.I struggled to cook and we had similar looking/tasting food for days together.But slowly and steadily,I picked up the art.

My Lifeline!

Ajay,my husband has been a completely supportive partner to me in this regard.He kept giving me little tips and tricks here and there and I found myself enjoying my time in the kitchen.Moreover,anyone can take cooking seriously when the food they cook gets appreciated.The joyful look on people's faces when they eat my food,makes it all worthwhile.
My all-time love!

Baking is something I learnt sometime back and there's just no stopping me now.I love to see the glee on my loved ones' face when I bake a cake for them:).I've always loved writing and my food blog combines two of my passions-cooking and writing:).
What do I blog on Easycooking?

I blog about day to day recipes.Mainly Konkani food,in that too,a mix of Kochi Konkani fare and South Kanara[Mangalore]fare.With a dash of Kerala recipes and a bit of North Indian food too.Given my love for baking,some of my successful baking recipes would also feature now and then.

My Camera

I started blogging with no clue about food photography or rather photography in general.The initial pics were taken using my phone(then) W810i.I started using Fuji Fine Pix Z10 and then got myself a Canon Ixus 105.I am planning to get myself an SLR,all in good time.

I love collecting Cookbooks and am a proud owner of several baking books as well as books of cooking from other genre.Many of the recipes published here are from these books[always given credit],some from my Vanitha recipe collection,some from tv cookery show recipes and some from other blogs[with link to the original blog added].Traditional recipes from Konkani cuisine are provided by my amma and m-i-l.

Hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I've loved putting it across to you:). :). Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you would come back again!!

For Food products/Book reviews,contact me at


I was Featured on! 
Easycooking on Print Media!

Easycooking was featured in Economic Times.

My recipe for Palak Pathrodo was featured in Vanitha-March 1-15 edition.

My recipe for Ragi Neer Dosa was published on Hindu Metroplus.

Easycooking on Deccan Chronicle[Kochi edition]

Easycooking featured as one of the six most followed food blogs in Chennai on Indulge(Indian Express,Chennai edition) on May4th. Photobucket

Much Love,


  1. Thats a good intro abt your blog dear. You are simply going great. :) waiting to see more and more from you.


  2. loved ur blog ...divya...r u a professional chef?? u r pics r awesome...

  3. Wow!!! Ms. Baker, you have a nice blog...Yummy cakes and desserts!!

  4. wonderful :) :) love your blog.. great job..

  5. Im so glad I found your blog Divya! It is one blog I am going to be hooked to..starting now! Love it!!

  6. hey divya...a really good blog you got here. Congratulations on your 3 years!!Hope you complete many more with many more readers/subscribers. I am a new entrant to the food blog world and I'm for sure adding you to my blogroll :)

  7. Cute space n nice to know about you divya. Good luck.

  8. This is a good blog. Your commitment is marvelous :)b

  9. Hi Divya,
    I just love your blog and i make sure to visit at least once a day :)
    Its superb. I love cooking and trying out new recipes. But I never maintained any of my new ventures! Your blog inspired me to keep a record of the all the stuff I try.

    Keep up the good work and giving us yummy recipes.


  10. Hey Divya,
    Loved your blog, really nice recipes though could not go thru all, will definately check out on cakes and desserts!! I am new to the blog world hence need to learn a lot, thanks for sharing a wonderful space! Will follow you.

  11. love ur blog divya! happy to follow! waiting to see more!.....lovely recipes!

  12. Superb blog Divya. Totally going to follow :)

  13. likes likes many many likes......

  14. amazing blog... superb, scruptious recipes... what more do one require from a food blog! loved most of ur recipes... i too started loving cooking after marriage, n now with an 8 month old baby to take care of, and work-from-home, makes it difficult for me to spend more time on cooking. however, ur blog sites some easy recipes that can even be tried by busy mommies like me... hats of 2 u! looking forward to more such mpressive n nteresting recipes...


  15. You are an inspiration, even here in Kenya. Your recipes are great! keep up the good work! :)

  16. Hi Divya

    Awesome blog and yummy recipes

  17. Wow Divya. :) Lovely blog. Heard about your blog from a cousin when I asked her what she was planning to prepare for V-Day. Great going..

    I'm a blogger myself. i just started a few months back though.. Do check my blog out if you find time.. :) would love to hear some comments from you as well.

  18. Hi, Just came across this blog today! Good work! I am hooked!

  19. Love that you have Konkani food! :) Can't wait to try!

  20. Love that you share Konkani food, can't wait to try! :)


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