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Sanna Polo -Drumstick leaves dosa

Polo,Dosa, many names..but once you have it,you wouldn't mind whatever the name in which it is called..after all "what's in a name..??"I doubt whether anyone would dislike dosa.It is an all time favourite for most people.There are so many varieties of dosa that you wouldn't know when to stop counting.I remember,in Cochin there's a dosa restaurant called "Pai's thattu kada".Its not exactly a restaurant,as in you cant find any fancy tables and chairs there.But you can be assured that the dosa's are coming straight from the tava,to your plate.When they started it,their speciality was "36 varieties of dosa".This was about 15 years back and I am sure they would have increased the number of varieties now.

Recently I saw a programme on NDTV where students from a reputed Hotel Management College were conducting a Dosa Mela and they had come up with 1055 varieties of dosa!!!After all,its all about creativity.If you love dosa you can come up with more than that number I guess.

Sanna polo is one such dosa.It is not the regular dosa which we can eat for breakfast with chutney.This can be had like an upkari/side dish which you can have with rice and dal.As in other dosas,this one too can be made in a variety of ways.As in,the batter is the same but the add-ons differ.Here I have added drumstick leaves.

Sanna Polo


Raw rice -3/4 cup
Toor dal -1/4 cup
Red chillies -6(3 normal and 3 byadige chillies)
Grated coconut-1/2 cup
Tamarind-Small piece
Drumstick leaves(Muringa ila)-a bunch
Asafoetida-1 tsp
Salt to taste


Soak rice with toor dal in water for about 2 hours.
Grind grated coconut,red chillies and tamarind to a fine paste.
Add the soaked toor dal-rice to the mixie and grind well.(the batter should not be too smooth nor too coarse).
Add salt and asafoetida and mix well.
Add drumstick leaves.
Keep the batter aside for about half an hour so that the drumstick leaves gets all soaked up in the ground batter.
Heat a greased dosa pan and make slightly thick dosas.
Pour a few drops of coconut oil(optional-you can add any oil of your choice),turn over,roast the other side also till brown.
Serve with brown rice(matta ari),dalitoy(dal)and pickle.

Another variation-Cabbage and Onion dosa-Add chopped cabbage and onions to the batter and there you have your cabbage and onion dosa!!

I am sending this entry to Srivalli's Dosa mela.

Check out the much awaited Dosa mela round up here-Part 1,Part 2,Part 3.


  1. Oh my god!! My favorrrrrrite:) I miss this so terribly divya, you are making me jeolous :-(( ...mmmI love the smell and taste of this dosa!! Very Good entry divya!! and Thanks for the recipe!! I have never prepared it and dont know if I can ever get to prepare it anytime now as we dont get these leaves here :(((

  2. sounds great..nice to meet a another blogger with same name:)))nice nlog dear...good luck

  3. The dosas are so mouth-watering. Nice entry.

  4. Thanks Roopa,You can make it with cabbage and onions if meshenga pathi is not available.Try it and let me know.

    Thanks Dhivya,welcome to my blog.Nice to meet you too.

    Thank you Uma.Try it and let me know.

  5. So d is divya...good...thanks for the lovely dosa..never knew abt drumbstick leaves being added...thats very nice looking one...have you sent me the mail? cos I haven't got any..

  6. Dosas is all I see now on the blogs....drumstick leaves is something new....nice

  7. Hi Dhivya- First time at your blog & glad your from Chennai & Konkani too :-) Me too same.. Landing there in 3 weeks Time!! Sanna polo my favourite & my kids love it.. I never tried with drumstick leaves - but make with cabbage & Piyavu... Have it posted on my blog too....Great blog & happy blogging!!

  8. Drumstick leaves in dosas? Are you for real? That is awesome!

  9. Thank you Srivalli.I have resent the entry to you for the Dosa mela.

    Thank you Rachel.Welcome to my blog!!

    Thank you Seema.Welcome to my blog.Great to meet another konkani thru the blog!!

    Thank you Kaykat.Oh yeah try it and let me know,its yummy!!Welcome to my blog!!

  10. hi Divya.
    The dosa looks so appeatising.I love drumstick leaves.It is indeed very healthy.

    Thanks for the valuable comments on my website.


  11. My mom made this often as we had a drumstick tree at home! Very tasty and also has a tempting aroma! Good one!

  12. Interesting!

    Yeah, garnishing with drumstick leaves or grated tender pumpkins is common with the adais in tamil cuisine too..and also the addition of coconut!..
    rawrice is used here and the tamarind which seems to be the only twists!


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