Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Broccoli Stir Fry

My first post..will start with a healthy one!!Health Food-Naay.Broccoli-No way!,this was how I reacted before.I always believed that food should be tasty..so what if there's loads of butter added..so whats if there's loads of sugar added?I never cared for such things and no wonder my health went for a toss and I put on kilos of weight without even realizing.When I was required to lose all that weight,I was forced to go on a healthy diet which I followed strictly.I fell in love with the tasty and healthy alternatives for all that fatty food and my body is thanking me for it!!

Broccoli Stir Fry


Broccoli -1 medium sized-cut into florets
Onions-1 chopped into cubes
Mushrooms-10 chopped into four pieces
Stir fry sauce-2 tbsp(It can be substituted with 2 tbsp soya sauce and 1 tbsp tomato sauce)
Oil-1tbsp(preferably refined oil)
Salt and Pepper-To taste


Wash Broccoli florets well in hot water.
In a Wok/Kadai pour 1tbsp oil and fry onions on high flame till they become slightly brown in colour.
Add the mushrooms and fry till mushroom loses its moisture.
Add the broccoli and mix everything well.
Add the stir fry sauce,salt and pepper.Mix well.
Keep stirring till the broccoli gets cooked-it takes approximately 5 mts.
Serve it on a bed of lettuce leaves.

This dish can be had as a meal by itself along with a salad.Broccoli is high in folic acids and is very good for health.Works well if you are a weight watcher!!


  1. Hey thats a healthy and yummy dish:) Is brocolly expensive there? I heard its very expensive in Kerala. I like all stir fries:)

  2. Yup its a healthy dish,as in Broccoli is very good for health,esp for women,it is high in Folic acids.It is quite expensive here as well as in Ekm,almost 80/- per kg!!


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