Sunday, November 5, 2017

Arjun is THREE!!!

The li'l fellow turned THREE last month,I mean,can you believe it?Where did the time go?

Lots has happened since my last blog update.Though I've been planning to update the blog more regularly,clearly it isn't happening.Arjun has joined Pre-school and most part of the day goes in getting him ready for school,dropping and picking him up,cooking for the day and it is only when he takes a short nap in the afternoon I get a breather.I just want to cuddle up reading a book then or watch some television or better still lose myself in Instagram where I seem to spend most of my time these days.Do follow me there for regular updates of Arjun,food I cook,cakes I bake and more such fun stuff.
So coming back to his Birthday,we celebrated his birthday in our usual fashion.Close friends,cake cutting and dinner.Maybe when he grows up a little and wants his own party with friends I can plan something of that sort :).
Unlike Ajay who asks for 'anything you like' or 'chocolate' when asked for a choice in the birthday cake,Arjun is very opinionated and clear about his requirements :) He asked for a Strawberry and Chocolate cake with Gems and the baker/food blogger in me did a very happy dance!I had bookmarked a 3 shaped cake from Pinterest and did a chequerboard cake.Made Eggless Strawberry and Chocolate sponges and sandwiched them using chocolate ganache and covered the cake with good ol' chocolate buttercream and of course,Gems!
We also celebrated his star Birthday which was two days before his birthday and his grandmother made a Sheera(Kesari)which he cut like a Birthday Cake :) Made a huge batch of Eggless Chocolate cupcakes too for him to take to school,Oh I've always wanted to do such stuff and it gives me so much happiness to actually plan such things and execute :)

Hoping to continue blogging as always.So for some inspiration and motivation,if anyone of you are still coming back to read my blog,please let me know in the comment section.What recipes you'd like to see or what I can do to improve the quality of the blog,or anything actually.Hope to hear from you soon:)


  1. Loved the way u described arjun babus bday....lots of wishes for the little one...god bless him....ur blog is a real inspiration for both me and my pls keep on blogging.....we luv all ur recipes and ur blog is a.great source of inspiration for us divya...god bless u too....😘

  2. Hello Divya, Happy B'day to your little one. I still check for your blog updates :). I look forward to more of your eggless savoury bakes and as well as other Indian recipes :)


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