Friday, October 23, 2015

Arjun is ONE!

A week back we celebrated Arjun's First Birthday,can you believe it?He turned ONE,I mean,wasn't it few days back I shared the Happy News with all of you?Apparently not,time just flew past without us even noticing and just like that he grew up from an infant to a toddler :)
Arjun is ONE Just like every mother does,I started planning for his birthday right from the time he was a few days old.Plans kept changing a number of times and in the end we decided on having a small get together of very close family and friends.Date was fixed,venue was decided and menu chosen too.I had decided to bake his Birthday cake despite knowing I get stressed if at all there are any glitches.I chose quite a few cake designs and discussed with Ajay.He was very clear-I either bake a simple cake or else we'll outsource the cake.

He knows me too well.Whenever there is a cake order and if there is even a minor problem,I stress.It is a different thing that I've overcome that stage of fearing-if-anything-goes-wrong,but I didn't want to take a chance.I chose a very simple cake design and decided to stick with it.
Arjun is ONE Call me fortunate that I have the Cake Goddess Subhashini at my beck and call for any doubts I have and I had plenty!I hadn't done a tiered cake before and she rendered her full support to me.A week back,I purchased all the ingredients required and planned on a timeline around which I had to start baking/filling/crumb coating the cake.
Arjun is ONE The flavors were decided much earlier too.I am a big fan of Neapolitan cake and the flavors were inspired by that one-base tier was Vanilla with Caramel filling,middle tier was Chocolate with ganache filling and top tier was Strawberry with ganache filling.I baked the cake one day in advance,cling wrapped and refrigerated it.The fillings-ganache,caramel sauce and the frosting-white chocolate ganache too were made a day in advance.
Arjun is ONE 
I thought I had everything planned and ready but things were not supposed to be so smooth.Sadly,Arjun fell ill on the day of the party.He was running high temperature and all my cake plans came to a halt.Luckily,I had both sets of parents around and somehow I managed to pull it off.Not without the help and support of our parents,Ajay,Subhashini and last but not the least,my maid who made sure everything was cleaned and organized :)
Arjun is ONE Party went on well by God's grace and seeing happy faces all around made every effort worth it :)I am already looking forward to his second birthday :) :) 


  1. Hello! Divya,

    Congratulations!!! and best wishes....
    Enjoy every moment of motherhood... nothing else is worthwhile...

    Please, accept my Birthday Greetings for the little one... and God Bless.

    Btw... The cake looks, worthy of every bit of your efforts and I'm sure you'll outdo, yourself. :-)

  2. Best wishes to Arjun on his birthday! And Congratulations to you both :)

  3. Happy birthday to the little champ... hope he is doing well now... the cake looks amazing, and doesn't look like a last minute make...

  4. Congrats!! Arjun is very lucky child! The cake is just amazing! :)������������

  5. Happy birthday to the Hero!Though late, accept my wishes. Hope to see you in action very soon.

  6. Hey Divya a very happy New year to you and your family. Belated birthday wishes to the little prince too. Loved the cake a lot. It looks so neat and professional. You should be proud of your self for coming up with such a gorgeous cake!

  7. OH I just bumped into this post of yours! Adorable pictures and reminded me of the planning phase that I went through for Suraj's first birthday! :) Same anxiety and research... only difference, I had you as my guide for frosting!! :) The cake looks fabulous and Arjun such a cutie! :)


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