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How to make Sitaphal Pulp | Custard Apple Pulp

How to make Sitaphal Pulp
If there is any fruit which I love,but hate the way I have to work to enjoy the 'fruit' of labour,it has to be Sitaphal/Custard Apple.It is so very delicious but pretty difficult to eat since with every bite there would be a couple of seeds to spit out.Whenever it is in season,our house sees kilos after kilos of this sweet fruit.I've never ventured into making anything with it other than to eat,it is pretty difficult to eat,leave alone making anything with it.

After tasting Sitaphal ice-cream in Naturals,I think the flavour just got more prominence in my mind.I've also tasted milkshakes and kulfis with a predominant sitaphal flavour.I wanted to try a phirni with it for Diwali for which I needed sitaphal pulp.I remember how in juice shops,they just pulp the fruit and seeds together and then sieve it.I followed the same method.
How to make Sitaphal Pulp
Having a stash of the pulp in the fridge gave me a lot of ideas.I did make a super small batch of phirni which we ate up before it had time to properly set,so made milkshakes with the rest of the pulp.I think the no-churn ice-cream would be a safe bet too,if I don't eat up the pulp on its own :)

How to make Sitaphal Pulp


Sitaphal/Custard Apple - 5-6,big or 7-8 medium
Milk - 1/3 cup
Sugar - 1 tbsp,optional


How to make Sitaphal Pulp 
Scoop out the pulp with the seeds into a bowl.Into a mixer,add the pulp along with the milk and pulse for 5-10 seconds.

How to make Sitaphal Pulp 
In a wide bowl,place a fine meshed sieve and pour the mix into it.
Using a spatula sieve the pulp.Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated.You can add sugar at this point or skip it.
It is necessary to use milk as it aids grinding.If not,the seeds may get ground into the pulp and make it grainy and bitter.
How to make Sitaphal Pulp
Works best for ice-creams,kulfi,milkshakes and phirni.


  1. Very intersting should try....Do you have the recipe for the ice cream with it too

  2. good one ! seeds wont break right? i always have this doubt? .... so what did u do ? phirni?

    1. No,the seeds won't break.Even if some does break,when you sieve it,you'll get only the pulp.Yup,I made one batch of Phirni and the rest went into a milkshake :)

  3. Interesting recipe of sitaphal pulp. Got to try this one out soon.

  4. Hi Divya,
    That was interesting. Need to try it. I always feel it is a mess to eat it as such with the seeds all over :-) This idea will surely help.
    By the way do you pulse it with the normal grinder blade itself ?

  5. I had heard about this but never tried it.Now your pictures make me want to go ahead and try .Thank you.

  6. How long does the Custard Apple Pulp stay good? Is this pulp good for making Sitafal Ice-Cream?


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