Sunday, May 27, 2012

I love your Blog - Passionate About Baking

I am sure ALL of you know whom I am talking about.Yes,none other than Deeba Rajpal who blogs at Passionate about Baking and who has been mesmerizing readers with her wonderful blog posts and tempting pictures.You just cannot stop ogling at her pictures and the way she styles them in a manner which is so unique.
I stumbled upon her blog when searching for a Pound cake I guess,or was it Vanilla cupcakes,I am not very sure.It is hard to keep track when her blog is choc-a-bloc of goodies.Be it cakes,brownies,breads or anything related to baking,her blog is a baking bible.

It is extremely difficult for me to zero in on recipes/pictures for this feature so I am really choosing in random.
Deeba loves baking with fruits and layered cakes are her special treats.Here,she has made an Old-fashioned Chocolate cake,eggless at that and layered it with a cream filling with Strawberries and topped it with chocolate ganache with a piping style which she describes to be a simple one but takes quite a while for others to master!!
She uses ingredients easily available in India as we struggle to find exotic stuff here,or else makes her own!Her post about making different kinds of cheeses at home was a winner by all standards.Learn to make Mascarpone,Quark and Ricotta cheese at home with simple ingredients and with minimal effort.
You'd think a baking goddess like her would be willing to bake anything at a drop of a hat.But she says she's intimidated by macarons.Not those eggy coconut macaroons as I'd assumed earlier but those delicate French Macarons which takes some skills to master.She churns out different flavor combinations each month for her MacTweet blog event and I just cannot see why she's terrified-have you seen such perfect Macarons before?
It is not only sweet bakes,she is a master of savory baking too.Be it Sweet and Savoury Scones,Anzac Biscuits,Savoury Cheese&Garlic Pull-apart rolls,Garlic&Herb Whole wheat crackers or this Cherry Tomato & Onion Tartlettes.

Her birthday Cakes are a treat to look at-perfect eye candy.
Chocolate and Strawberry Cream Cake

Quark Mousse Cake with Roasted Balsamic Strawberries

Chocolate Orange Almond Gateau

Here are some of the recipes I tried out from her blog.Though not as pretty as hers,these treats turned out to be fabulous and I regard her as my baking guru as PAB was the only reliable baking blog I found when I took baby steps in baking!

Chocolate Orange Gateau

Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake

Vanilla Cupcakes

Mango Buttermilk Pound Cake 

Strawberry Vanilla Bean Conserve

Lime Buttermilk Pound Cake

Eggless Chocolate Walnut Cake

Disclaimer - All pictures published with the bloggers permission.


  1. Even I luv her blog,..:) very nicely written

  2. Hey Divya! PAB is indeed one of the most beautiful baking blogs ever :) And hey, ur trials look pretty good I must say!

  3. Divu..she has tasted sucess looong ago in the world of food+pics, yet is firmly rooted to the ground..doesn't that make her even more special?!! Luv u Deeba n Divu.

  4. Amazing pictures. And I shall hop over there.. thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  5. Lovely blog...

  6. Thank you for this special post Divya. Sorry I missed it. I feel so honoured and humbled too. THANK YOU!

  7. PAB is the first blog I search when looking for recipes. Absolutely love Deeba's work, her bakes, pictures and writing!

  8. Amazing pictures. Nice Blog Divya, Keep the Good Workup


  9. Very nice blog.Pictures are very good and the cakes are all time favorite.

  10. Great blog...Thanks for sharing this information...All pictures are so good....


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