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Baking supplies in Ernakulam(Kerala)-Staines&Co

One of the most searched keywords I find for this blog is 'staines'.I have mentioned about the store a couple of times in here on my baking posts,so it was only fair that I did a detailed post for anyone who wants to know more details regarding the same.
Staines&Co is a small shop tucked away on Jews Street,off M.G.Road,adjacent to Padma Theatre.They deal in wholesale Bakery supplies and Bakeware.

We've been buying stuff from this shop ever since I can remember.Only after I started baking did I notice the vast array of baking supplies these people stocked.One thing to keep in mind when you are in the shop is to ASK.You may be surprised by what you get in return.The shop is quite well stocked and it is tough to locate stuff on your own.The staff is very friendly and will guide you through.
Items to look out for
  • Baking tins and trays-in all shapes and sizes-Cake pans,Cupcake trays,Sheet pans,Ring molds,Tart pans/molds,Shaped pans etc.
  • Cupcake liners,silicone molds,non-stick liners etc.(sold in 500 liners per pack)
  • Silicone spatulas,brushes
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Dough scrapers(bench scrapers)
  • Cookie cutters
  • Chocolate molding trays in many shapes
  • Turntables
  • Cake pop sticks,Kulfi sticks
  • Ice-cream scoops-Plastic and aluminium
  • Kulfi molds-plastic and aluminium
  • Icing guns-plastic,aluminium and brass
  • Icing nozzles-plastic,stainless steel and brass
  • Piping bags-disposable,cloth bags
  • Fondant shaping tools
  • Cake mixes,Muffin mixes,Bread Mixes(in 1kg packs)
  • Whipping cream and ready to use whipping cream powder
  • Vital wheat gluten
  • Gelatine(sold in 1/2 and 1 kg packs)
  • Sugars-Caster sugar,Dark brown sugar,light brown sugar,Demerara sugar,icing sugar etc
  • Self raising flour
  • Liquid glucose
  • Maple syrup
  • Corn syrup
  • Golden syrup 
  • IMG_0468
  • Nuts-Cashewnuts,Almonds,Figs,Walnuts,Pistachios-Sold in wholesale prices
  • Spices-Good quality Cardamom,Clove,Cinnamon,Star Anise,Pepper,Mace,Nutmeg etc
  • Candied cherries,tutti frooty and caramel syrup for Fruit Cakes
  • Candied Pineapple,Amla,Ginger etc
  • Instant Yeast,Dry Yeast(Mauripan,Ab|Mauri)
  • Good quality Vanilla extract-Sold in 200ml and 1ltr bottles(IFF brand)
  • Good quality food colours(IFF brand,Naturals brand)
  • Chocolates-Morde,Selbourne,Lotus(sold in 500gms blocks)
  • Cocoa Powder,Cocoa pastes-Morde
  • Chocolate wrapping foil papers
  • Aluminium foils,cling wraps etc
  • Chocolate sprinkles,Chocolate chips,Butterscotch chips etc
  • Cake toppers-Silver dragees,colorful sprinkles etc
  • Cake gels and emulsions
  • Ready to use cake frosting(conveniently sold in tubes with nozzles)
  • Pie fillings-Cherry,Strawberry and Raspberry
  • Canned Fruits-Pineapple,Peach,Mango,Cherry,Mixed Fruits etc
  • Maraschino cherries in syrup
  • Soy sauce-Light and dark
  • Olive Oil(sold in 500 ml&1ltr bottles)
  • Olives
  • Pasta-Lasagne Sheets,Spagetti and regular pasta(Penne,Macaroni etc)
  • Curry pastes - Red and Green
  • Soup concentrates
  • Mustard sauces-Pizza Pasta sauces
  • Mayonnaise
  • Tomato Puree,Ketchup(sold in 1ltr containers)
  • Fruit crushes-Strawberry,Mango,Pineapple,Guava,PinaColada,Pomegranate,Green Apple,Mint syrup,Rose syrup and many more
  • Custard powder,Jelly mixes,Ice-cream mixes,Doughnut mixes etc
  • Jams and conserves 
There are many more items which are not related to baking,but comes much cheaper than in supermarkets like
  • Ghee
  • Tea/Coffee Powders
  • Badam Milk/Rose Milk/Pista Milk mixes
  • Coconut Milk and Powder
  • Milk powder
  • Dessicated coconut(sold in 1kg packs)
  • Breakfast mixes-Appam Podi,Puttu Podi,Idiyappam podi
  • Sambhar Powder
  • Semiya Payasam,Gulab Jamun mixes etc
  • Noodles-sold in 1kg packs(hakka)
  • Pickles of many varieties(sold in 1kg bottles) 
I have covered most of the items,will keep updating the list.
      Phone number - 0484 2355742,2353950,4021700,4031700

      Store is open Monday through Saturday.Shop timings are 9am to 9pm.

      There is another shop next to Staines named Bakers Traders,which stocks almost the same items mentioned here.

      More Baking

      Disclaimer-This is NOT a paid review.


      1. wow thats such a detailed and useful post..Thank you :)

      2. Divya,

        Vajravel Mudaliar and Viveka are the Staines versions in Chennai. Walltax Road. All this is available there. For other baking stuff - fondant, fancy bakeware, the place is Passionate Baking (owned by Currimbhoys's family DIL). I so much miss baking now!

        This is bound to be a very useful post!


      3. WOW! you have done a wonderful thing, Divya. Thank you so much. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I would like your help in one more thing. I am planning to buy an OTG. any suggestions on which one to buy.
        Thank you


        1. Thanks Padma.I'd suggest Morphy Richards 28ltrs OTG.

      4. Thanks for the list of items!
        I really like the polka dots for your background! =)

      5. Are you kidding me???!! i'm going to Cochin first next time i go to Kerala!! Thanks for the tip Divya! this is fantastic! Oooh, the possibilities!!

      6. Wowo they seems to have a whole arrray of things here. I should tell my sis aobut this shop, when she is in Cochin she can get thinges for her then, not any baking utensils though as when her kids came here i send her things which she can last long :-)

      7. This is the most useful post I came across so far. I was trying to find one of these shops in Ernakulam. Thank you so much for this.

      8. this is such an informative post!!!!!!thanks a ton.

      9. Brilliant post Divya, Thanks a ton...Wow !

      10. hi Divya,

        thanks for this extremely useful post.

      11. Hi Divya,

        that was an extremely useful post. thanks a lot.


      12. That's one awesome place you can access Divya!..wish we had something like that here..:( would be to get you get me..hhahhah

      13. Very nice post Divs!!! One more shop to visit on my vacation :D

      14. nice write up Divya. ifu might remember, i asm one amongst those who asked about the shop, and yes, i guessed it right. been ages since i have been that side. but definitely will love to make a visit, during my vacation this time.

      15. Hi Divya!!!I cannot tell u how thankful I am..was planning a trip to cochin and was thinking where to find baking supplies there..I was always going to Bakers Traders(but tht was 3 yrs ago) and was not very satisfied.But years have passed and may b they r better stocked now:)Anyways this time a visit to Staines is first in my agenda:)

        1. bakers traders has now upgraded their outlet and having most exclusive product range including bakersville cake decorations. please visit once.

      16. hi divya....
        it ws an awesome post...i love baking and baked can u tell me did u see any edible glitter over there??..

      17. Divya,they haven`t heard of corn syrup ,when I asked them !

      18. Hi Divya..your post is really useful! I'm new to baking and am still learning..i was trying to find such a shop in Ernakulam..this is really a you happen to know some place in ernakulam that sells cream cheese? I did call up Staines but they dont seem to have them.

      19. This really is a blessing Divya! Do you happen to know any place in Ernakulam that sells cream cheese? I m really desperate to bake one of those cheesecakes and cant seem to find the cheese! I did call up Staines but they dont seem to have them..

        1. mee too want to make cheesecake so desperately,, but no cream cheese available nearby :/ ,, but atleast there are some versions of cheesecake made using cottage cheese (paneer) ,

      20. Hi Divya
        This is a nice you also get fondant (ready to roll) somewhere? Also gel food colours? Always seen and admired Ajay and his cricket..was at St. Alberts the same time he was and also know about him through Kavitha who was his classmate at BVM. Now admiring your cooking blog and skills..

      21. Wow..lucky U....iam jealous...iam searching eevrywhere in pune..but cant get hold yeast even in a single it bakers..malls..nowhere, disheartned..even pans are not available..

      22. This is exactly what I was looking for!!!!
        Thank you so much

      23. Can anyone tell me where I get fondant in ernakulum please.......

      24. Thank you so much for this detailed info :)

      25. Where I find Morphy Richard 28 litre otg in Kerala? Pls reply mam

      26. Excellent place to find everything for your baking passion... Thank you


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