Sunday, April 8, 2012

I love your blog - The Purple Foodie

I am sure most of you are familiar with Shaheen aka The Purple Foodie.Her blog is a mixed bag of her travails with food,travel and books.Her recipe for Pound cake is the one which attracted me to her blog and from there it took me to her posts on Candied ginger,Nutella Cake and many more.She is living her dream of studying at Le Cordon Bleu,Paris these days.
Her blog is full of cute looking illustrations and it is hard not to fall in love with those.She also posted a DIY notepad which has become such a useful thing to have around you when you want to suddenly jot down a recipe or make a list of ingredients to shop for.
She was a guest editor for BBC Good Food India's first edition.She put forth recipes for Meditterranean food and desserts.Tiramisu was one of them.
Ever since I am bitten by the yeast bug,I've been planning to make these Pesto rolls and Cinnamon rolls.Fingers crossed,soon-very soon!
You think it is tough to source baking ingredients in India?Read up this exhaustive list of places where you can buy stuff in Bombay.Very informative post.
As I mentioned in the beginning,her Vanilla Choco-chip Pound Cake is the recipe which got me hooked to her blog and that is the first recipe I tried from her blog too.
Another winner would be the Double Chocolate Truffle Brownies which I am yet to post on the blog.
Not to forget the Apple Crumb Cake which has become an absolute favorite!

*All pictures published with the bloggers permission.


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