Monday, April 23, 2012

Homemade Garam Masala

I have heard varied opinions from people about garam masala.My ma-in-law for instance hates garam masala in any curries.She says it is primarily because of the strong taste of it which spoils the dish.But I love the distinct taste of garam masala and cannot imagine not adding it to my north indian gravies or pulaos.

I don't remember using a store bought garam masala at all but once when I was out of my home made one and had to rely on a very popular brand,I understood why ma-in-law hated it after all.It doesn't have a balanced taste and one flavor was very dominating.It does spoil the taste of the final dish after all.
Amma always makes a small batch every now and then.She believes freshly ground homemade garam masala wins above anything else.I completely agree.This time when I was home,we made a slightly big batch as I had to bring it back with me to last a while.It stays fresh when kept in an airtight box or tupperware.I remove a small portion and keep it for my regular use,this way you wouldn't have to keep using it from the big batch which might kill the flavors in the long run.
Homemade Garam Masala


Cardamom - 50gms
Clove - 50gms
Cinnamon - 50gms
Pepper - 50gms
Javitri/Mace - 50gms
Star anise - 50gms


Mix together all the spices and dry in hot sun for 2-3 hours or till the spices are warm and dry.
Alternately,place the ingredients in a microproof bowl and microwave for 1 minute OR roast the spices in a thick bottom kadai for 5-10 minutes on very low flame,keep stirring now and then to avoid burning.
In small batches grind the spices in a mixer till it becomes a coarse powder.If required,sieve the mix and grind it again.
Let it cool down to room temperature and store in airtight containers.
This measure yielded 250gms of Garam Masala.

  • We have used spices in equal measures so that there is a combined flavor and no flavor dominates the other.
  • If you do not use garam masala in your recipes frequently,make a small batch to keep the flavors intact.
  • I have seen recipes which use Coriander seeds,Saunf and Jeera among other spices.Add spices according to your taste preference.
Use the freshly ground Garam Masala to make Biryani,Pulao or any North Indian gravy.Homemade Garam masala is the best choice for adding to Fruit Cakes too!


  1. Even the garam masala we made is also of equal proportions for the same reason..we add black cardamom n green one both together with a slight change of ingredients..freshly made garam masla is always best

  2. Homemade garam masala,simply love it.

  3. Home made masala is always perferred !! awesome recipe !!

    Ongoing event CC:Spring Seasonal Food

  4. Homemade podis are always best...I can smell the flavour here :)

  5. nice garam masala...freshly made is great!

  6. I too wanted to try this at home for a long time now, but my laziness wins :) Nice recipe, will enrich our gravies and cooking!

  7. Hi,

    I've recently discovered your blog. Awesome is the word!! the layout of the blog, the posts, and the way you do the posts - so detailed :)
    Great Garam Masala recipe. I've just realized the importance of Homemade Garam Masala.
    And yeah, i have my own blog on random technology and web stuff like online shopping and new and interesting things.. * if you are into that kinda stuff :) Do check it out here -

    Ragini - A Recent Fan of your blog :)

  8. I too am a big fan of home made garam masala. Nothing to beat it. The aroma is too good. We use jathikka(nutmeg)too.

  9. if there's anything i love , its spices. bookmarked to try...nice clicks

  10. I must confess that I use store-bought garam masala for the most part... but whenever I make chicken or some special dishes, i always roast and grind fresh masala for immediate use. You are right, the taste of fresh homemade garam masala is unbeatable!

  11. I love this post as every home has their own special way of making their podis and masalas. Loved your clicks. Also I want to try a small wd you change this measurement into cups?


  12. We don't add fennel seeds.As I mentioned,every recipe is different and you can add your favorite spice according to your taste!


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