Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pazham Pori / Ethakkappam - Banana Fritters

I was confused what to name this favorite of mine.Ever since I remember we used to say Pazham pori and nothing else.These days I am hearing the name Ethakkappam more often and hence thought will add it in the title too.Whenever I make this(and I make it once in a fortnight at least)I think I should blog about this.But since 99% of the time,I'll be making it to pair with tea and we just cannot wait to start eating it piping hot,right from the kadai to the plate,it keeps getting postponed.

One more reason I wanted to blog about this was the ingredients.Most of the recipes I've come across use Maida or all purpose flour as the coating for deep frying.My friend mixes atta along with maida for a healthier version(although it is deep fried!).
Amma uses rice flour,yes that's right.No prizes for guessing I follow her recipe too.I asked her how she came to using rice flour when the so-called authentic version uses maida.She said we liked it crisp on the outside and soft on the inside texture and rice flour soaks up less oil while frying and hence maybe she started using it.

Pazham pori pairs up well with Tea or Coffee and makes for perfect travel food.Amma always packed few of these in a dabba when we traveled and we waited for the chaiwala to come so that we could open up the dabba and dig right in!

Pazham Pori /Ethakkappam - Banana Fritters


Rice flour - 1 cup ( I used Nirapara brand)
Sugar - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Haldi - a pinch
Water as required to make the batter
Nendrapazham / Ripe Banana -1,sliced thinly
Coconut oil - to deep fry


Slice the banana -cut the banana into three vertically,then slice each piece into 3-4 thinly.
Make a batter using rice flour,sugar,salt,haldi and enough water to make a smooth batter.
Heat a kadai with enough oil to deep fry.
Dip the sliced bananas into the batter one by one and drop into the hot oil.Fry 4-5 pieces at a time,not more.
When it starts turning golden brown flip and cook on the other side too.
Drain on a tissue paper and serve hot.


  1. this is in my try list.wish to have a bite :)

  2. We make only wid raw banana,this is something which I want 2 taste 4m long..looks nice n a gud tempting snack

  3. Woww.. traditional and delicious recipe.. looks awesome !!
    Indian Cuisine

  4. my mom used to mix maida and rice flour together, and i follow that. will try it this way sometime... :)

  5. wow. such a delicious recipe.

  6. Such a lovely tea-time recipe :-)

  7. This is my fav....looks very tempting. Perfect for teatime

  8. This reminds me of a mexican restaurant that serves this complimentary dessert of batter fried sweet banana coated with cinnamon sugar and topped with fresh whipped cream. It tastes so Yum!

  9. What's going on with us?? :D Made some yesterday and was 'thinking' of blogging it pakshe it all went into our stomachs! :D
    We make it with just maida and no turmeric powder. I think some use Besan too, especially Southern Railways :)

  10. Divs, my mom mixes rice flour n atta n black sesame seeds to the flour n the best pazhampori i have ever eaten other than mom's was from my Christava Mahilalayam school days... In fact, pazhampori served on mondays was something that we used to wait for.. Nice tat ur post brought me sweet memories :)

  11. Oh btw, mother in law made this 2day :)

  12. Divya, this is one of my favorites!..lovely pictures and you have captured the step by step so well..

  13. thanks alot for this recipe. am waiting to make this with rice flour. never liked maida anyway:)


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