Monday, June 6, 2011

Ambya Gojju ~ Ripe Mango Curry

Come Mango season and there's no dearth of recipes featuring Mangoes.A while back,I used to believe that mangoes should be eaten as is,but not any more.There are so many varieties of mango in the market these days and I am tempted to do so much with it!


I love Banganpally mangoes and I can identify it even if I eat it blindfolded.I shouldn't be very proud of this because Ajay and his parents can identify each and every mangoes in the market with just a whiff,or even a glance.I always enjoy the talk going on between them regarding mangoes of the season.Sometimes it goes 'this season Kalapadi is not so good,and so is Malgoa',and then Ma-in-law says 'goinT* ambos have gone so expensive,but without them how can we indulge in ambe upkaris and gojjus?'

There are certain mangoes meant for certain dishes.For example,this gojju requires small and juicy mangoes[with fibers] so that it can be dipped into the sauce and eaten to the hearts content.This is very similar to Ambya Upkari,the only difference being,this one is served cool and requires no cooking![except for the seasoning].


                                                        [Kalapadi Mangoes]

Ambya Gojju


Ripe mangoes - 8-10[small variety]
Jaggery - 1 cup,melted[or you could use an equal amount of grated jaggery]
Roasted red chillies - 2[I used the long variety called Byadge]
Tamarind - one small piece[a channa size]

For the tadka/seasoning

Oil - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Hing/asafoetida - 1/2 tsp


Wash the mangoes well under running water.Wipe clean with a kitchen towel and peel,do not discard the peels.
In a big pan put all the mango peels and add about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of boiling water and keep aside.
After 5 minutes,mash the skins with hands till it oozes out mango pulp,collect as much as you can and throw away the skins.
Take one mango and make pulp with it,add it to the above mix.

Grind together red chillies and tamarind to a coarse powder.
In a pan,add the mangoes and mix in the skin pulp and the mango pulp.

Add a pinch of salt and the red chilly-tamarind powder and mix well.
In a pan add oil for seasoning and splutter mustard seeds.Add hing.
Mix the seasoning to the prepared mangoes and keep refrigerated till serving.


  • Pick small,juicy varieties of Mango for this dish.[*goinT is a generic name for mangoes which are particularly used for curries like this]
  • Gojju tastes best when chilled so keep it refrigerated for at least 3-4 hours before serving.


  1. We make a bit similar kuzhambu and I love it,sure this would taste yummy! Looks delectable !

  2. We call this Andurli! I am going to make this soon.

    Your pics are so beautiful!

  3. ummmm this is tongue tickling. Mango and the other ingredients make me simple drool :) Sounds damn yummy. We make a kind of rasam in which we put mangoes like this but guess this would taste a little different.

  4. Lovely curry..never had this way...looks yumm

  5. wow...Looks so different...Thanks for sharing...

  6. we call it ambe upkari divs..... but some ingr...+ n - lovely pic m a mangoholic ;P

  7. Wow this looks yummy...luv those mango balls :)

  8. It can't get better than a no-cook traditional mango recipe ! Even I just made the kerala mambazha pulisseri yday..

  9. Wowwwww.. mouth watering gojju recipe.. looks perfect.. thanks for sharing !!
    Indian Cuisine

  10. this one sounds really good..a cross between pachadi and kuzhumbu..looks delicious..

  11. delicious hv never tried this dish am going to make it sooonnn..

  12. Irresistible curry, havent prepared sweet mango curry..delicious!

  13. Appreciate your keeping up the mango mood and making the most of the season! We make dishes with raw mango, though I have never cooked or tasted a savory dish made with ripe ones! Looks yumm!

    And count me in for the mango-identifying factor- I can't identify!!!

  14. Very new recipe for me. Never had it or made it, looks superb :)

  15. thats a delicious curry and new one to me also.Interesting one to try with my fav banganapally mangoes

  16. Wow, looks awesome. It's like the Ammer tauk we make in Bengal

  17. It looks so golden and flavourful.

  18. Love these mangoes a lot. We used to make mampazha pulissery with these mangoes. Excellent snap. Sure gonna try this a lot.

  19. We make something similar with chopped small pieces of mango - the whole big pieces look awesome. And I'm definitely craving those bangus...

  20. We have it hot...herz my recipe:


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