Friday, April 22, 2011

Jam Biscuits

Jam biscuits 1

How do you eat your cream biscuit?Well,if it sounds like a silly question,I apologize but I'd really like to know.For me,it has to be split open,cream licked off and then have the plain biscuit there after.However much I try to act lady like and eat it like a normal biscuit,I find myself quietly move to a corner and eat it as I please.Especially Bourbon and Orange Cream biscuits.

So it was no wonder that when I thought of baking these biscuits,I dreamt of licking the jam off the biscuits and then popping them into my mouth..ah and that's what I apparently did after baking these!

I had bookmarked these Jam Biscuits from Anushruti's blog long time back.But as my bookmarked folder is already bursting at its seams,I totally forgot about it.Lack of snack items at home saw me looking for some simple cookie recipes which I could make and stock up.I had some Strawberry Jam in the fridge too,so the d-day finally arrived.

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Jam Biscuits
Recipe adapted from Divine taste


Butter - 1/2 cup/100 gms,softened
Icing sugar - 1/2 cup/60 gms[I used powdered sugar]
Flour - 3/4 cup/100gms
Vanilla Custard Powder - 3/4 cup/100 gms
Cornflour - 4 tbsp/30 gms
Yogurt - 3 tbsp
Vanilla extract - 1/2 tsp


Preheat oven to 150C.Grease/line a cookie tray.
In a big mixing bowl cream together butter,sugar and vanilla extract till light and fluffy.
In another bowl,mix together flour,custard powder and cornflour,set aside.
Mix in the dry ingredients into the creamed mixture along with the yogurt and form into a smooth round ball.
Pinch walnut sized balls from the dough and smoothen it between your palms.Poke a small hole on the cookie using your thumb,but be careful don't poke too deep.
Bake for 20-25 minutes or till the cookies become crisp and golden.
Cool on a wire rack.

Jam biscuits 2

In a microwave safe bowl,warm 1/2 a cup of strawberry jam[or any other jam of your choice]till it becomes spreadable consistency.Fill the cookie indentations with the jam and let it cool for a while till the jam sets and gets a shiny consistency.
Store in airtight containers.

Jam biscuits 3

How did we like it - A simple recipe with simple ingredients resulted in great tasting biscuits.I made two batches,one plain and one filled with jam and no prizes for guessing which one we liked better!The plain biscuits had a faint greasy after taste of custard powder,wonder why.Id like to know--Which brand of custard powder do you use?


  1. I've tried this too...looks yumm

  2. Oh My these are killer biscuits - Love the jam ooze in the middle - total drools :)

  3. so cute biscuts !! adding of jam is a wonderful idea !! Loved them !!

  4. Cute and crispy....I too love to eat the cream from center first and then the biscuits...specially if its chocolate cream...

  5. umm delicious,,.my son gonna luv these

  6. Looks delicious divya. Have bookmarked it

  7. Now I like biscuits such as these. And for how I eat my cream biscuit especially the bourbon one, I scrape the cream away, roll them into lil chocolate balls and save them for a later treat.. Now that I have a daughter who does the same thing, I have to give up on doing that !

  8. such cute little biscuits.. love this with tea.. nice clicks!

    new to ur space n happy to follow u for more wonderful creations..
    do visit me when u get time ..

  9. These yumm biscuits remids of the song that we sind durig playtime. Biscuit Biscuit Enna Biscuit, Jam Biscuits.


  11. Love this little ones...Looks so tempting and feel like grabbing one...Thanks...

  12. Biscuits looks super catchy and delicious...feel like having some..

  13. Looks really delicious. Same pinch Divya, even I love opening up my biscuits and licking the cream ;) can never grow up with it comes to cream biscuits ;)

    These look so pretty. But I somehow like the jam getting baked along and giving a gooey texture like the one we get in store. Can we actually add the jam and bake it???

  14. Wowww... mouth watering biscuits.. looks simply amazing.. inviting clicks !!
    Indian Cuisine

  15. I love these kind of jam cookies.We call these 'Thumbprint cookies' :)

  16. Wow Divya, they look yummy. Mouthwatering clicks.

  17. I'm a licker too! What delicious-looking cookies, Divya. The jam centers look lovely.

  18. I'm a licker too! What delicious-looking cookies, Divya. The jam centers look lovely.

  19. Divya, you can make the indent, add some thick jam and keep for baking. tastes almost like jim jam biscuits.

  20. Wow, they look promising and delicious. Would love to give it a try. Sorry, do not know about custard powder as I have not used it.

  21. Hi Divya
    U have a great blog...interesting posts..! Loved the jam Biscuits
    happy to follow u...
    do stop by mine..when you can..:)

  22. They look super cute :) wow thanx for sharing this recipe

  23. they look really nice n' simple n' would love to make n' have them...:)

  24. It deserves a Wow divya ... my mouth is watering :) nd dont ya worry even i eat it the same way as u do :P

  25. I am yet to try this kind of biscuits with jam, butter cream. Though I don't really like cream or jam filled biscuits, am sure my kids would love these!

    Have had a similar experience with custard powder in bakes (your custard powder cake). Though the cake tasted good, it left a funny sticky feeling in the mouth...

  26. These look so irresistable Divya.

  27. there's another way to eat bourbons? C0me on!!!!!!!!! That is the ONLY way :)


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